Can Thanos Beat Juggernaut? (Who Would Win The Fight)

There aren’t many titan-sized battles bigger than this one. In the world of superhero fantasy battles, we have the Mad-titan Thanos on one side, and on the other, we have the amazing Juggernaut capable of shattering whole mountains with his power!

But what happens when the two of these come face-to-face as opponents? It’s going to be one hell of a fight to watch.

However, there has to be a winner and so you might be wondering, who would win in a fight between Thanos and Juggernaut if they were to battle to the death?

If a battle between Thanos and Juggernaut ever takes place, it is sure that the Purple Eternal Thanos would overpower Cain Marko as the Juggernaut with his sheer strength and amazing abilities.

However, Juggernaut won’t go down without a good fight.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Thanos, Juggernaut, their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

I’m also going to bring them against each other in a level fighting field to see the outcome of every situation individually.

So, make sure you read this article till the end. Whether you’re a Thanos fan or a Juggernaut supporter, it is going to be pretty great.

Thanos Strengths and Abilities

After the amazing Infinity Saga of the MCU came to an end, Thanos is well-recognized by many superhero movie fans, but that’s not all there is to know about the All-father.

According to the comic books, in his childhood, he was quite a pacifist who started to know temptation towards entropy and the concept of death and destruction.

Ultimately falling in love with the entity of decay and destruction herself, Death.

Born as a Titanian Eternal, he already possessed incredible powers other than the Infinity Gauntlet. Let’s take a look at all the amazing abilities and powers Thanos has in the comic books.

Genius Intellect – As seen in the movies and observed in the comics, Thanos is one of the biggest scientist aliens in the universe, even better than Tony Stark when it comes to the use of Cybernetics to enhance his strengths and technology, which can be seen in the Infinity War comics and movies being used by his armada.

Titanian Durability – As Thanos is kind of an eternal himself, he is born with incredible durability. This is the only reason he could withstand the effects of wearing the Infinity Gauntlet with all the stones in it and live to tell the tale. He has been in battles with the mightiest of heroes and came out on top due to his ability to take hits.

Invulnerability – Thanos is nigh-invulnerable. This means that with his war experience and battle-hardened abilities, he could be virtually unharmed by physical attacks without sporting any kind of excessive armor, as seen in the movies. This gives him a huge advantage over other villains in the Marvel universe.

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Teleportation – With the help of the mystical transport chair that Thanos is seen sitting on in the comic books, he can teleport quite long distances. This chair is designed by him using mysticism and cybernetics due to his brilliant intellect and scientific methodologies.

Telepathy – Although Thanos is not a Telepath quite like Professor X or Jean Grey, he is still a mighty mind controller. He can use telepathy to control his slaves’ minds and communicate with people through telepathy, and that’s another strong point of his power.

Superhuman Strength and Speed – Last but not least, what will come most handy in this fight is the incredible physique, huge size, and amazing strength and reflexes of the Mad Titan. He is gigantic, but at the same time, he’s much faster than many of the superheroes in Marvel, which gives him a tactical edge in hand-to-hand combat.

Juggernaut Strengths and Abilities

Juggernaut is always considered to be one of the biggest and most powerful mutants in Marvel Comics.

Due to his mountainous frame and supernatural thirst for destruction associated with Cyttorak, he is one of the entities to beat if you’re a powerful Marvel superhero.

His origin story is quite saddening. Charles Xavier was his step-brother.

He was hated by his father in his childhood and was jealous because of how much his father valued Charles due to his intelligence and mutant gift.

While serving in the military, Cain and Charles once made their way into a cave after deserting from the battlefield.

It was the cave housing the lost temple of mystic being Cyttorak. Here, Cain Marko came into contact with the Powerful Gem of Cyttorak and gained his Juggernaut form.

The Juggernaut form gave him his supernatural helmet and tons of cool abilities and superpowers. Let’s take a look at them.

Unstoppable Force – Another great power that Juggernaut possesses is his unstoppable force. He can run and shatter mountains and buildings without even breaking a sweat. Juggernaut is primarily known for this ability, and it has been seen many times in comics and movies.

Superhuman Strength – In comparison to the Mad Titan, Juggernaut is pretty impressive when it comes to strength. He is well-known for being able to lift buildings and use them as weapons due to his callous muscular body and the power of Cyttorak.

Telepathy-proof Helmet – Juggernaut also wears a special helmet on his head. This head is specially designed with material that makes it impossible for Charles Xavier and other psychic ability holders so that they aren’t able to penetrate it and reach the mind of Juggernaut and control him, which is crucial for him to stay in control of his powers.

