Batman Vs Captain America – Who Would Win The Fight

In today’s article, we will introduce and compare two popular superheroes – Batman and Captain America – and decide who would win the fight.

What are the key factors that would have an influence on who would win this fight? Which character is stronger and who has more powers?

The fight between Batman and Captain America is a fight between two evenly matched opponents, however, Batman already managed to defeat Captain America in a comic book story. Batman would win the fight with Captain America.


There was a crossover between the DC and Marvel characters, Batman and Captain America.

In this crossover the two of them fought, so we have a pretty good idea of what happens.

This crossover event took place in the mid-1990s and was part of a series of events that occurred, including

  • Spider-Man Vs Superboy
  • Storm Vs Wonder Woman
  • Captain America Vs Batman

At the time the winners were all decided by the votes of fans, The actual storyline in the episodes of this mini-series was not very important.

It was all about the fight.

The fight took place in New York, to be precise it was in the sewerage system of Manhattan.

The fight was fairly well matched and Captain America commented afterward that Batman was a very even match.

The fight continued for several hours with blow after blow being landed.

It may well have gone on for longer but suddenly water started pouring out of a sewer connection and knocked Captain America off his feet.

He would have drowned had not Batman stepped in and saved him.

As the pair finally emerged from the sewers it was Captain America who gallantly stated that since he had come up short, Batman must be regarded as the victor.

During this fight, we saw Batman successfully landing blow after blow on Captain America, clearly matching the fighting skills of his opponent.

He also managed to strike a blow with his Batarang, which was very effective.

There probably was never going to be a knockout blow by either contestant, just a continued war of attrition.

The sudden flood that knocked over Captain America probably was a blessing as it allowed the fight to come to an end honorably.

After the fight was over and the fans voted, unsurprisingly the majority of the votes were given to Batman, who was then declared the winner.

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Batman Strengths

We saw in the fight between Batman and Captain America that Batman is no lightweight when it comes to a brawl.

All of Batman’s skills had been learned and he had undergone lengthy training to bring himself to the point where he could fight and equal Captain America. The training included:-

He had first traveled to Tibet where he had trained in Martial Arts and sword fighting under the tutorage of Shaolin Monks.

He had then moved onto Brazil where he learned how to handle fast-moving cars, from a Brazilian criminal called Don Miguel.

Japan was his next port of call and he studied Stealth in the Hida Mountains.

By now he was 21 and a student of technology, learning from the master inventor Sergei Alexandrov.

At the age of 24, Bruce Wayne had got as far as Norway, where he fought multiple opponents in a space of 24 hours as an exercise.

Following Norway, Bruce moved on to the deserts of Nigeria, where he lived among nomadic people and learned skills of endurance.

Honing his martial arts skills, Bruce managed to receive training from Chu Chin Li, and Tsunetomo, in the far east.

Before going base jumping on Meru Peak.

Moving on to Europe, Bruce traveled to France and received training from Henri Ducard, a skilled manhunter.

He worked with training partner Morgan Ducard (Henri’s son), but on learning that he killed the targets, Batman left.

Henri sent Morgan to track Bruce down, but Bruce defeated him.

Almost at the end of his training, Bruce went back to the Himalayas and trained under Shihan Matsuda in the use of the Katana.

To complete his training he returned to New York and did a base jump from the top of Wayne Tower, in the course of which he dislocated his shoulder and received minor injuries.

Batman Weaknesses

Batman’s main weaknesses are all mental and emotional.

He is deeply affected by the trauma of seeing his parents murdered, and he is easily manipulated because of this.

Of course, physically he is just a highly trained human and does not possess genetic enhancements, mutations, or alien abilities.

There is consequently a finite limit to his strengths.

Captain America

Captain America is a superhero that was created by cartoonist Joe Simon and Jack Kirby for Timely Comics (Now Marvel).

He first appeared in Captain America Comic #1 in March 1941.

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The character was created during World War 2 and was intended as a patriotic super-soldier.

The character was often shown in stories where he was fighting the Axis. Captain America during the wartime era was one of the most popular characters.

By 1950 the character no longer had the previous appeal that the war had generated, and Captain America was dropped.

They tried a revival in 1953, which did not work out.

In 1964 they tied once again to revive the character and this time they had more success, with the character remaining in publication to this very day.

Patriotism is very much a part of the Captain America brand and he wears an American flag theme as his costume and carries a circular shield with a similar theme.

His costume and the shield are all designed in red, white, and blue.

20th Century Captain America

In the original stories, Steve Rogers was born in New York, on the Lower East Side. He was born in 1920 to poor Irish immigrants, Sarah and Joseph Rogers.

His mother died when he was just a small child and his father died when he was a teenager.

By 1940 when the war is happening in Europe Rogers is a frail-bodied comic book illustrator.

He tries to enlist in the army but is turned down because of his physical shape.

However, he attracts the attention of U.S. Army General, Chester Phillips. Philips is involved in a project to create a super-soldier, using a serum that was made by Dr. Joseph Reinstein.

Later, without any reason, the publisher changed his name to Abraham Erskine.

Anyway, the serum successfully turns the weak Steve Rogers into a super-soldier using injections of the serum.

However, this became a problem for the publishers at a later date when they adopted the Comic Code Authority guidelines on not showing drug intake or use.

A quick rewrite had the serum changed to oral medicine.

The original character was seen in storylines where he was fighting the Nazis and then in the post-war years he switched his attention to communists.

Since Captain America was supposed to have died when they cut the character in 1950 (lost in the Atlantic), there was some confusion about the character in the 1953 revival and the publishers ended up rewriting it so that several characters were using the name Captain America, to explain the inconsistencies.

Three characters used the name, Captain America:-

  1. William Naslund
  2. Jeffrey Mace
  3. William Burnside
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William Burnside, a history graduate who was a great fan of the original Steve Rogers, changes his name to Steve Rogers and self-administers a dose of what he believed was the same serum that the original Steve Rogers had taken.

However, it was missing certain elements, and both he, and his assistant Jack Monroe take the incomplete formula which results in them becoming violently paranoid, and ultimately being placed in cryogenic storage.

Trying to reestablish a more credible timeline, they later had the original Captain America being found frozen in the Atlantic, by the Avengers.

Steve joins the Avengers and becomes a valuable addition. Later he assumes leadership of the Avengers.

Captain America Strengths

Captain America, thanks to the serum, has great strength, speed, durability, agility, and super-senses.

He has mastered Martial Arts to a high level and trained in hand-to-hand combat, which he demonstrated in his feats of heroism against the Nazis during the war.

Captain America, if injured will enjoy accelerated healing and will rapidly recover from his injuries.

He is also immune to human diseases and the effects of any toxins.

The serum makes him age slowly, which explains why he is still fighting as a superhero at over a hundred years of age.

His wartime experiences have created a master tactician and field commander.

This is why he was soon adopted as the leader of the Avengers.

His Vibranium-steel alloy shield is almost indestructible and serves as both a defense and as a weapon that he throws.

Captain America Weaknesses

Captain America faces the same risks of being shot, falling from high places, being frozen in the Atlantic ocean, as any other man.

Despite his enhanced abilities, he is still just a human, and a bullet to the head will kill him, as would a large explosion.

Final Thoughts

Steve Rogers as Captain America, was designed as a super-soldier.

He has been given enhancements that make him a powerful opponent.

Batman has spent many years just training before he ever started his career as a superhero.

This makes them very well matched and both of them have become stronger and better than the average human.

Both still have those human weaknesses, and both have a sense of justice that they share.

The fight between them had a victor, but in different circumstances, it might have gone the other way, not that there would be many reasons why they would fight.

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