Batman Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

Batman against the Hulk one on one is not going to go well for Batman.

Batman does not have the physical strength to stand up to an attack by the Hulk, nor does he have the powers to do anything more than annoy the Hulk, certainly nothing that can deal the Hulk with a knockout blow.

If Batman fights the Hulk then there can only be one outcome and that will be the defeat of Batman. Hulk is a clear winner due to his extreme strength and durability. Batman would come off quite badly from this contest. Hulk would be very wary of the Batman this time and would attack hard and fast.

But wait, didn’t Batman beat the Hulk in the crossover comic, Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk, back in 1981?

Yes, that is true, but he did not overcome the Hulk through fighting, he threw a gas bomb and Hulk thought he could just hold his breath.

Hulk would not fall for the same trick twice

In the 1981 crossover, Batman and the Hulk fought again, and Batman proved he had learned from the first experience, and when Batman tries the gas bombs again, the Hulk waves away the gas.

Hulk Introduction

Comic Book company Marvel introduced a new comic in 1962 called The Incredible Hulk.

The comic featured a new character of the same name, who had been created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The character is called Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, who when angry morphs into the Hulk.

The Hulk and Banner personalities do not get along and the relationship between the two is complex.

The Hulk is everything that Banner is not and vice versa.

The Hulk Strengths

The Hulk is very experienced at Hand-to-Hand combat, and he can put that experience to good use, utilizing his immense strength, speed, and agility.

The Hulk can strike powerful blows that can knock opponents out of the fight if he lands them squarely.

The Hulk can also absorb the power of any blows that he receives with his near 100% invulnerability.

Remember, since the strength of the Hulk is directly related to his level of anger, an opponent should not just keep landing blows unless they are powerful enough to be a knockout blow.

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The Hulk is not only strong, but he can also regenerate.

You have got to be able to make one knock-out blow when fighting the Hulk or any injuries will simply regenerate and fix themselves.

While these injuries are regenerating the Hulk is simply getting angrier, making it less likely that you will get a second chance at landing a blow.

The Hulk is immensely strong and that strength just keeps growing the angrier he becomes.

Opponents of the Hulk really need to have one quick overwhelming attack that will destroy the Hulk quickly.

If that fails then the battle is lost.

Batman, unfortunately, does not have a powerful knockout blow (except perhaps the gas bomb, that can harm the Hulk).

The Hulk’s Weaknesses

One problem with the Hulk is that his mind is not as strong as his body.

The Hulk may have extensive physical powers but the power of his mind is not so developed.

The Hulk has found himself the subject of mind-control on many occasions and by several different enemies.

In Incredible Hulk #403, the Hulk is captured by Juggernaut, who brings him to Mentallo and Red Skull, who promptly turn the Hulk into their servant.

On another occasion, the villain Tyrannus convinced the Hulk into destroying a plane filled with passengers.

Batman Introduction

Batman is a character in DC comics.

A superhero who was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

He made his debut in Detective Comics #27 published in March 1939.

He was developed to ride on the popularity of DC’s Superman character.


Batman is the assumed name of Bruce Wayne, who owns Wayne Enterprises.

He has a reputation of being a playboy, although he does carry out works of philanthropy as well.

Wayne Enterprises is based in the fictional Gotham City.

He swore to avenge his parents after they were killed by criminals and trained himself to the peak of human physical abilities.

To carry out this war on criminals he sets up a bat-inspired persona and patrols the streets of Gotham City in the hours of darkness.

Batman, unlike Superman which inspired his creation, does not have any superpowers.

He relies on three factors:

  • Intellect
  • Strength
  • and Wealth (which he uses to acquire technology)

When first introduced, Batman was portrayed as a ruthless vigilante.

He had no qualms about killing or injuring villains.

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However, a change of direction made him much less willing to take his life and made him start operating by a strict moral code and a highly developed sense of justice.

In the 1960s TV show, the characterization was slightly camp and this was something that it took many years to shake off.

Other Characters Associated with Batman

When we speak about Batman, we can’t forget to mention several characters that are associated with him.


Robin, Batman’s sidekick, has been a supporting character for years.

The first Robin (the 1940s-1970s) was Dick Grayson.

He ended up going off to college and returning as “Nightwing.”

In the screen versions, the second Robin (the 1980s) ended up being killed by the Joker, brought back to life, and then going off as an antihero called “The Red Hood.”

The final Robin was Carrie Kelley, the first Robin played by a female. In the comics, the sequence was slightly different.

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth first appeared in 1943.

Alfred raised Bruce Wayne after his parents died, and is one of the few people who knew Batman’s real identity.

He has been known to play the role of sidekick on occasions.

Bruce Wayne is a classically trained British actor and also a former member of SOE (Special Operations Executive).


Batwoman is a wealthy heiress inspired by Batman.

She devotes her time and wealth as a masked vigilante in her home in Gotham City.

The modern Batwoman is characterized as a Jewish Lesbian.


Somewhat confusingly, Batgirl is seen as the female version of Batman allying herself with Batman and Robin.

She is not the same character as the aforesaid Batwoman.

Batman’s Strengths

Batman does not have any special powers of the kind that superheroes normally possess.

Batman’s abilities are those of a human who has trained and trained and finally become the strongest and most agile of any human.

Everything Batman has is a result of intensive training.

Batman is also assisted in that he is fighting for a cause.

He has strong beliefs that prompt him to fight against crime.

This will provide Batman with extra determination.

He did not acquire special skills because he is a mutant, nor was he exposed to Gamma radiation or any special treatments.

He learned martial arts from various disciplines, just like any other human would do.

His success in these is due to hard work and training.

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He also has an outstanding intellect and uses his intelligence as a detective and in planning strategy.

This slightly offsets his weakness compared to other superheroes/supervillains.

Batman Weaknesses

Batman’s weaknesses are not an easy topic to write about.

Batman is a human being, not a mutant, not a god, and certainly not an alien.

So we have to look at him as such.

Is he physically weak? No certainly not, any human would be proud to have the strength that Batman possesses.

Is he lacking in intelligence? No, once again he is blessed with a sharp IQ that most humans would be proud to possess.

As a human being, he has no weaknesses.

However, if we compare him to most other Superheroes, then he is pathetically weak and has no secret powers or weapons in his possession.

All he has are some simple tools that he has developed himself (all with a bat theme).

Hulk Would Win The Fight With Batman

As stated earlier, there have been two recorded matches between the Hulk and Batman.

In the first fight the Hulk, as he often does, underestimated Batman.

Batman was able to catch him off guard and throw gas bombs at the Hulk.

The Hulk, decided to deal with the threat by holding his breath, thinking that if he did not breathe the gas could not harm him.

It would have worked had not Batman followed up with a blow to his stomach, making the Hulk instinctively breathe in.

The gas bomb was the only weapon that Batman possessed to harm the Hulk, so when the two characters fought again, Batman simply repeated the attack with the gas bombs, but the Hulk had learned his lesson a using his powerful arms, he dispersed the gas before Batman could repeat the strike to the stomach.

So it is clear if the two characters met again, the gas bomb is no longer useful as a weapon and there is nothing else that Batman has to strike a deadly blow to the Hulk.

However, the Hulk has such power that direct strikes on Batman would be fatal.

Final Thoughts

A seemingly unfair fight between super-intelligent, well-equipped human and the Hulk has a clear winner if Hulk does not underestimate Batman, prepares himself, and accepts the fact that even “regular” human can surprise and defeat him if he does not pay enough attention to the actual fight.

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