Can Thanos Beat Apocalypse? (Who Would Win The Fight)

There have been only a few occasions where even I’ve felt heavy while researching and writing about two supernatural beings from the comic books going head-to-head with each other.

But this battle, between the Mad Titan, Thanos and the First One, Apocalypse, is certainly up with the best that has happened here.

You might be wondering, who would win in a battle between Apocalypse and Thanos.

If an all-out battle to the death takes place between Apocalypse and Thanos, the First Mutant Apocalypse is definitely going to have a fair edge of the battle in his favor with the plethora of abilities and powers of the X-gene. Apocalypse would overpower Thanos and win a fight.

But the Mad Titan Thanos will also pack a few punches, no doubt.

In this article, I will talk about Thanos’ powers and abilities, along with his weaknesses and Apocalypse’s powers, abilities, and weaknesses, to get an accurate measure.

I’m also going to give them scenarios where they’ll battle to the end and see the outcome of the gloriously grim battles. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Thanos’ Powers and Abilities

With the incredible culmination of many Marvel movies and the end of the Infinity Saga featuring the Mad Titan himself, many comic book and movie fans have come to know about Thanos.

According to the lore of the comics, Thanos was quite a pacifist in his childhood, but as he grew, he started to gain the temptation of entropy and the concept of death and destruction.

He even got the hots for the embodiment of decay and destruction herself, who’s known as Death in the Marvel Universe.

Since Thanos is an Eternal, he already possesses incredible powers other than the Infinity Gauntlet.

Let’s take a look at all the amazing abilities and powers Thanos has in the comic books.

Invulnerability – Thanos is completely invulnerable to all kinds of physical attacks. As you saw in the movies, and it can also be seen in the comic book adaptation, Thanos is barely even scratched when superheroes like Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America tried to harm him with their moves.

Teleportation – With the help of the mystical transport chair that Thanos is seen sitting on in the comic books, he can teleport quite long distances. This chair is designed by him using mysticism and cybernetics due to his brilliant intellect and scientific methodologies.

Genius Intellect – According to the Marvel comics lore, Thanos is one of the biggest scientist aliens in the universe, even better than Tony Stark when it comes to the use of Cybernetics to enhance his strengths and technology, which can be seen in the Infinity War comics and movies being used by his armada.

Titanian Durability – Thanos is one of the most durable villains in the Marvel universe. The durability factor arises because of his Eternal genes and his titan abilities. He has taken and can take mighty blows from some of the biggest superheroes around the universe, even Captain Marvel and the Mighty Thor, which are both Omega level superheroes.

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Telepathy – Thanos is known for possessing a lot of intellect, and this intellect also allows him to read and control the minds of his opponents to a certain extent. It is definitely not Professor X level telepathy, but this power has come in quite handy at times and proved to be super-helpful in combat against larger opponents.

Superhuman Strength and Speed – Last but not least, what will come most handy in this fight is the incredible physique, huge size, and amazing strength and reflexes of the Mad Titan. He is gigantic, but at the same time, he’s much faster than many of the superheroes in Marvel, which gives him a tactical edge in hand-to-hand combat.

Apocalypse’s Powers and Abilities

Born in the Aqaba region of Jordan, now known as Apocalypse, he was the first human with the X-gene and the ability to use mutant powers.

But his people abandoned him due to his unique physical attributes.

Raised by Sandstormers and named En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse was trained on the motive of Survival of the Fittest, which he wants to bring to the Earth.

He sees himself as the Father of all Mutants and wants to make sure no weak person exists.

As the first mutant with the X-gene, he possesses incredible powers and abilities. Let’s take a look at them before this epic battle ensues.

Superhuman Strength – As an Omega Level Mutant, Apocalypse is one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe. He is not only capable of lifting incredibly heavyweights by hand but also through his ability of telekinesis; he can move around anything and everything he wants around his vicinity.

Flight – With the help of his ability to create Earth’s gravity around him, Apocalypse can achieve flight as he wants, as seen in the movies and comic books. This is a great advantage that he has over other super-villains in the Marvel universe.

Matter Manipulation – Matter manipulation is the ability of Apocalypse that allows him to be able to move around and at the same time manipulate the molecular integrity of elements around him. He can bend metals, destroy buildings, and do many other types of manipulations, which is a pretty overpowered ability.

Telepathy – Like the Mad Titan, Apocalypse is also known as a Master Telepath. He has the ability to control the minds of his opponents and also read their minds. This can be seen in many scenes within the X-men: Apocalypse movie.

Size Alteration – Another amazing mutant ability that Apocalypse possesses is the ability to alter its own size. This is basically because of how he can morph his own structure into anything. According to the lore, he can change his size as he wills, which will definitely come in handy against bigger opponents.

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Energy Projection – Apocalypse has the power of energy projection as well. He can use energy blasts and even proper projectiles and hurl them at his enemies by absorbing the energy around him in different forms. This gives him an edge against opponents that can harm him from far away, which is pretty amazing.

