Batman Vs Hawkeye (Who Would Win A Fight)

Two of the most highly-trained martial artist Superheroes with tons of surprising tricks up their sleeves, in their utility belts and arrow quivers, we’ve got Batman in the red corner and Hawkeye in the blue.

The battle is going to be human vs. human but it will be destructive and legendary.

You might be wondering, who’s going to come out on top in a battle between Batman vs. Hawkeye?

The clear-cut winner of the encounter between Hawkeye and Batman is going to be Batman but there are instances where Hawkeye’s intellect and tactile knowledge might outweigh the coo gadgets and experience of the caped crusader.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Batman and Hawkeye’s abilities and powers along with their weakness and explain to you how exactly they’d fare against each other in different battle scenarios.

So, before you put your money on one of the Superheroes, make sure you read this article till the end. 

Batman’s Abilities and Powers

Every child and adult in today’s day and age knows about the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

The origin of the caped crusader Batman is very tragic and emotional as his parents are murdered in cold blood right in front of his eyes when he was but a child.

But that trauma is what bent the Arkham Knight to use the multi-billion fortune of the Wayne family to good use by becoming the fear of every criminal in Gotham, the masked vigilante.

Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne is both very skilled and powerful in their own right, here’s a list of abilities and powers of Batman you’d want to know about ahead of this bout:

Genius Intellect – If you’re familiar with comic books, you’ll know that not only Lucius Fox is responsible for building all the tech and equipment of the popular utility belt but Batman is also credited with a lot of intellectual gadget creations and strategy making because of his genius intellect.

Detective Skills – Batman is the masked vigilante of Gotham who hunts down criminals and solves cases for the Gotham City Police Department whenever he’s not busy with the Justice League so he has amazing detective skills as well.

Incredibly Rich Fortune – Thomas Wayne was an incredibly successful businessman in his time and his fortune was well beyond billions in the comic books. So, Bruce also inherited the incredibly rich fortune his father left behind for him.

Martial Arts Training – After the death of his parents, Bruce went to the mountains where he was trained by professional Martial Artists and learnt and mastered the art of hand-to-hand combat that is displayed in his fights against criminals and big bads of the DC universe.

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High-tech equipment – From remote-controlled batarangs, to the batmobile, batwing, and many other bat-stuff in his utility belt, Batman is known to come up with surprising and handy high-tech equipment whenever it seems necessary.

Charisma and Leadership – Although a human, Batman is an incredibly tough Superhero and is one with a lot of leadership skills and Charisma quite like Captain America from Marvel. That’s why he’s at the forefront of the Justice League. Well, that and his amazing wealth.

Hawkeye’s Abilities and Powers

Clint Barton or his alter ego, Hawkeye has also been through quite a rough path and is also a human with superhuman abilities and powers.

At a young age, Clint became an orphan and joined a circus where he learned to use swords and also learned martial arts.

He was later taught by Captain America himself where he mastered the art.

Hawkeye has a bundle of tricks up his sleeve along with a great sense of observation and many other abilities that we need to focus on before we pit these Superheroes against each other. Let’s take a look at them.

Incredible Observations – In the comic books, Hawkeye is not only considered the best with the arrows and long-ranged attacks but also with his uniquely high observation skills and how he can understand the happenings in the surroundings of the Avengers.

Hand-to-Hand Combat – When it comes to martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, Clint Barton has learned from the best in Steve Rogers when he became a part of the Avengers.

Trick Arrows – One of the best things about Hawkeye is his ability to find the perfect arrow for the occasion in his quiver. From bomb arrows to vibranium ones, whatever the situation calls for, he’s going to pull out and use them to deal with enemies.

Master Archer and Marksman – The one thing that gave Hawkeye his name is his mastery in the art of archery and not only that, he’s also an excellent marksman which means he has amazing sight and aiming skills with any weapon actually.

Swordsman Skills – As his alter ego Ronin as seen in the Avenger’s Endgame movie, Clint Barton is seen to brutally destroy the members of the Japanese Yakuza because of his fine sword yielding and swinging skills so he’s great at swordsmanship as well.

Batman’s Weaknesses

On the surface, Batman looks like the one person who’s the hardest to beat because of having almost no visible weaknesses, but if you’re someone smart who studies their opponents before challenging them like Clint, here are the problems and weaknesses Batman faces that can be used to gain the upper hand over him.

Emotional Trauma – We’ve seen villains like the Joker and the Riddler exploit Batman or Bruce’s past trauma with his parents dying in front of him many times and succeeding, so it can be considered a big weakness in my opinion.

Strict Sense of Morals – In the early comics, Batman was introduced to be a gruesome vigilante but with time, Batman has been shown to have developed a strict no-kill policy which he abides by and always stands to protect while delivering justice to criminals.

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Gadget Dependence – Most of the battles that Batman has been in with larger and bigger foes have been based around Batman’s technological superiority which makes him very dependent on gadgets and tech.

