Batman Vs Deathstroke – Who Would Win The Fight

Batman and Deathstroke are two characters created by DC comics.

Both Batman and Deathstroke are humans and have great powers.

Batman solely by training whereas Deathstroke gained extra strength due to medical experiments.

In a battle between Deathstroke and Batman, the fight would be very close. Performance by Deathstroke has been covered very poorly and there appears to be no consistency in how well he fights when matched with Batman. Generally, Batman has managed to beat Deathstroke in past combats, so Batman would win once again, defeating Deathstroke.

Batman Introduction

Batman is not like most other superheroes.

He has no special powers that are obtained through an alien heritage or because he is a mutant.

Any powers Batman has are 100% due to his efforts.

He trains hard and is focused on his body.

He also has a particularly pronounced intellect that he uses to compensate for some of his physical weaknesses.

He has become a very well-known genius and it is this mental power that helps him win.

Batman Strengths

Batman is not an alien, has no superpowers, every power that Batman possesses could technically be obtained by any human.

As well as great physical strength, gained through training, ha also has a superb intellect.

He is easily able to overcome supervillains twice his size or strength by combining his intellect and strength.

Olympian + Strength

Since his early teens, Batman has continued an intensive training regime, taking him to a level that is far beyond that obtained by even Olympic athletes.

Batman can benchpress up to half a ton.

Super Reflexes

Batman’s agility is sometimes indistinguishable from that of someone with superpowers.

He seems to be able to visualize oncoming attacks and intuitively counter them. thanks to training his agility is excellent and advanced intellect.

Great Speed

With the extra weight that Batman carries, due to his muscular body, he surprisingly able to run very fast, matching many Olympic athletes.

Vast Stamina

Batman can hold his breath underwater for over 3 minutes, because of his large lung capacity. He can remain awake non-stop for days, without the need for food or any artificial supplements. Batman has a huge resistance to becoming tired.

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Very Durable

Batman can tolerate a lot of pain, he can use his Batsuit to shield him from the full effect of blows from opponents.

He can service several bullets into his abdomen.

Batman Weaknesses

Batman has several flaws and weaknesses, that can potentially lessen his chances in a fight, by making him vulnerable.

Joker’s Blood

The blood of the arch-enemy the Joker contains a venom known as Titan, which can turn Batman into a clone of the Joker.

The Mobius Chair

The Mobius chair provides those who sit in it with unlimited knowledge, but it also has the power to overwhelm him and can turn him into someone not so pleasant.

He is Just Human

Batman may have trained himself up to become an example of what man can aspire to be, but his humanity does mean that he is not immune from the day-to-day problems that everyone faces.

Talia Al Ghul

A physical and mental equal to Batman, she also was able to seduce him and the result was a child, Batman’s son Damien, who Batman knew nothing about, thinking he had miscarried.

Deathstroke Introduction

Deathstroke (aka Slade Joseph Wilson) is a villain that appears in DC comic books.

The character was devised by Mary Wolfman and George Pérez and first appeared in New Teen Titans, #2.

This comic was published in December 1980.

The character typically is cast in the role of either an assassin or arch-enemy of the Teen Titans.

Normally he is opposing Dick Grayson.

He has also appeared as the “Bad Guy” facing other superheroes, such as Batman, the Justice League, and Green Arrow.

Slade Joseph Wilson has three children, Joe, Rose, and Grant Wilson.

Deathstroke Strengths

Deathstroke is neither a mutant nor an alien.

Most of his abilities are due to training and self-improvement, however, he did undergo a little experimental work which added to his powers.

Improved Brain Activity

Slade was a volunteer in a program that activated a dormant gene, which supercharged his brain. It increased his mental capacity and enabling 90% of his brainpower.

Fast Healing

Deathstroke clots blood in seconds and then seals the wound shortly after. His healing powers are fast enough to allow him to heal from most otherwise fatal wounds. He cannot heal everything like some other superheroes and villains.

He Appears Much Younger

His healing ability keeps him looking younger than he is. He hardly appears to age at all.

He Can Overcome Toxins

Toxins that can knock out others will simply slow Deathstroke down. This is an effect of his healing process.

