Batman Vs Black Panther (Who Would Win A Fight)

In this article, we have another one-on-one fight between two Superheroes.

This time it’s Batman and the King of Wakanda, Black Panther.

In a fight between Batman and Black Panther, it would be quite a close-run fight. Black Panther is as intelligent as Batman and has substantial fighting skills. The Black Panther is faster but, in the end, it will be Batman that comes out on top, simply due to his massive determination and his history of taking down some major opponents over the years.

Batman Introduction And Skills

Following the murder of his parents by local criminals, Bruce Wayne, a wealthy orphan is taken care of by the loyal Butler Alfred Pennyworth, who helps him develop into an intelligent and super fit young man, who has trained both his body and mind throughout his youth to take on the iconic role of Batman.

Batman by day is the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, a prominent figure in Gotham City society.

At night he wages a war on criminals in Gotham City. He bases his operations under Wayne Manor in an ancient network of caves.

Alfred, his faithful retainer runs this base as well as supervising the house above, and maintains all the sophisticated technology and armaments that Batman has acquired.

Batman Training

One of the most powerful tools that batman has when it comes to a fight is the vast amount of training that he has undergone, from some of the master martial artists in the world.

Batman does not have “special Powers” like most other superheroes. He relies almost exclusively on his own skills.

In his early years, he spent a great amount of his time seeking out experts from around the world to teach him what he needed.

Sergei Alexandrov

One of the first “experts” that Bruce Wayne consulted was Sergei Alexandrov. He began training Bruce Wayne in Afghanistan and it continued in Egypt.

He taught the young superhero candidate everything he knew, and he kept in contact with him after the training was finished.

Sergei was an engineer that taught Bruce Wayne all about gadgetry, When Bruce was 21 Sergei showed him how to construct his own gadgets.

It was he that provided the skills that allowed Batman to build such an arsenal of weaponry.

Shihan Matsuda

Shihan was one of the legends of martial art. He lived a secular life with his wife. His wife eventually became somewhat distant from him and even wanted him to die.

He trained Bruce with great care and had ambitions for Bruce’s greatness, ensuring that he not only taught him martial arts but also to have mastery over his body.

He tried to distance Bruce from love and joy so that he could focus on becoming what Shihan saw.

Alfred Pennyworth

It’s easy to think of Alfred Pennyworth as just Bruce Wayne’s butler, but, in fact, he is one of Bruce Wayne’s greatest teachers.

In his past, Pennyworth had been a member of the British Special Operations Executive. He became, among other things, Bruce Wayne’s moral anchor.

Pennyworth runs the day-to-day operations of Wayne manor and serves to be the technician who maintains much of Batman’s equipment.

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He provided Bruce with lessons in maintaining his cover, Mimicry, and disguise.

David Cain

David Cain was atop an assassin who mentored the young Bruce Wayne. In fact, Bruce Wayne never used the assassination skills that he learned.

When asked why he had trained as an assassin, Bruce explained, “Knowing how to kill does not mean that you have to kill.”


Kirigi was a master of ninjutsu who lived in the Paektu Mountain of North Korea. He had previously taught several members of the league of assassins.

He became a teacher to the young Bruce Wayne and was responsible for many of Batman’s fighting skills.

Harvey Harris

Harvey Harris was a detective from Gotham City, and he trained the young Bruce Wayne in techniques he would need as a detective.

To help protect the young Bruce Wayne, he also designed a prototype Robin Costume for Bruce Wayne to wear.


Ted Grant (Wildcat) was a boxer (minor superhero) who taught Bruce Wayne and several others the art of Boxing.

He was also one of those who taught Superman. Ass well as boxing he was proficient in Muay Thai, Capoeira, Krav Maga, and Hapkaido.

Giovanni John Zatara

Giovanni was a stage magician, who also practiced real magic as well. He was friends of Bruce Wayne’s parents and blamed himself that he did not protect them.

He turned to alcohol but when young Bruce Wayne arrived at his home, asking to be taught how to be an illusionist, he snapped him out of it.

Henri Ducard

Henri Ducard was responsible for teaching Bruce Wayne his skills as a manhunter and more detective skills in Paris.

The question is whether all this training is enough to beat Black Panther, King of Wakanda.

So now we will take a detailed look at Black Panther and see.

Black Panther Introduction

Black Panther was the first mainstream black superhero in American comics.

The Black Panther was the honorary name given to the chief of the Panther tribe in an advanced African nation called Wakanda.

His role was both leader of the nation and the overall chief of all the tribal chiefs.

The habit that the Black Panther wears is a symbol of the office and is worn even during foreign missions.

The position of Panther is an odd combination of hereditary and meritocracy.

The Panther must earn the title of Panther even though it may be his by birth.

Many years ago, a meteorite crashed into Wakanda.

The meteorite was made of the (fictitious) mineral Vibranium which had great value.

The Panther at the time realized that this resource might make his country a target for exploitation concealed Wakanda from the outside world.

This policy was maintained by several subsequent Panthers. Various tragedies fell on the ruling family and finally, T’Chaka (the father of T’Challa) was murdered by Ulysses Klaw, who was trying to steal the Vibranium.

