Batman Vs Deadpool (Who Would Win A Fight)

Would Batman of Deadpool win a fight?

On paper, it would seem like a clear win for Deadpool, but that would be too simplistic an approach.

Batman has much in his favor in a battle with Deadpool. He has qualities that when added together make him a formidable opponent. His sheer determination and intelligence would compensate for Deadpool’s superior physical strength. Ultimately, although it would not be an easy fight, Batman would end up as the clear winner.

Batman Explored

Let’s check in details our first contestant – Batman.

Batman, Born in Tragedy

The defining feature about Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) is a tragedy.

The whole story starts with a tragedy when young Bruce gets to see at close hand.

His parents are slain by a lone gunman, as they take a shortcut through a dark alley.

This is the event that results in Bruce Wayne becoming Batman.

Single-minded dedication

The following 10 to 12 years is a period of intense training.

At a time when other young people are enjoying life and exploring their teenage years, Bruce Wayne is undergoing what is an impossibly strict training regime.

I am sure that you know how extreme the training regime is to become an Olympian in any sport, well Bruce manages to get to that level while training in several disciplines at the same time.

So, Bruce becomes an Olympic athlete, criminologist, psychologist, master of disguise, brilliant detective, and so on. It is certainly not for the fainthearted.

Just to make it interesting Bruce becomes a master in 127 martial arts.

Bruce Wayne spends some time at Princeton and then spends seven years traveling the world studying.

Not a Great Start

Bruce’s start as a crime fighter did not go well. One night he is back at base bleeding and probably thinking that becoming a vigilante was not such a bright idea.

He decided he needed an edge that would strike fear into the most dangerous opponent, and his solution is to choose to dress up as a Bat.

Because he was scared by a Bat, he thought that it would also work on criminals.

Finding Some Help

Gotham is a big city and there is only so much that a solitary Bat can do alone, so Batman decides to cultivate some important allies.

Alfred Pennyworth

Starting near to home Bruce Wayne recruits Alfred Pennyworth, the family retainer, and former member of the British special forces.

Pennyworth carried out many functions and was the rock on which Batman was founded.

Police Commissioner Gordon

One of the few honest policemen in Gotham City, the young cop who comforted Bruce on the night his parents died, rose to become Police Commissioner.

It is always handy to have a cop as an ally, or is it?

Lucious Fox

Lucious Fox was once a close friend and colleague to Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s father) and when Thomas died Lucious found himself forgotten, working in the applied sciences division of Wayne Enterprises.

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When Bruce returned to Gotham City, he realized the genius of the guy and recruited him into his inner circle.

Gotham City a Moral Cesspit

Bruce Wayne was living in Gotham City which from the time of his childhood had always been corrupt.

Now he had grown and taken on the role of Batman, he was encountering new kinds of especially vile villains that were taking over from the old-style mob.

These eccentric characters were no longer just money-orientated like the mob, but also sought power and influence.

Gun-Toting Vigilante Turned Soft

When Batman first appeared in the comics, he was a gun-toting vigilante who thought nothing of shooting the bad guys.

He even threw one into a vat of acid.

Over time the writers rethought the character and Batman eschewed violence, which does hold him back in fights somewhat.

Batman Powers & Abilities

Although Batman does not have the same superhuman strengths that are wielded by other superheroes, he does have certain abilities which he has developed during his life.

He boasts certain physical strengths and mental ones which make him a worthy opponent.

First, we have to say that the chances of Batman winning any battle are increased if he has time to plan his tactics in advance, as he is a brilliant strategist.

This skill as a strategist can compensate for the lack of some superpowers he faces.

Willpower & Intimidation

One power that Batman has plenty of is willpower. To make it through the years of self-imposed training he went through demonstrates how single-minded he is.

Batman has unstoppable levels of determination, and this allows him to continue to fight on, even while enduring high levels of pain.

Batman is known for his ability to project fear onto others. Even the closest associates can fear him.

With Batman so intimidating, it is understandable that he does not need to use so much physical force.


While Batman is perfectly able to use traditional law enforcement methods to gain information from prisoners, Batman is not uncomfortable with dangling the bad guy over the edge of a high building to force him to talk.

Batman is quoted as saying that,” Fear is a great motivator.”

Excellent Condition

Although Batman does not have Superpowers or an artificially enhanced body, he is at the peak of his physical condition.

Batman has spent years living with a carefully planned diet, to keep his body in perfect condition.

Bruce does not destroy brain cells with alcohol, remaining alcohol-free. Keeping fit is a science to Bruce and he uses the latest bio-feedback techniques, to keep on track.

Batman alter-ego Bruce Wayne plays the role of a millionaire playboy who drinks and parties far too much, but in fact, when he is seen with a glass in his hand, he is normally pretending to be drinking champagne and is really drinking ginger soda.

No lost brain cells for Batman!

Since the age of 15, Bruce Wayne’s strict diet has contributed to his superb health and excellent physical condition.

