ALL Superman’s Girlfriends Over The Time!

Even Superheroes need to have that special someone and Superman is no different from any other guy.

Of course, most people know about Superman and Louis Lane, but although she had the longest relationship with him, she was not the only woman/alien/mermaid in his life.

In this article, I am going to take a look at the five women who have played a role in Superman’s life as a romantic interest.

We will start with Louis Lane and work from there.

Superman’s Girlfriends were:

  • Lois Lane
  • Lana Lang
  • Lori Lemaris
  • Maxima
  • Wonder Woman

Lois Lane

Lois Lane was first mentioned in Action Comics #1 (June 1938). Her character was introduced as an award-winning journalist on the “Daily Planet” newspaper, which is based in Metropolis.

She was the primary love interest of Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego.

In the original comic book series, she was as intelligent as Clark Kent and continually kept Clark Kent at bay, because she had designs on Superman (The geek rejected for the jock).

They had a relationship for around 40 to 50 years before in 1996 their relationship changed from Superman holding her at bay unless another guy came along when he got jealous.

In 1996 “Superman: The Wedding Album”, saw Superman and Lois finally getting married, eventually having a son call Jon (who became Superboy).

They had a fifteen-year marriage and all was going well when DC’s “New 52” reboot came along and with a click of the fingers the earlier Lois and Superman relationship was suddenly brought back and Lois did not even know that Clark was Superman.

At this stage, DC had the inkling of an idea about casting Superman and Wonderwoman together as a couple and they could not possibly have Superman leaving his wife and child for another woman, so with the reboot, they solved that problem in one swoop.

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It simply had never happened.

Lana Lang

Technically, Lana Lang was Superman’s (Superboy as he was then) first girlfriend.

Her family lived next door to the Clark family while Superman was growing up.

Just like Lois Lane did much later, she also spent a lot of time and effort trying to prove that Superboy and Clark Kent were the same person.

After Clark Kent and Lana Lang had graduated from high school, Lana went off to college to later become a TV Reporter with Metropolis TV station WMET-TV.

As an adult, she was frequently seen as Lois Lane’s rival for Superman’s heart.

Moving on to the 1970s and 1980s we see Lana became an anchorwoman for WGBS-TV’s evening news in Metropolis, as a co-anchor to Clark Kent.

By this time she had tired of chasing Superman and had struck a relationship with yet another alien super-hero Vartox (I guess she had a type).

After the 1985-1986 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lana was once again revived as a character and both she and Superman were given a rewritten background.

In this reality, Lana and Clark were both high school friends (almost boyfriend and girlfriend, but not quite).

After graduating Clark asked her to accompany him on a walk, saying that he had something important to disclose.

Lana, automatically assumed that he was going to propose, but what happened was actually quite different.

Clark revealed that he had special powers and he was off to save the world. Quite a memorable way of getting dumped.

Years later when Superman appeared again, Lana worked out that it was Clark and turned into a bit of a stalker.

So much so that she ended up being kidnapped by Lex Luther, and tortured to try and get Superman’s real identity, which she did not reveal.

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Lana. in the new timeline did not go on to have a romantic relationship with Superman and years later got married to Pete Ross who comes into other stories with Superman.

Lori Lemaris

The next romance for Superman featured a mermaid called Lorri Lemaris.

What’s with the LL thing with his girlfriend’s names?

First, we had Lois Lane, then Lana Lanh, now Lori Lamar. Other characters connected with Superman were Lex Luther, and Lucy Lane.

It’s crazy!

Lori is from Tritonis and is a mermaid.

She actually appeared in one of the earlier stories, Superman #129 (May 1959), and she was a student at Metropolis University at the same time as Clark Kent.

She poised as a wheelchair-using student with a blanket covering her lower half while at the university, this covering her fishtail.

Clark and Lori soon fell in love with each other but Clark started to wonder why at 8 pm every night she would return home.

Superman actually proposed to her but she turned him down, saying she had to return to her home country.

Clark’s suspicions were aroused and he investigated and found she had a large tank in her bedroom.

On confronting her she mentioned that she knew he was Superman all along as Mermaids have telepathic power.

She promised to keep his identity secret but confirmed that they were too different to marry and so after an underwater kiss the two went their own ways.


Maxima was the oldest child of the royal family of the planet Almerac.

She leaves her fiance Ultras behind on her planet and travels to Earth in search of a mate to produce her heir.

She is quite specific about who this mate should be, as he had to be one of Earth’s superheroes.

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This is where Superman comes in. Maxima was more than direct with her approach and told Superman that only she could give him children as they were genetically compatible.

Not a lot of romance in the approach, but it was honest at least.

When Superman turned her down she was rather annoyed, especially when he added that he had no desire to be the father of despots.

Wonder Woman

After the New 52 reboot, it all seemed set for Superman and Wonderwoman to become a “Super Couple”.

There was indeed a short-lived romance between Superman and Wonderwoman.

The traditional partners of these superheroes Lois Lane and Steve Trevor had both been relegated to the background to allow this relationship to happen.

This relationship was first hinted at in Justice League #12.

The fans were not over-impressed with this new relationship but DC continued to push it, going so far as to give them a shared comic, where their relationship was explored while they fought the bad guys together.

Eventually, because of intervention by Lois Lane the relationship came to a strained ending with Clark saying he was not too sure he really loved Wonderwoman and suggesting they concentrate on work.

Final Thoughts

Strong, handsome, and free – no wonder that Superman is very attractive for women.

What woman would not like to have a boyfriend or husband who is able to fly and protect her and the family against evil?

While most people who watch Superman stories in movies or TV series are familiar only with Lois Lane or Lana Lang, we discovered more women that played important role in Superman’s life.

Let’s wish Superman happy relationships going forward and let’s hope that he will not have to sacrifice any relationship for fighting crime and evil.

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