Can Superman Enter The Speed Force (Full Explanation)

Speed Force is an energy that is responsible for giving speedsters their power.

Note Superman is not a speedster.

Those who have entered the Speed Force say that when you reach its core, it is the same as time. Some superheroes have merged with it, and these include Barry Allen, Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and Eobard Thawne.

Superman has not merged with the Speed Force and has no need to. The power that gives Superman speed is a distinctly separate one from the Speed Force. In Grant Morrison’s JLA #21, we find out that Superman has the receptors to use the Speed Force if he wished, but he does not seem to need it.

What is the “Speed Force?”

Like many characters and powers in DC, Speed Force has been revamped over time.

There are two many variations on Speed Force, the first was used before the Flashpoint and the other after the Flashpoint.


The Speed Force is an energy field. This energy field is responsible for giving speedsters the power they require to move fast.


Following the Flashpoint, the Speed force became something more complex.

It had the same power as before, but it also had an additional, wider, power.

The Speed Force has become the very driver that pushes space and time forward and has existed since the beginning of time.

The Speed Force has a volatility that builds up if there is no conduit to expel excess energy. Those impacted by this excess energy are given various powers, all of them connected with time and motion:

  1. particle acceleration
  2. deceleration
  3. time
  4. space
  5. momentum
  6. development
  7. potential/kinetic energy
  8. evolution
  9. enlightenment

Inside the Speed Force is a vast extra-dimensional void. Inside this void is “The Starting Line” which is akin to the Big Bang, but for time and space.

The Speed Force is always present in every DC Multiverse and syncs the universes closer together. The Speed Force is the source of infinite power and has many aliases.

What we call the fourth dimension is, in fact, the Speed Force. Those who have access to the Speed Force can utilize many abilities/powers, that are all connected to speed.

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Those connected have the immediate ability to run at superhuman speeds. If a speedster is older then this speed has a maximum of 770mph.

Younger speedsters can reach the speed of light if they have enough willpower. Speedsters also have other superhuman physical powers, such as stamina, agility, senses, healing powers, and on occasions strength.

Speedsters also acquire a protective aura around their bodies.

This exists to protect them from the damage of running at great speed. Speedsters emit electricity as a by-product of their connection with the Speed force.

Some speedsters have managed to tame this and can use it as a weapon.

Mental powers are also enhanced, and speedsters can think much faster than normal humans. This gives them the ability to imagine what could happen in the event of different timelines.

How Fast Is Superman Without Speed Force

Superman can fly faster than light.

Exactly how much faster than light depends on what era we are talking about, and which writer is the author of the story.

At the upper end, we see Superman traveling at speeds 52 million times faster than the speed of light when he was traveling between Planet Vega and Earth.

Running is another matter and Superman cannot run as fast as Flash, who does so using the Speed Force.

Is Superman Connected To The Speed Force?

Superman is not a speedster, he is not connected to the Speed Force, but it appears that he has the correct receptors to connect if he so wished.

In Grant Morrison’s JLA #21 we see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua man, The Flash, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter battling with the hyperclean to defend Earth, in this story the Flash offers to lend Superman some speed.

The last point about Superman having access to the Speed Force is disputed by some “experts” who say that access to the Speed Force requires a special gene.

For all, we know Superman has that gene or an alternative method of access.

It is accepted that Superman draws his power from an internal reaction to the rays of the yellow sun of Earth, having come from a planet with a red sun.

The longer he is exposed to this yellow sun, the greater his powers become.

What If you traveled faster than light?

When it comes to Super-Heroes, we hear arguments about traveling at or above the speed of light.

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This presents several difficulties if we try and remain within scientific reality.

First of all, if we consider Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, we have our first problem:

The speed of light is independent of any frame of reference.

If we had Superman chasing a beam of light (Superman traveling at half the speed of light) then the beam of light would still be moving away from Superman at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

We then have our second problem with the famous equation: E =mc2 (E=Energy, m=Mass, and c=Speed of Light).

According to this mass and energy are the same physical entity. They are interchangeable. The result of this is that the energy of an object due to its motion will increase its mass.

Put simply, this means that the faster an object moves, the greater its mass. This hardly notices at normal speeds. If an object moves at 10% the speed of light, then it only grows in mass by 0.5%.

If an object moves at 90% of the speed of light its mass will double. From this point, the rise in mass sharply increases until you reach the speed of light when the mass of the object becomes infinite. This s why no object can travel faster than light and still adhere to Einstein’s laws.

If we tweak the question and change it to “What if you traveled almost as fast as the speed of light?”

In that case, there would be some rather unusual effects.

Time Dilation

If you traveled at 90% of the speed of light, then time would be halved. You would experience 10 minutes while the guy watching you from Earth would experience 20 minutes.


Your whole view would be reduced to a narrow tunnel in front of you and stars from in front of you would seem to crowd closer to each other and that would create blue light.

Turn around and you will see another tunnel with stars spaced out and light appearing red.

So, we see that if we want our Superheroes to travel faster than light then we must come up with some new physical law that Einstein was not aware of.

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Perhaps we could call it “The Speed Force.”

If we return to the earlier example where Superman speeds 52 million times faster than the speed of light when he was traveling between Planet Vega and earth, that is just not going to work with science as we know it.

Superman And Speed

It was way back in Action Comics #1 that Superman made his debut.

He was written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by the comic book artist Joe Shuster.

Superman has a large list of superpowers, some that are well known, and others that are barely mentioned.

Superman has such power that his primary superpowers deal with most issues with no need to call on his lesser ones.

One of the better-known powers is speed. The actual level of speed is variable and has changed over the years and revamps of the Superman Character.

In the early day’s superman could be measured against a speeding express train, and that developed so he was measured against a bullet, getting faster all the time, he got so fast that he broke light speed and at his peak, he was traveling at multiple times the speed of light.

DC realized it had got out of hand and slowed him down considerably so that he was not reaching the speed of light.

However, following the New52 relaunch, Superman once more reached light speed.

So, you see when you ask, “how fast is Superman?”, you really must consider the era you are talking about.

You also need to make it clear whether you are talking about running speed or speed of flight.

When running the Flash is much faster than Superman, but once he takes off then his flying speed is substantially faster.

The reason that Superman can travel so fast is not connected with the Speed Force.

He has inbuilt strength and speed because of the way that his body processes the light from a yellow sun.


Superman does not really need the Speed Force and consequently, it has never really been a part of the mainline storyline, apart from the one time that the Flash offered to lend him some speed force.

I hope that this has clarified the relationship between Superman and speed, confirming that Superman has not taken advantage of the Speed Force.

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