Batman Vs Black Widow (Who Would Win A Fight)

Batman is a character that has changed radically over the years and before we look at how he would combat Black Widow it is important to understand more about these changes. and consider then in relation to the fight.

In a fight between Batman and the Black Widow, it is no big shock to discover that Batman would win, however, it is no walkover and Black Widow puts up quite a fight using some of the armory of weapons in her possession. But ultimately Batman wins.

Batman Introduction And Skills

Batman is a character that appears in DC comic books. He first appeared in Detective Comics #27, in March 1939. He was created by two individuals, Artist-Bob Kane, and writer – Bill Finger.

The Batman character had his own supporting cast of characters.

Batman was first designed to cash in on the popularity of DC’s Superman character.

The difference between Batman and Superman is that whilst Superman has a range of special powers, Batman relies solely on his intelligence, wealth, and fighting ability.

The Batman character has changed substantially over the years with five main periods.

In each period the character has been slightly different and levels of skills.

Creation and Early Years

The original artwork created by Bob Kane looked remarkably like Superman but wearing red tights, boots, but no gauntlets.

He had a small mask and two very stiff wings that stuck out on his back. Bill Finger made several suggestions like changing the wings to a more traditional cape, replacing the mask with a cowl, and changing the colors.

Bruce Wayne, Batman’s real name was based on Robert the Bruce and a historical figure Mad Anthony Wayne.

The character drew upon the Scarlet Pimpernel for inspiration and Zorro. Like those characters, Batman performed his heroic deeds in secret while playing the role of being quite different in public.

He was created as a super sleuth in the Sherlock Holmes genre.

The original stories showed Batman as quite comfortable with killing criminals.

He was very much a character in tune with the pulp fiction that was popular at the time.

However, it was not long before this all changed and Batman ceased being a “dark” character and by issue #38 of detective Comics, the character had started to soften with the introduction of a “boy” sidekick called Robin.

The creators, conscious that Sherlock Holmes had Watson to talk to, wanted to add someone for Batman to bounce ideas off.

By 1942 Batman had moved away from stories with a social commentary and was placed in a much more colorful environment.

Silver & Bronze Ages

During the 1950s the public lost their interest in Superheroes, and many were dropped by the publishers, not so Batman who continued.

In 1952 the publisher had the idea of featuring their two big names, Batman and Superman, in shared stories.

It was a financial success that was rare in the world of superheroes at that time.

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In 1954 psychologist Frederick Wertham published a book that criticized Batman for its homosexual overtones, and that Batman and Robin came over as lovers.

This resulted in the introduction of the Comics Code Authority, and many believe that hastened the introduction of Batwoman and Batgirl characters so that they could refute that Batman and Robin were gay.

This actually led to the Batman stories taking on a much camper quality, with a more humorous feel.

By the late 1950s, many characters were dabbling in science fiction stories and the publishers of Batman once more jumped on the bandwagon and introduced more science fiction themes in Batman.

In 1960 Batman linked up with the Justice League of America and went on to appear in many Justice League stories.

New Look Batman & The Camp TV Series

By 1964 Batman was in terminal decline and many at DC were actively thinking that it was time to move on and kill Batman once and for all.

Julius Schwartz took over control of the Batman title and instituted some substantial changes.

The idea was to bring Batman up to date and bring him back more to the detective genre.

All the space characters were retired and certain design features of Batman and the Batmobile were changed to make them more contemporary.

They killed Alfred the Butler and replaced him with a female relative, however, this was soon reversed.

The big change was the Batman TV series that launched in 1966.

The Tv show was really camp, and it became a bit of a cult.

The campness was transferred over to the comic and for a while, this approach worked, however, after a while the campness wore thin and the Tv show was canceled in 1968.

Realizing the camp approach was now a liability the Batman team made a great effort to move away and to return to a darker Batman.

The writer made it clear that Batman was going back to where he had first started.

The new approach was popular with fans and influenced the direction that Batman was going as a character, but it was not enough to halt declining sales that continued through the 1970s and 1980s.

In 1985 Batman had reached its lowest point in terms of sales, it was clearly time for a last-ditch attempt to revive the character.

The Modern Age

In 1986 there was a limited series by Frank Miller, called the Dark Knight Returns.

This was the story of a 55-year-old Batman coming out of retirement.

This series made the public sit up and it created a whole new interest in the character (just in time).

It was a massive financial success and made Batman more secure.

The same year Dennis O’Neil took over responsibility for the comic books and tasked with revamping the character (once more) he made a much more intense feel to the stories.

We were now a long way from the light-hearted camp Batman stories.

The changes continued and in 1993 we had the “Knightfall” story-arc, which kept the character in the public eye and was moderately successful.