T’Challa managed to damage Klaws right hand and chased both Klaw and his men.

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This left T’Challa next in line for the title of Panther/King of Wakanda.

Not yet ready to take on this huge role his uncle S’Yan completed the required tasks to become Panther and took the role until T’Challa was ready.

T’Challa began his walkabout (right of passage) and during this time he met and became romantically involved with, Ororo Munroe, a younger Storm from X-Men.

T’Challa and Ororo broke off their relationship to allow T’Challa to avenge his father and become Panther.

T’Challa successfully became the Panther by passing the tests.

His first act was to disband the secret police in Wakanda. The leader of the secret police was Hunter, his half-brother.

Both he and the secret police members were exiled. Next, he armed himself by selling off limited amounts of Vibranium to research institutes, and in a brilliant political move, he chose Okoye of the Dora Milaje to serve as his personal bodyguard and prepare to be his future ceremonial wife.

Having secured his realm, the Panther set about getting an education abroad before returning to his country. That was really where T’Challa’s youth ended.

Black Panther Team

The thing about the Black Panther is he has a whole Royal Family and country to support him.

Let’s take his sister, for example, she is one of the most intelligent people in the world, rivaling Tony Stark and Reed Richards with the technology behind the weapons she creates.

As a princess she also is very influential within the country and wields a lot of power, She has also been known to put on the Black Panther garb when the occasion demanded.

We briefly mentioned Okoye already, but she is the leader of the Dora Milaje, who are often said to be the best-trained army on Earth.

They are loyal both to Wakanda but also the King, The Black Panther.

This fierce warrior with the elite troops stands right behind the Black Panther, which goes a long way.

The sheer power of Wakanda is still not been fully revealed in the MCU. We have all heard of Galactus, the eater of Worlds, well this small African nation is so advanced that they already have a contingency plan for beating this villain.

They have already been responsible for the defeat of the civilization at Atlantis following a great rivalry between them.

The technology of this supposed third-world country far outstrips the rest of Earth, they had satellites in space before either America or Russia, their computers are far in advance of the rest of the planet.

This is the background that the Black Panther comes from.

How did Wakanda get this advanced technology?

Obviously thanks to the Vibranium they have the money, but there is a secret history that tells of a species of advanced creatures and how they allowed a group of humans to stay with them and learn. These were the original Wakandans.

There is so much that has been learned from snippets about the Wakandan people and this reclusive country.

Free health care, free education, and so much more.

The Wakandans also have a sophisticated global spy network that keeps track of potential enemies.

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This group known as the War Dogs will have given the Black Panther a complete profile about Batman’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Black Panther’s Powers And Abilities

The Black Panther has acquired powers and abilities with which he can protect his country and play a role as a member of the Avengers,

  1. The Black Panther can retrieve and utilize all the experience, knowledge, and strength of all the Black Panthers that have gone before.
  2. The Panther has superhuman strength and endurance.
  3. Great speed, agility, and reflexes.
  4. Superhuman Stamina
  5. Enhanced senses.
  6. He is well versed in hand-to-hand combat skills.
  7. Genius-level intelligence.
  8. A skilled inventor.
  9. Skilled in tactics and strategy.
  10. He has a Vibranium suit and Vibranium equipment.

The Fight Between Batman And The Black Panther

The Black Panther is a powerful figure who from his youth had had many challenges to face.

To become the Panther had had to beat all the champions of the various tribes in Wakanda. This was while he was still a youth.

Shortly after he took on the Fantastic Four and was defeated by them just because they worked together.

As an adult, he has fought many strong opponents. His country fought off the alien shapeshifters (The Skrulls), and a variety of other challengers.

This has more than prepared him for Batman.

Both Batman and Black Panther are among the most intelligent superheroes in comics, this is sure to provide a challenge for both participants.

When it comes to technology, they are both mega-rich and can afford the best. However, Wakanda has a net worth of $90 trillion thanks to the Vibranium, compared to Bruce Wayne’s miserly $9 billion.

Physically they are both in excellent condition and have both undergone a lot of martial arts training which is bound to be put to good use in a battle between them.

One big problem for Batman in this fight is that, as with all other fights, Batman has a “No Kill Rule.”

Yes, Batman has killed, but it is not something he does easily.

Black Panther on the other hand has no qualms about taking the life of anyone who threatens him or Wakanda.

Finally, the problem with fights that involve Batman is that the mysterious writers that control the outcome have almost an inbuilt resistance to Batman ever losing.

He may have difficulties, he may be apparently losing, but somehow, he always manages to get around the problem and come out on top.

It certainly will be a close battle but the years of experience that Batman has behind him, will ultimately just push him over the winning line as he defeats Black Panther.

But then of course he would need to deal with the whole Wakandan nation coming after him.

Final Thoughts

When comparing Batman and Black Panther, we need to consider all skills and also weaknesses both opponents have.

Based on the long-term research of both characters, I strongly believe that Batman would come on top, but it would be a very close matchup and interesting fight to witness.

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