Batman Vs Spiderman – Who Would Wind The Fight

Batman and Spiderman. This fight would be between one of the most experienced and long-lived superheroes, against a young boy.

Peter Parker is nowhere as experienced as Batman and any fight would show up the deficiencies in his knowledge and experience.

If for some reason Batman and Spiderman were to fight each other face-to-face, then there is very little chance that Spiderman could win. He just does not have the battle experience of Batman and he would soon lose. This would be a quick and easy win for Batman. Spiderman does have his special powers but Batman would know this and take evasive maneuvers. Batman has tactical supremacy and this is what would make the difference.

Batman Introduction

Bruce Wayne, later to become Batman was the child of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Two very wealthy residents of Gotham City.

They were very well known in the city and would be described as prominent citizens.

The event that first triggered the Batman story was the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents by Joe Chill.

This was done at the instigation of Lew Moxon, a gangland leader who had previously been humiliated by Thomas Wayne.

Bruce Wayne had been present when the attack took place but was for some reason spared by Joe Chill.

Batman was placed in the care of the family butler, Alfred. Bruce Wayne was deeply affected by the death of his parents and the trauma caused by witnessing the murder.

Although having natural respect for the law and justice, Bruce had an overwhelming desire for revenge.

Bruce had been a student at Gotham Academy, but the trauma he had experienced resulted in him rejecting authority and he was expelled.

He was later expelled from several subsequent schools until he dropped out of formal education.

Instead of attending school, Bruce Wayne’s great wealth allowed him to travel the world learning the skills he would later need as Batman from specialists.

Bruce Wayne had great intelligence and it was easy for him to absorb new material, both academic, and skills in various martial arts.

At the same time, Wayne undertook rigorous physical training which is where he obtained his super strength and speed.

All of this was planned by Bruce Wayne as part of his desire to seek revenge on the person who had killed his parents, in particular, and on criminals in general.

Batman Strengths

Firstly, let’s explore Batman’s strengths that would play important role in a fight with Spiderman.

He is a Genius

Batman has been a genius throughout his life.

His problems at school were not a lack of intelligence.

Perhaps he was too intelligent and found school stifling and that was why he rejected the authority of the teachers, causing his repeated expulsions.

Once free of the formal structure of school he was able to focus his intelligence on the subjects that he believed would assist in what was to be his quest.

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In doing so he picked up far more than traditional schooling would have allowed.

He is an Expert Detective

In earlier comic books about Batman, there was far more emphasis given to his role as a detective, as a crime fighter.

A role that Bruce Wayne had trained for, becoming a forensic science expert, and developing skills in observation and psychology.

This detective side of his character has largely been subsumed by the action hero persona in recent years.

However, in the new movie “The Batman” due in March 2022, he returns to a more balanced role where his detective skills are more to the fore.

He has mastered many Martial Arts

In the course of his travels as a youth, Batman learned and mastered 127 Martial Arts.

Just like Bruce Lee who uses several forms of Martial Arts, Batman combines aspects of all these disciplines into his unique fighting style.

A style that works well, and helps to mitigate his lack of any superpowers, similar to those possessed by other superheroes.

He is an expert Tactician

Not only does Batman have the ability to fight hand to hand at a level unrivaled by other humans, but he has also studied military textbooks and tomes on the art of war.

He has become a master tactician and strategist, which maximizes his skills as a fighter.

He has money to develop new Weapons

Where other superheroes and supervillains have natural or mutated powers, Batman has to replace these with technological solutions.

His great wealth (according to Forbes he was placed sixth in the list of most wealthy fictional characters ever) allows him to design and build cutting edge technology

This technology included his bulletproof and blast-resistant body armor, The Batmobile, The Batcopter, and many gadgets that are built into his cowl and utility belt.

Personal Qualities

Certainly, Batman’s determination and mental strength are also great additions to his powers.

The fact that all of Bruce Wayne’s other skills were acquired through hard work and mental exertion rather than some freak laboratory accident or other mutation is a testament to his determination.

Batman Weaknesses

Batman may have some very extensive self-taught abilities, but like everyone, he has certain weaknesses that can cause him difficulties, perhaps enough to distract him at the wrong moment.


We saw from the Dark Knight movie that Batman sometimes struggles to understand dogs and his soft spot for them can be a disruptive element at the wrong moment.

Cat Woman

Batman has real problems with Cat Woman. Despite her being a villain, or at the very best an anti-hero, he is very fond of her, as she is of him.

Both of them would give their life for each other, and this makes Batman vulnerable.

If Catwoman took it into her mind to destroy Gotham City, how would Batman respond?