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21st Century

In 2005 a much more violent Batman comic book series was launched. This was a financial success for DC who were still making money out of the Batman character 66 years after he was launched.

This period saw the introduction of Batman Incorporated, where Batman takes his creation global,

All of this came to and in 2011 when DC’s entire line of comic books was all canceled.

In their place, they introduced a new series of comics. Batman was relaunched as part of this.

This restructuring lasted until 2016 when once again DC had a rethink and relaunched their entire comic book range.

Just one year later that DC Rebirth branding also ended, and everything was brought under the DC Universe banner.

As you can see Batman has survived for an exceptionally long time indeed, but in that lifespan, there have been so many changes and relaunches, with the complete character of Batman changing from one extreme to another and then back again, multiple times.

We must bear this in mind when considering Batman battling with other characters like Black Widow, who will now explore.

Black Widow Introduction And Skills

Black Widow is a comic book character featured in Marvel Comics, as part of the Marvel universe.

Just like Batman, the Black Widow has also had several revamps, and has had three different characters as the Black Widow in mainstream comics.

There have also been a further four characters that used the Black Widow name over the years. The three primary Black Widows were as follows:

  1. Claire Voyant

Claire was the original Black Widow that appeared in Mystic Comics #4 (August 1940). She would kill evil-doers so their souls could be delivered to Satan. She was unrelated to the later Marvel character who used the name Black Widow.

  1. Natasha Romanoff

Natasha was the first character to use the name Black Widow in Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Tales of Suspense #52, in 1964. This character appeared in several Marvel comics together with Many Marvel universe Movies.

  1. Yelena Belova

Yelena was the second character to take on the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Knights mini-series in 1999.

In this article, we will be referring to Natasha Romanoff, as she is the most well-known Black Widow character.

In the movies, she was played by Scarlett Johansson.

Natasha was born in Stalingrad (Volgograd). She was handed to a guy called Ivan Petrovich by her mother who died shortly after in the siege of Leningrad.

He committed himself to raise the child and she eventually underwent training as a Soviet spy.

A later revamp changed the story that Petrovich had taken her to the “U.S.S.R Black Widow Ops: program,” at an early age.

As part of this program, she was brainwashed, combat-trained and taught to be a spy.

While at the facility they physically and mentally enhanced (which explained how she has stayed young-looking and lived a long life.)

Her special abilities include the following:

  1. Expert spy,
  2. Tactician,
  3. Hand-to-hand combatant
  4. Slowed aging.
  5. enhanced immune system.
  6. Expert marksman
  7. Master of various weapons
  8. Skilled hypnotist
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In the first few stories, Natasha does not wear any superhero costume.

She simply wears evening wear with a veil. In more modern stories Black Widow is seen wearing a skin-tight leather outfit.

An outfit very different from her original classy evening wear.

Natasha eventually defects to the USA. During her time working for the Soviets, she is trained and operates as a femme fatale character.

As part of her first mission in the USA, Natasha infiltrates Stark Industries and attempts to gain sensitive information from American defense Contractor Tony Stark (aka Ironman).

Just like Batman, there have been many times that Black Widow has featured in the stories about other Characters.

Looking at movies alone, Black Widow has been featured in some of the top movies.

There is currently a Black Widow movie that is awaiting production, delayed because of the pandemic.

The Fight Between Batman and the Black Widow

We must remember that Black Widow has quite an armory at her disposal:

  1. A neat grappling hooks
  2. A supply of Knock outgas
  3. Taser (a bit more up to date)
  4. Explosives
  5. Tear gas pellets
  6. Radio transmitter

All those weapons come included in her gauntlets.

However, if you study them carefully, they are not that different from the weapons that Batman carries in his utility belt.

So, whilst they are quite useful, they are not going to be a decisive factor in any confrontation.

Black Widow has several special abilities which include: a body that is resistant to age and disease. It also retains its youth.

She has the ability to process several information streams at once and can therefore change to different tactical challenges.

One unusual special power is that she has skills as a hypnotist.

She has several tools at her disposal which enable her to influence the mind of opponents and even reprogram them.

An associated skill is that she can change people’s personalities.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that Black Widow has, is that she was trained by the Soviets and Soviet special forces are trained to a high standard. She was certainly having the killer instinct which (depending on the era of the Batman character) Batman may not have.

Black Widow is trained in hand-to-hand combat, but as we know Batman has trained in virtually every form of martial arts under the tutelage of some of the world’s masters.

This fight is really a mismatch, and there is no way that Black Widow could ever come out of this with a win.

She is good but not in the same league as Batman.

When looking at a list of the ten most dangerous villains that Black Widow has defeated, it is noticeable that they are all division two, she has not beaten anyone with real class.


So, to conclude. Batman is going to have little trouble with Black Widow and should finish the fight relatively unscathed.

This is an easy victory for Batman.

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