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This was supplemented by a strict training regime that included weight, aerobic, gymnastics, and simulated fighting exercises.

His single-mindedness has meant that his entire life has been spent training and bringing his body to physical perfection.

Martial Arts

Batman is an expert swordsman and knife thrower.

He has also mastered 127 kinds of martial arts.

When you think that it sometimes takes a man a lifetime to master just one, that is quite a feat.

Batman is a Genius

Batman uses his genius-level intellect to excel in all the skills he has learned, making him amongst other skills a great detective, a great analyst, and a tactician.

He uses his intellect to outthink rather than just outfighting his opposition.

These powers are human powers that potentially any human could achieve and use these human powers he has managed to defeat many more powerful opponents.

Deadpool Explored

Deadpool is a character appearing in American Comic Books, published by Marvel. He has also been featured in several movies and computer games as well.

He was created by writer Fabien Nicieza and artist Bob Liefeld and first appeared in the comic book “The New Mutants” #98 in February 1991.

He began his comic book career as a supervillain, but the character turned into more of an anti-hero in the end.

Deadpool’s real name is Wade Winston Wilson and is a mercenary who carried a severe disfigurement.

He is in possession of superhuman powers. The character has a nickname, “The Merc with the Mouth.”

This refers to his tendency to talk a lot, and constantly crack jokes.

In comic books, he frequently talks directly to the reader (breaking the fourth wall).

This relationship with the readers has made Deadpool a popular character.

You could not imagine two vastly different personalities as Deadpool and Batman.

Deadpool taking life casually and placing enjoyment high on his agenda, constantly joking, and making wisecracks.

Batman seeming so serious and even incapable of understanding humor.

Deadpool’s Powers and Abilities

Deadpool was injected with a serum that activates any pr-existing mutant genes that have not been brought into use already.


Deadpool has the power to regenerate if he is wounded. He obtained this power from Wolverine.

His power helps him heal bullet wounds, slashes, stabs, and even severed limbs. It is quite powerful and makes it hard to damage Deadpool.

Resistance to Chemicals

Deadpool cannot get drunk, be poisoned, hurt by toxins or drugs.

He can be affected by large enough doses of tranquilizers.

Immunity to disease

He is immune from all known diseases and infections.


Deadpool, because of his healing powers is resistant to aging.

He also has had a relationship with the personification of death and has a curse that makes him immortal.

Immune to mental Attacks

Because his brain is always in a state of flux, Deadpool is immune to mental or telepathic attacks.

This resistance cannot always be relied on, and it has been known to fail.

Peak Human Strength

Deadpool has the strength of an Olympian weightlifter, he does not have superhuman strength.

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His strength is obtained by natural means and is finite.

He can exert himself for several days if he does not get bored and distracted.


Deadpool is extremely fast but frequently he will rely on his teleportation device instead.

How To Kill Deadpool

In one story the writer wrote that Deadpool was killed when a planet was dropped on him, this does seem a little like overkill, but it seemed to work.

Deadpool was killed by Thanos, but the personification of death came along and brought him back to like again, such a spoilsport!

Thanos took away the curse that made Deadpool immortal. This made Deadpool that much is easier to kill.

If Deadpool is in the same vicinity as “Leech” then his healing powers get switched off completely. So, in a fight, it helps to have a leech nearby.

In Marvel comics there is a kind of metal called Carbonadium which has the effect of canceling out healing powers, so using a Carbonadium sword would seem a rather good idea.

Once The immortality curse is canceled, thanks to Thanos, Deadpool can be defeated by anything that will disintegrate his body.

After disintegration, there is nothing left to rebuild.

The healing power works very much in tune with Deadpool’s cancer, if his cancer were cured, the healing factor will keep adding new cells until Deadpool was bloated and deformed, and then ultimately exploded.

Batman Would Win The Fight With Deadpool

This is how I see the battle between Deadpool and Batman going.

In the build-up to the fight we see Batman weighing up his adversary, doing research, and finding out his weaknesses.

Batman is totally ignoring the press and the distractions that occur in the build-up to the big fight.

Batman does not waste his time posturing or bragging, just carefully putting together a series of plans, for alternate ways to defeat Deadpool.

This is too boring for Deadpool, and instead, he spends his time making the most of the free publicity for the fight and sounding his mouth off on how he is so much better than Batman.

All of this interspersed with jokes and comic remarks.

If that still was not enough he would start to talk directly to the readers of the comic book.

He would have a great time, but when the time comes for the fight to start he will not have any plans prepared for how he is going to win.

Deadpool will try a couple of obvious moves, the kind he normally uses, but Batman will have read all about them and be totally ready.

While Deadpool scratches his head and thinks about what to do next, Batman will sweep in and make use of the information he has gathered on weaknesses.

He will totally destroy Deadpool. Another win for Batman.


There is a clear difference between the two characters.

Although it makes Deadpool much more entertaining, boring Batman just gets on with the job and wins.

Thanks a lot to Deadpool for all the entertainment but you lose!

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