Avengers Vs The Seven (Who Would Win A Fight)

Two of the most iconic superhero teams, one more optimistic, the other dark and pessimistic, on one side we have the Avengers from Marvel, and on the other side, we have the Seven, from the Boys.

An all-out war is about to wage on between them.

At this point, you might be wondering, who would win in a fight between the Avengers and the Seven?

If a battle between the Avengers and the Seven is initiated, without a doubt, the Avengers would be able to wipe the floor with the Boys superheroes and antagonists and win the fight. The battle would be interesting, but the Avengers would surely come out on top.

In this article, I will talk about the Avengers and the Seven, their abilities and weaknesses, and everything in between to judge their skills and powers.

I’m also going to place them on a level battlefield to find out the victor in each situation.

So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Avenger’s Powers and Abilities

The Avengers and Marvel have been around for decades and have been favorites of all superhero comic book fans worldwide.

Led by Captain America, the Avengers are mighty and have some of the smartest minds on their side.

Many Avengers have come and gone over the years, but for this battle, we will talk about the original six Avengers featured in the first movie.

The Avengers have a mix of different kinds of superheroes who are all incredibly skilled and powerful. So let’s take a look at their powers.

Captain America’s Charisma – Captain America is an incredibly Charismatic Superhero. He is a super-soldier with amazing strength and speed, a technical mind, and a very tactical approach to fighting.

Hulk’s Strength – Due to the gamma radiation he’s faced, Bruce Banner is a monster in the Hulk form. He is super powerful, durable, and has a lot of strength. At the same time, Banner is actually a brilliant scientist aiding the technological advancements of the team.

Iron Man’s Suits and Gadgets – Tony Stark is one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel universe, capable of creating high-tech suits from different metals and helping the Avengers team get technologically advanced with new equipment and gadgets he funds.

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Thor’s Powers – Thor is the god of thunder and the rightful ruler of Asgard. He is the wielder of Mjolnir and can control thunder and lightning all across the universe, along with having insane amounts of godly strength and the power of flight and realm travel.

Black Widow’s Skill – Black Widow is also injected with the Super Soldier Serum and is one of the most gifted martial artists in the Marvel universe. She might be human, but she is a trained agent with many tricks up her sleeve.

Hawkeye’s Arrows – Hawkeye is known for possessing an arrow for every kind of problem. He also has many Martial Arts capabilities and has the best precision of all the Avengers, making him a very important asset to the team.

The Seven’s Powers and Abilities

Although the world might idolize them as their saviors and superheroes that came from alien planets, the Seven are all actual human beings who have been injected with the Compound V, which gave them enhanced abilities.

They’re all controlled by Vought International.

However, they’re compelling and have many amazing capabilities that they can utilize against the Avengers.

Let’s take a look at some of these powers and abilities.

Homelander’s Power Homelander is the leader of the Seven and the most powerful, fastest, equipped with heat vision, X-ray vision, and even has the ability to fly.

Queen Maeve’s Strength – Queen Maeve is one of the team’s strongest members with the ability to regenerate, has incredible durability, and superhuman speed and senses.

A-train’s Speed – A-train is the speedster of the Seven. He is one of the fastest and has enhanced superhuman strength as well due to the Compound V.

Translucent’s Invulnerability – Translucent has the ability to become invulnerable in his carbon metamaterial state where he can change his body parts to a diamond-like material that is super-durable. He can also turn invisible.

The Deep’s Marine Prowess – The Deep is the king of the Seven seas, capable of mutating marine life, telepathically control people, and super-durable and strong as well.

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Black Noir’s Abilities – Black Noir has all the incredible abilities that Homelander has and more. He is a secret weapon of Vought and is also very capable of Dagger usage.

Lamplighter’s Pyrokinesis – Lamplighter has the ability to control fire and create blasts simply with the thought of his mind. He has enhanced strength and speed as well.

Avenger’s Weaknesses

The Avengers are incredibly strong as a team, but every team has its weaknesses, and so do the Avengers.

So let’s take a look at some of the Avengers’ weaknesses, so we can see who will play a role in this battle between behemoths.

Arrogance – Arrogance and Pride can be very harmful to anyone, especially a team of superheroes. We’ve seen in the past that Thor and Iron Man, even Bruce Banner and Captain America couldn’t get along at the wrong times and were left alone, causing the team to get hurt by their opponents.

Psychological Manipulation – Psychological manipulation and telepathic mind control can be a problem for the Avengers. All the Avengers can be manipulated to some extent, causing them to break up and lose control of their goals.

Power Imbalance – The Avengers team is not very well balanced. There are aliens and superhumans, but at the same time, there are human superheroes who are much weaker in comparison. This power imbalance can cause problems between the team members.

The Seven’s Weaknesses

The Seven is a group of the world’s most powerful people. However, they aren’t the strongest when it comes to avoiding weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the weaknesses the Seven share among them:

Extreme Blunt Force – As seen in the comics and the show, Homelander, Maeve, and even Black Noir, the seven’s strongest members, are severely injured due to Extreme Blunt Force.

Carelessness – The leader of the Seven, Homelander, is one of the most careless people in the team. He has the powers to deal with all problems, but he only ever uses his heat vision to bring down enemies and cause even more havoc than needed.

Inexperience – When it comes to enemies, the Seven have had only Billy the Butcher and other humans as their enemies and not actual intergalactic supervillains, which are very important to think about.

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Specific Weaknesses – The Deep has sensitive gills, Lamplighter isn’t very durable, Translucent is weak in its human form, Queen Maeve is narcissistic, and Black Noir has a weakness of Tree Nuts. All of the Seven members have their own specific weaknesses.

Who Would Win in a Fight

Both the Avengers and the Seven are incredibly powerful in their own right, but how do these teams fare when pitted against each other?

Let’s take a look at their battles through different scenarios.

Scenario 1: The Seven’s Ruthlessness

If we consider the ruthlessness factor between Avengers and the Seven, for sure, the Seven will brutally destroy the Avengers if they had the chance and never look back even.

Winner: The Seven.

Scenario 2: The Avenger’s Experience

When it comes to being face-to-face with intergalactic villains and ending up on the victorious side, Marvel’s Avengers are quite experienced.

Thus, they’ll surely be able to come out on top against the Seven.

Winner: The Avengers.

Scenario 3: The Avenger’s Lineup

If we look at the different members of the Avengers who can make a potential appearance in this battle, the list includes powerhouses like Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and many others.

So, in this case, the Avengers would also dominate.

Winner: The Avengers.

Scenario 4: Homelander’s Strength

Homelander is considered one of the meanest and most brutal superheroes of all time, and he has unbelievable strength when it comes to fighting.

If he had his way against the weaker links of the Avengers, he would lead the Seven to victory.

Winner: The Seven.

Scenario 5: The Avenger’s Tactical Advantage

With the aid of Captain America, the Avengers are at an advantage.

This advantage is purely strategic and tactical. This is something the Seven won’t have in their arsenal, which is why they’d end up on the losing end, and Avengers would win.

Winner: The Avengers.


As a fantasy battle, this one ranks right up there with the best of the best. Marvel and The Boys can definitely work together to cook something up between the Avengers and the Seven to give us fans what we want to see!

Let’s hope that happens and happens soon.

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