Thanos’ Weaknesses

One of the only supervillains in Marvel that doesn’t have an obvious weakness is Thanos.

So when it comes to the Weaknesses of the Mad Titan, an opponent really needs to read all of his movements, understand him completely, and find the weak spot instead of just using a silver arrow or a piece of Kryptonite or something like that.

Manipulation – Love is the biggest weakness, they say. Well, when it comes to Thanos, it is true only to the extent of his most prized possession, his daughter, Gamora. Having massacred thousands of civilizations, Thanos only loved Gamora, and if an opponent finds this out, he can use it against the All-father.

His Ego – Thanos considers himself the most mentally intellectual, broad-perspective individual in the universe. However, he thinks that only he can see the logic in his theory of universal balance, and when proved wrong, as seen in the comics and movies, he loses his composure and lets out his beastly ego.

Blunt Force Trauma – Although Nigh invulnerable, Thanos isn’t a being that can’t die. As seen in the comics and the movies, with superheroes like Mighty Thor and Captain Marvel, a single powerful hit can prove very damaging and can bring the Mad Titan to his knees. So, Thanos is surely prone to Blunt Force and sharp objects.

Death – The embodiment of decay and destruction, Death is the entity existing ever since the universe came into being. The Mad Titan’s only love interest, Death, has never really accepted his advances, but the Mad Titan is still obsessed with her. We can say if an opponent is smart enough, this obsession can be used against him.

Apocalypse’s Weaknesses

Apocalypse, as seen in the comics and the X-men movie, is not very easily defeated. He is mighty, but if the right opponent with great observation and intellect comes around, he would definitely fall.

Let’s take a look at some of the weaknesses of Apocalypse.

His Children – Apocalypse has 4 children with his beloved, Genesis. These children are known as the First 4 Horsemen, referencing the Bible. He loves his children dearly, and his life hinges upon them, which means that a strong opponent with no mercy can use them as his weakness if he wants to.

Magneto – Magneto is another Omega Level Mutant with the ability to morph metallic objects and control anything with traces of iron or any other metal in it. According to the comics, Magneto is one mutant capable of defeating Apocalypse and has defeated him before, so he is definitely a weakness of the First Mutant.

Stronger Telepathy – The telepathic powers of Apocalypse are very strong, but in front of telepaths who are more experienced and trained in the art of psychic ability, Apocalypse would fall. This means that stronger telepathy is also a huge weakness of Apocalypse and can harm him a lot if an opponent uses it in battle.

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Who Would Win in a Fight?

Both Thanos and Apocalypse are universe threatening super-villains in their own rights, but how do they fare against each other on a level playing field?

Let’s put them in different scenarios and see the outcome of their battles to find out the true victor.

Scenario 1: Thanos’ Telepathic Powers

Thanos is an incredibly powerful mind manipulator. Pair that with his superior intellect in comparison to Apocalypse, and you’ve got a deadly combination.

If the battle between these two titans isn’t more combating and involves mental ability, then it is safe to say that Thanos will definitely get the upper hand and beat Apocalypse.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 2: Infinity Gauntlet

If the Infinity Gauntlet comes into play and all the soul gems, then the entire game is shifted.

With the help of the power stone and the mind stone, Thanos would very easily manipulate and tear Apocalypse limb by limb but only with the help of the gauntlet.

Without it, he won’t be able to accomplish the above-said tasks.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 3: Size Alteration

If we’re talking about a level playing field with base powers and a Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet, then with the size altering the ability of Apocalypse, the First Mutant on the Planet Earth would definitely be able to elongate and dominate the Mad Titan.

He’s going to make sure Thanos is unable to move after their battle has completed, that’s for sure.

Winner: Apocalypse.

Scenario 4: Apocalypse’s Matter Manipulation

With the help of Matter Manipulation, Apocalypse can take care of powerful foes like Magneto and Professor X quite easily.

If he can manipulate matter around him and has the power to move around objects of as much size and weight as he pleases, then Thanos would definitely be crushed under a pile of rocks or a huge building if it is under control of Mighty Apocalypse.

Winner: Apocalypse.

Scenario 5: Plethora of Abilities

If the battle between these two giant supernatural beings is to be measured in terms of the number of abilities and powers they possess, then I have to say Apocalypse is well beyond the comparison to Thanos because of the X-gene in him.

He has amazing powers and a plethora of abilities that he can use to defeat Thanos.

Winner: Apocalypse.


Thanos is a powerful being and virtually unbeatable with the Infinity Gauntlet on his arm.

So, comparing him to another superhero, no matter how powerful, wouldn’t be justified. But still, we want to see how a fight would end up when Thanos and Apocalypse are the opponents.

Although this battle hasn’t taken place in the comics or the big screen, all fans, including me, would really love to see it happen.

So, let’s hope Marvel sees this and thinks about making something happen shortly.

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