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Despair when he lacks control

On occasions where Gotham City is tearing itself apart with crime, Batman feels so deeply helpless that it can cause him to withdraw into a kind of depression momentarily.

Batman likes to feel that he is in control of the Gotham City situation. Batman can easily be influenced by villains threatening the people and the city he loves.

Spiderman Introduction

Peter Parker is a nerd, a high school kid who is bullied by the jocks and just plain awkward.

His parents are dead and life at school sucks.

He is smitten by Mary Jane Watson who lives in the neighborhood, but he is too shy to say anything.

Then one day, while on a school trip to a laboratory, a radioactive spider takes a bite from Peter Parker and he changes completely.

Peter’s poor vision improves, his body sprouts muscles, and he has some strange new abilities.

He can cling to vertical surfaces and run along walls. Not only that he can shoot webs from his wrists.

Peter thrashes the school bully and starts to flirt with Mary Jane but realizes he needs a car if he is going to compete with other guys interested in her.

He sets off to use his new power to earn some money at a wrestling contest, dressed in the spider costume, and his uncle expresses concern over how Peter is changing and tells him that “with great power, comes great responsibility” to which Peter angrily tells him that he is not his father.

Moments later his uncle is dead killed by a robber who was escaping from a robbery that Peter witnessed and did not intervene.

After witnessing the death of his uncle, Peter Parker decides to use his new superpowers to rid the city of crime.

Peter’s first big test comes when a strange millionaire Norman Osbourne decides to inject himself with a drug to increase his performance, and an evil alter-ego appears, called the Green Goblin.

At the same time, Osbourne steals an exoskeleton and a jet glider.

Green Goblin sees Peter Parker as a threat and targets Peter’s aunt, and Mary Watson to destroy him.

The evil Green Goblin fitted with an exoskeleton and flying on the jet glider is quite a dangerous combination and a lot for the newly transformed Peter Parket to handle. That is how Spiderman began.

Just like Batman, Spiderman witnessed a relative being killed, prompting his desire to rid the city of crime

Spiderman Strengths

After this short introduction, let’s see what strengths would play important role in a fight with Batman.

The Spider Webs

The spider webs are an incredible way to move fast around the city and to allow him to climb great heights on tall buildings.

They are also a first-class weapon that allows Sopidrman to capture villains without hurting them.

Other spider abilities

The fact that Spiderman can cling to surfaces and climb buildings or cling to the ceiling, gives Spiderman an extra dimension in which to fight.

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Who looks up when searching for someone in a room?

Super strength

According to records, Spiderman can lift to ten tons, but in comic books, he has lifted much more than that on occasions. He is certainly one strong young man.

He is brilliant at maths and science

Peter Parker has great skill with figures and excels in both maths and science.

Tony Stark

Peter Parker lost his father and then lost his uncle.

He has been lacking a father figure.

This is where Tony Stark came in.

He has been a positive influence on the young Peter Parker and a guiding hand, ever since he tried to recruit Spiderman for the Avengers.

Spiderman Weaknesses

Everybody, including Spiderman, has some weaknesses and we’ll now check the ones that could influence a fight with Batman.


Peter Parker is young and he still has the things of youth on his mind: girls, having fun, and sometimes he needs to be reminded that he has a role to play.

Peter is a bit squeamish

Peter Parker is young and inexperienced.

When things get nasty and bloody he tends to back off momentarily in shock.

He has not had the experience in a battle that other superheroes have had.

Batman Would Win The Fight With Spiderman

Why Spiderman and Batman would be going head to head, and how since they live in different universes, is a question we will have to overlook for the moment.

This fight is pretty unlikely to happen, but if it were to occur, there is only one possible result and that would be a massive win by Batman.

The fight could have an interesting development with ups and downs for both Batman and Spiderman, but Peter Parker has not the experience required to take on someone as skilled as Batman, even with his special powers.

An important factor in this fight would be preparation.

We know that Batman has a long history of defeating much more powerful opponents with a wide range of skills. This is also one of the reasons why Batman is so popular.

Batman takes his time to take a close look at his opponents and prepare a strategy in advance. This is how he comes on top of most battles where you would not really expect him to have a chance to win.

This is also the main reason why Batman would win the fight against Spiderman in most scenarios we can think of.

The only chance for Spiderman to win would be a strong, surprising, and never seen before attack.

Final Thoughts

Both Batman and Spiderman are my favorite superheroes and in fact, the first superheroes that I have watched on TV.

That’s why it was an interesting exercise to think about this matchup, different scenarios of the fight, how the fight would develop, and who would win it at the end.

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