Brightburn Vs Superman – Who Would Win The Fight

Brandon Breyer (aka Brightburn) is the character portrayed in the 2019 move “Brightburn.”

The character has taken the premise of the Superman character and reversed it so that whereas Superman is a superhero, Brightburn is a Supervillain.

If Brightburn and Superman were to go in a head-to-head battle, it would not go well for Brightburn. Sure Brightburn has most of the same powers as Superman, but he has smaller portions of the power. For example, we are told that he can fly to altitudes well above the clouds, but we know that Superman can fly into space with ease. Brightburn is a mere boy and compared to Superman he is lacking experience and fight experience. Superman would win the fight with Brightburn.

Brightburn Introduction

Brightburn, just like Superman, is an alien child sent to Earth and found by a couple who adopt him and raise him.

Tori and Kyle Breyer are unable to conceive a child of their own, so they care for him and remain him.

They are unaware of the evil nature of the child.

As the young Brandon gets older he starts to realize that he has superhuman strength and visits the remains of the ship that had brought him to Earth.

Following that visit, Brandon’s/Brightburn’s attitudes begin to change and his darker side begins to show.

He gets a crush on one of his classmates called Caitlyn and he starts to stalk her.

Later after finding their chickens have been massacred, Caitlyn’s parents realize that Brandon is responsible.

As word gets around so other class members begin to push Brandon away, excluding him as a weird stalker.

After an argument in school, Brandon breaks Caitlyn’s hand and gets suspended from school.

Brandon returns to his spaceship where he gets the message “Take the World”.

It becomes clear that Brandon has been sent to Earth by an aggressive race of aliens who wish to destroy other intelligent life forms.

On trying to visit Caitlyn at home, her mother stops him and sends him away.

The angry Brandon kills her at a Diner.

The violence spreads and realizing the true nature of Brandon, his adoptive mother takes him into the woods and shoots him in the back of the head.

This is where we find out that Brandon is immune to the effects of bullets.

Brandon goes on to use his laser vision and kill his father, also killing police when they arrive. Further incidents include downing an aircraft, killing all the passengers.

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This plane is crashed to cover Brandon’s crimes.

At the end of the movie, we see Brandon being cared for in an ambulance with all those who knew the truth of what really happened dead.

This is a very different Superpower story that is done in the style of a horror story.

It explores what would have happened if Superman had been evil, an interesting concept.

Brightburn’s Powers

In this story, we are just meeting the character Brightburn for the first time.

The way the movie ended I imagine there will be further movies carrying on the story.

There is so much more that can be created out of this simple idea.

Establishing the true nature of his powers from this glimpse is not easy, but so far we have established that he has these powers

Superhuman Strength

He can lift pick-up trucks and crush steel and stone in his hands. He also can generate such force that if he collides with a human they are destroyed completely.

Superhuman Speed

His speed of movement is so fast that he almost seems to be in several places at one time.

Superhuman Agility

Random is very precise with his movements and can change direction fast on the ground and in flight.


Brandon has the ability to soar into the sky, above the clouds, at tremendous speeds.

Heat Vision

Brandon has laser-like eyes that can shoot out beams that can cut through anything. When using this power his blue eyes turn into a smoldering bright red color.

This color change is quite scary and can be used to intimidate its opponents.


Brandon is invulnerable from harm. Only the metal his spaceship is made from can damage him (a bit like Superman and Kryptonite).

Bullets just bounce off his skin.

Superhuman Stamina

Brandon has never fallen sick or sustained any injury ever.

His immune system is far more sophisticated than any human one.


Brightburn has the power to move objects without ever touching them.


Brightburn has the power to operate machinery and equipment at will.

He also has a special link with his spaceship which feeds him data and ensures he is following his purpose.

Enhanced Intelligence

Brightburn is in the top 1% academic performers in the country, with extra-strength in science and maths.

Brightburn’s Weaknesses

I cannot find any reference to a weakness that is apparent in Brightburn, however, since he is only a child in the movie there may not have yet been time for those weaknesses to show.

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There is clearly going to be some sort of the second movie planned once the movie industry returns to normal.

Superman Introduction

In the post 1985 versions of the Superman story (up until 2011, when the universe was changed once again, there was a pretty consistent biography of Superman.

Superman was despatched in a small spaceship from the planet Krypton.

The spaceship sent by his father was not large enough to accommodate any more than the infant, so Superman’s parents died in the events which destroyed Krypton.

The small ship eventually crash-landed in Sutton Field near Smallville, Kansas, where it was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who chose to adopt Superman.

They named him Clark, and the child grew up happily in the small rural community.

During his childhood, an accident caused by Superman’s strength resulted in his friend breaking an arm and the destruction of the football.

Later when signing the cast his x-ray vision kicks in and he is able to see the fracture.

This freaks him out and he runs away. Following that event and his uncontrolled heat abilities which burned down the school gym, Jonathan decides that it is time to explain to his son how he joined the family and the truth about his origins.

The powers are starting to cause a problem and Clark begins to actively distance himself from other youth.

Three members of the Legion of Superheroes discover Superman being taunted by other youth and they interrupt things.

They take Clark into the future and he witnesses many things before they return him to the present.

These Superheroes from the future help mentor Superman as he grows and he travels many times to the future, but eventually, he chooses to return to his own time for good and Saturn Girl erases his memory to protect the timeline.

However, their job had been done and Superman was well prepared for his role as a Superhero.

To protect his identity and the great powers he holds, Clark Kent develops two identities.

The first is the glasses-wearing Clark Kent who is mild-mannered and verging on a coward.

This makes anyone who later suspects that he might be Superman laugh at the idea.

The second identity is the costume-wearing Superman who shows total confidence and possesses superpowers that he is not afraid to use.

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So this is a roundup of Superman’s childhood, in the same way, we earlier looked at the childhood of Brightburn. Brightburn obviously created as the evil twin of Superman has many of the same powers but not the moral backbone or grooming that Superman has been given by the League of Superheroes from the future.

A super-powered individual that is far more rounded and prepared than Brightburn for the life that will follow.

Superman’s Powers

Superman has much the same powers as Brightburn, but he has learned to develop them more.

It is this experience and understanding that makes Superman so much more powerful in the application of these powers.

Superman’s Weakness

Just like Brightburn has issues with the materials that make up his ship, so does Superman become vulnerable when around Kryptonite.

Superman Would Win The Fight With Brightburn

Today, if Brightburn were to challenge Superman to a fight, it would be like a young child challenging a fully grown man.

Yes, Brightburn could easily defeat any fully grown human, but meeting a grown-up superpowered man is not the same.

Superman has learned to fight other strong opponents, Brightburn is still inexperienced and does not possess the correct skills.

His powers are also weaker than Superman’s.

The fight would not last long and Superman could easily overpower him.

Brightburn does have a couple of powers that Superman does not, but they are still not enough to change the result of the fight, but things can change.

Now there is clearly going to be a sequel to Brightburn, the ending of the first Brightburn movie just begs for it to happen.

When that does happen and we maybe see a grown-up Brightburn, who knows what will happen?

Final Thoughts

In Brightburn story, we can see how tempting is to use the superpowers for selfish or even evil purposes.

Having such powers in your hand, would you be able to resist and not use them for your own good, and instead use them to help and protect people?

It’s so easy to become a villain; villains don’t have to care about others, they care only about themself, nothing is expected from them and they don’t have any responsibility for others.

This reminds me a completely different story from Star Wars where Anakin could not resist joining the Dark Side of the Force.

But those who overcome this temptation and decide to help and protect people can save many lives and really change the world to become a better place.

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