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Heightened Senses

All of his senses are way above the levels experienced by humans, except his vision.

He is very Agile

He is far more agile than you would expect any human to be. His balance and body coordination are superb.

Deathstroke is Pretty Tough

When hit by impacts that would normally cause significant damage, Deathstroke seems hardly affected.

Phenomenal Reflexes

Deathstroke can dodge bullets and catch daggers even when coming from short distances.

He Can Run Faster Than Most Athletes

Deathstroke is fast, so fast that even the flash commented on his speed. Much faster than the top Olympic runners.

Deathstroke Keeps on Going

Even though he is wearing heavy armor, he just continues for prolonged periods without seeming to tire.

He is Strong

Deathstroke is very strong, can lift moderate weights easily, certainly stronger than humans.

He is Smart

He is a skilled tactician, knows many subjects, and his intellect is greater than any human.

Deathstroke Weaknesses

Like all Marvel and DC characters with special powers, Deathstroke also has a few flaws as well.

These may allow an opponent to defeat him.


Deathstroke is half-blind. If the eye hole in his mask were covered then he would be unable to see.

His Family

Deathstroke can be put under pressure by a threat to his family.

His Left Arm

The armor Deathstroke wears is a prototype and his left arm is not shielded (Deathstroke (2016) #14). This is a problem for him.

Batman vs Deathstroke – The fight

Batman has fought Deathstroke on many occasions in the past.

On some occasions, Deathstroke has won and on other occasions, Batman has won.

The two are very equally matched and it will not be a quick fight. First of all, we should look at these previous matches to see what happened.

Deathstroke the Terminator #7

Gotham City has three killers prowling the streets.

Commissioner Gordon needs help in tackling the situation.

The situation results in Deathstroke coming head to head with Batman.

This story is written by Marv Wolfman. In this contest, it was Deathstroke that won by knocking Batman out twice.

Detective Comics #710

Batman has words with Deathstroke over the latest killings in Gotham City.

Deathstroke beats Batman to a pulp, Batman took time to recover, and then when he was ready, he continued the fight, taking Deathstroke by surprise, thinking he had won, but this time Batman had the upper hand and the final victory was his.

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Infinite Crisis TPB

Batman wins this time

Deathstroke (2014) #4

During the fight, things started to be going Batman’s way but Deathstroke made a comeback and claimed the victory.

Batman #28

This time it was a victory for Batman, with Deathstroke losing badly.

Deathstroke #30

After receiving a package that contained DNA results that proved that Batman’s son Damien was the son of Deathstroke, there is a clash between the two.

This amuses Deathstroke who claims he slept with Talia al-Ghul long before Bruce was involved.

It turned out that the file was faked. In the battle that took place, there was a clear victory for Deathstroke who had the mental advantage over the dispirited Batman.

Deathstroke #32

Yet another battle between the two, they seem to like fighting each other, but this one has to be called a draw.

Deathstroke #34-35

Yet another draw. Both Batman and Deathstroke seem to have the measure of one another.

So we can see there is quite a history of fights between these two opponents.

On the surface, we seem to have:-

  • Batman Wins: 3
  • Deathstroke Wins: 3
  • Draws: 2

They are evenly matched as the above tally confirms.

It is only when we take a close look at the trend and the background of each fight in more detail, that we can make a prediction of the outcome of a final fight fought head to head.

With both fighters being so evenly matched this is going to be a real slug-fest and the fight will not be over quick.

It may be that Deathstroke has periods where he appears to be winning, but ultimately Batman is going to slowly take command and the fight will end with a Batman victory.

However, with such a narrow margin, it does not prove much as with slightly different situations, Batman could easily succumb to a blow from Deathstroke.

Final Thoughts

While it’s pretty easy to decide winners of some fights, these two opponents are evenly matched.

I explained in the paragraph above why Batman would take over and eventually win, but I can imagine also a different scenario where Deathstroke would surprise Batman with some unexpected attack and defeat him.

That’s why it was not easy to decide the winner of this match, however, if we look into the history, we clearly see that it’s the Batman that comes on top.

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