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Deadpool is a character that many other superheroes would love to kill, rather than listen to his constant wisecracking.

However, the problem is that Deadpool has top-level regenerative powers and is not likely to be killed off anytime soon.

Thanos makes this situation much worse when he places a curse on Deadpool.

Deadpool with his first-class regenerative powers and carrying a curse that makes him immortal cannot die, however much he might want to. At least not until Thanos finally removes the curse and Deadpool gets killed by his own 97-year-old daughter. So the answer is that Deadpool can die.

There are other characters in the Marvel universe with regenerative powers, but none of them are as strong as Deadpool’s.

In reality, there has to be nothing left of Deadpool to avoid his body trying to pool its components back and regenerate.

Just a small drop of blood could be sufficient to trigger a regeneration.

You would have thought that Deadpool would be the one person that could manage to kill Deadpool, but even he made two suicide attempts and failed.

Even after the curse was removed, killing Deadpool would never be straightforward. It took quite an intricate plot to achieve the final storyline.

Deadpool still had the powerful regeneration process to deal with.

Only if there was nothing left to regenerate would an ultimate death be possible.

Death Is Not The End

The problem we have in the world of superheroes and villains is that when they die, we never really know if that is actually the end of the character.

So many just die and then pop back again as if nothing has happened.

Here are some examples of deaths that took place and were overturned in less than a year – for example Hulk will soon or later return back after he is killed.

Adam Warlock

The story in “Warlock #8” had not been completed when the comic was canceled, so they moved the story to Incredible Hulk #177.

In this story Warlock had created a counter-Earth in six hours.

He had dreamed of creating a world without hate.

Anyway, it all went wrong, and it forced Warlock to come down to his Counter-Earth, where he was crucified (sounds familiar?).

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Well after two issues Warlock was brought back from the dead and saves the world.

Nick Fury

The series was canceled so death seemed a pretty good closure for Nick Fury, but two months later he popped up again in the Avengers #72 claiming that it was a body dummy that was “killed” and that he had survived.


In Batman #291 Batman is supposed to have been killed and the Underworld set up a show trial to pay tribute to the murderer, but it turned out that Batman was not dead and it was a wannabee Batman that had been killed.

Once Batman discovers who did it, he reveals himself as alive.


Having been killed by Krypton’s Virus X, Superman supposedly dies and is fired towards a sun to burn up.

Two issues later Superman pops up again and alive.

It is not the only “death” that Superman has suffered.

They have killed many of the superheroes off and returned them later in different stories, so we no longer know if death is really the end or not.


Even the character that personalizes death exists in Marvel Stories, being dead is no excuse to stop being involved in stories.

Perhaps with Deadpool now dead then we will see his character reappear in a new storyline.

Deadpool Special Powers

Deadpool has some helpful special powers, the most important of which are his regenerative powers.

The regenerative powers of Deadpool are so powerful that he has even been knowing to regenerate his head.

He can regrow a hand overnight, which is pretty amazing when you consider Salamanders need a few months to regrow missing body parts.

A Salamander can replace all the parts in his body, even a brain or heart.

In actual life, we divide animals into two groups.

Thos that scar when a body part is lost, which is a quick healing process, and those who regenerate the body part, which takes longer.

Scarring and regeneration do not seem to mix.

Deadpool’s healing powers allow him to recover from pretty much any physical injury, broken bones, gunshot wounds, these are mere inconveniences for him.

He regenerates by allowing the cells within his body to rapidly divide and multiply.

This is potentially a risk that could allow cancer to creep into the system.

The explanation for the scarred skin on Deadpool’s body is that when the regenerative process was boosted, he already had cancer, which meant that it gave all the cells in his body this self-healing power – INCLUDING THE CANCER CELLS.

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So, not only does Deadpool have superpowers to regenerate at will, but he also has super cancer cells that can regenerate at will.

Deadpool and Real Issues

One of the special features of Deadpool is that the character deals with a multitude of real-world issues, including racism, disfigurement, and sexuality.

He also can “break the fourth wall”, to talk to the readers directly, which very few comic book characters may do.

Throughout the stories, mental health issues have plagued Deadpool.

He suffers from schizophrenia and psychopathic tendencies.

These are because of torture and the serum that activated his mutant genes.

Deadpool And Death

In Marvel, Comics Death is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. The character is the personification of death.

The character first appeared in “Captain Marvel #26” which appeared in June 1973.

The character of Death has near-infinite power, she also has near-infinite knowledge.

She lives in a pocket dimension which is called “The Realm of Death.”

She frequently appears as a Caucasian woman in order for lesser mortals to see her.

We see her most of the time as a skeleton wearing a black or purple robe.

Deadpool and Death establish a complex relationship for most of Deadpool’s existence.

The two characters met after Deadpool had been at Weapon X, where Deadpool tortured him much of the time.

As he approached death (at the end of life) he met Death the character.

Death and Deadpool built a relationship during these interludes.

Deadpool came to love Death and eventually it was also revealed that Death loved Deadpool.

With, Deadpools perilous life the two of them got to see each other frequently.

The problem they face is that Thanos has also fallen in love with Death and after knowing he had a rival for her affections, Thanos put a curse on Deadpool which made him immortal, and therefore becoming incapable of being with Death full time.

Normally a curse that makes you immortal would be a pretty welcome gift, but if, like Deadpool, you are having a relationship with Death, then it is not so welcome.

Death and Deadpool do not meet frequently enough, and they long to be in each other’s company.

Deadpool tries several times to kill himself, but of course, he fails every time.

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Death, strangely enough, appreciates Deadpool’s humor, which is often expressed as he talks to comic book readers.

Deadpool also seems to be the only man that can handle Death. Unlike Thanos, who she regards as nothing more than an annoying stalker, she has respect for Deadpool.

In the story, Thanos lifts the curse on Deadpool, but at that point, Death and Deadpool were taking a break from one another.

The immortality curse had been lifted, but of course, Deadpool could still regenerate.

During this period Deadpool married the succus Shiklah, but that relationship did not last very long and she went off to marry Dracula instead.

Deadpool and Death had little to do with one another after Thanos lifted the curse.

Perhaps it had been longing for something they could not have that had kept them together during the period of the curse.

In the story “Deadpool: The end” Deadpool meets his 97-year-old daughter who is dying and resolves to save her by killing Death.

His daughter had other plans and secret a powerful bomb that will disintegrate both of them.

She does not want her father to outlive her and suffer more.

The bomb goes off and we see Death standing behind them with her hand on their shoulders.

When Deadpool Died

Earlier we described how Deadpool’s daughter killed herself and Deadpool with a bomb that left nothing to regenerate.

Here is what happens next.

Deadpool wakes up in the afterlife and reunited with his lover, Death, and reigns as the new King of Hell.

So, in answer to the original question, “Can Deadpool Die?” The answer is YES, and when he dies, he does it truly memorably.

Even in death, Deadpool comes out on top.

The complete story about the death of Deadpool is told in the Marvel comic “Deadpool: The End” which was published on January 29th, 2020.

The writer of the story was Joe Kelly, the Cover Artist Scott Wilson, and the penciller Mike Hawthorn.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, the answer to this question might not be so straightforward.

Most of the fans might think that Deadpool is immortal, especially knowing that Deadpool was cursed by Thanos.

However, after careful research, we discover the truth that is surprising for most of the fans.

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