Fear of Bats – You might not know this but Batman or Bruce Wayne has a fear of bats according to the comics. So, he chose to become what he feared the most which are exactly what you’d expect to hear from the caped crusader.

Hawkeye’s Weaknesses

Hawkeye is one of the strongest human characters in the Marvel universe but there are a bunch of weaknesses that Bruce Wayne would definitely pay to find out before he engages in about with the expert marksman.

Let’s take a look at the weaknesses Hawkeye has.

Ammo Limitation – According to researches, Hawkeye’s special arrow quiver is only able to hold 32 arrows so no matter how many trick arrows he might have in terms of variety, the number is going to run out and he’ll be on his own then.

No Excessive Armor – Hawkeye is never really shown to have a lot of protective armor either. He usually has his suit on but there are exposing parts where there is literally no armor.

Emotional Manipulation – Clint Barton is a family man. Any foe that knows this understands that the emotional connection between Hawkeye and his family can be used to cause quite a lot of problems for him ultimately meaning he’s emotionally vulnerable.

Physically Overpowerable – Whatever you might say, once the arrows are gone, Hawkeye doesn’t have flashy tech and gadgets to give him a kind of immortal status. So, any bigger fighter would be able to physically overpower Hawkeye leading to his mortality being his biggest weakness.

Who Would Win In a Fight Between Batman And Hawkeye

Now that we’re aware of all the incredible abilities, powers, and strengths both Batman and Hawkeye have in their arsenal along with the weaknesses either contestant can exploit, it is finally time to pit these superheroes against each other in a battle of wits.

Let’s take a look at who’ll emerge victorious in different situations to find out the ultimate winner.

Scenario 1: Hawkeye’s Long-ranged Advantage

Let’s start off with a specific case scenario. Let’s say Batman and Hawkeye lock horns but they’re really far away from each other.

Batman isn’t known as the best of marksmen so you can’t expect his batarangs to hit Barton right away.

But since long-range is the game of a master archer and marksman, Hawkeye has the upper hand here.

He can use whichever kind of arrow he wants and damage Batman quite a lot before he’s able to make his way near him.

So, ultimately, if both the Superheroes are fighting from a large distance, you’re going to see that Hawkeye will be able to not only hurt but also possibly floor Batman.

Winner: Hawkeye 

Scenario 2: Batman’s Hand-to-Hand Close Range Combat

Now let’s turn the tables around for a second. Let’s say that the range between both Clint and Bruce isn’t a lot and they’re closer to each other.

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We know that both these superheroes are known for their hand-to-hand combat skills but I believe Batman is a better fighter when it comes to sheer strength and power.

The man went toe-to-toe with Darkseid, so we can safely say he can physically overpower Clint Barton even though Clint is one of the strongest and best martial artists in terms of humans in the Marvel universe, especially in his Ronin form. But Batman’s going to emerge victoriously.

Winner: Batman 

Scenario 3: Batman’s Tech Superiority

Hawkeye has a bunch of cool gadgets, lenses, arrows, quivers, and tech but it is mostly based around his ability which is archery so the amount of tech he has is very limited.

But when it comes to Batman, you’ve got planes, cars, hacking devices, jammers, sensory devices, batarangs, bombs, and a lot of equipment you might have never thought existed because of how rich and technically gifted he is.

Moreover, his superior intellect allows him to make more and more of these cool gadgets so he can win against bigger baddies.

So, I’d say Batman wins in this case as well.

Winner: Batman

Scenario 4: Hawkeye exploiting Batman’s Morals

In the comics and in the movie adaptations of Batman’s character, we’ve always seen a very strict moral code of justice in his eyes.

Batman is a man with honor who is obsessed with fighting crime but makes sure he does not harm a life with his own hands.

This isn’t the case with Barton. As his alter ego, Ronin, Barton has killed many people brutally which means he has no remorse for the lives of people.

So, if it comes to it, Batman won’t pull the trigger but Hawkeye will. So, the more brutal contestant is surely going to win here.

Winner: Hawkeye

Scenario 5: Batman manipulating Hawkeye’s emotions

Batman has a strict code of justice but that doesn’t mean he won’t stoop a little low when he needs to because of his obsession with winning. Everybody knows Clint is a family man.

If Batman feels the need to do so, he might actually hold his family hostage and make sure that Clint is completely emotionally wrecked before slowly making sure he’s established his victory over Hawkeye.

So, Batman can surely manipulate Hawkeye emotionally and exploit his weakness to win the battle between them which might seem a bit villainous but perhaps that’s why he’s called the DARK knight!

Winner: Batman


Both Hawkeye and Batman are fan favorites in their own comic book universes and I’m sure people are going to be divided on this, but I believe Batman would come out on top without a problem because of all the advantages he has over Hawkeye.

There are a few situations where Hawkeye over-strategizes Batman but they’re very specific and non-hero like.

No matter who wins, the battle will be glorious if both the universes ever collide, there’s no doubt about that!

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