Amazing Durability – Juggernaut has been in fights with some of the biggest superheroes of Marvel. And he has absorbed mighty blows and ate them like breakfast. That’s what makes Juggernaut such a superb character. He can withstand a lot of force because of his incredibly durable body physique and way of fighting.

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Thanos Weaknesses

Thanos might be the only super-villain without any material weakness that lets you kill him without him putting up a fight even.

But that doesn’t mean nothing can kill him.

He is a powerhouse, but if you’re hitting in the right spots, he can be defeated and even killed.

His Ego – Thanos is one of the most egotistical super-villains in all comic book universes. Anywhere he seems to be outsmarted, he loses his mind and starts acting like a maniac. If someone can get him to that point, he will definitely be able to take Thanos down.

Manipulation – Love is something that even super-villains have in their heart. Thanos is known for his love for Gamora. His adopted child, who he trained to be his successor but failed. If an opponent utilizes what he loves and manipulates him, Thanos won’t do much.

Heavy Hits – Thanos isn’t completely invulnerable. He, like every other superhero, can be hurt physically. As seen in Infinity War, with the Stormbreaker Axe, Thor almost killed Thanos with one heavy blow. So, if an opponent goes super hard with their shot and connects the right way, then Thanos would definitely be taken down.

Death – Death is the one true love interest of Thanos. However, Death has at many times rejected the advances of the mad titan. The trick is to get Death to bring Thanos to a vulnerable position and destroy him when he least expects it. That’s another weakness that can be exploited.

Juggernaut Weaknesses

Without a doubt, the power of Juggernaut is insurmountable.

But like every big bad of the Marvel universe, Juggernaut also has a few pronounced weaknesses that can be exploited by someone as smart as the Mad Titan Thanos.

So let’s take a look at some of these weaknesses in depth.

Slavery of Cyttorak – One of the biggest flaws of Juggernaut’s powers is that they come because of the gem of Cyttorak. If Juggernaut doesn’t continue wreaking havoc around him, to praise his evil master, he would ultimately end up losing all his powers.

Mysticism – Mysticism and magical artifacts have proven incredibly strong against many mighty mutants and extraterrestrial beings in the Marvel Universe, including Juggernaut. He has been damaged severely in terms of physical and mental health with elements of magic against him.

Telepathy – Charles Xavier is the master of telepathy and mind control. If the Juggernaut loses his helmet, he is incredibly susceptible to the telepathic powers of Professor X, and he can come under complete control of Charles Xavier, which is one of the biggest weaknesses of Juggernaut if we think about it.

Lack of Intelligence – Even though Cain Marko, as the Juggernaut, is compelling, the power stays within his muscles and physical form and not mental aptitude. As a result, according to the comics, Juggernaut is not very smart and can often be manipulated into making mistakes that can harm him and cause him to display acts that end up benefiting his opponents if they’re smart enough.

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Who Would Win in a Fight?

We know that both Thanos and Juggernaut are mighty in their own right, but in a battle between one of the strongest beings in the universe and one of the strongest mutants, what will happen?

Let’s put both these beasts in different scenarios and see how the outcomes occur.

Scenario 1: Hand-to-Hand Brawl

Juggernaut is one of the strongest mutants on Earth, but if you take a look at the Mad Titan’s hand-to-hand combat skills and see how good he is, you’re going to stop comparing.

To put things into perspective, Thanos was able to dominate Hulk after studying his moves, and Hulk has annihilated Juggernaut in their battle.

So, Thanos would definitely take Cain out.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 2: Thanos’ Intellect

Thanos is one of the most knowledgeable beings in the Marvel universe with the knowledge of many people worldwide and the best of technologies.

In contrast, Juggernaut is limited in terms of mental abilities.

Therefore, if Thanos were to use his intellect to his advantage and manipulate Juggernaut into making a mistake, he would be able to do that pretty easily.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 3: Durability Comparison

According to the comic books, Juggernaut is a super durable behemoth capable of withstanding blows from the likes of Thor and many others.

But Thanos is basically a universal level durable titan, which means that his durability is definitely superior in comparison to Juggernaut.

So by these standards, if Juggernaut and Thanos go head to head, Thanos would definitely come out on top.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 4: Mountain Shattering Force

One scenario where Juggernaut might actually be able to beat the Mad Titan is by luck and chance.

If somehow, Thanos is not paying attention to the huge behemoth that Juggernaut is, and he’s able to get in a single cheapshot ram right into Thanos, his power is able to shatter mountains, and Thanos would definitely end up getting hurt beyond repair, giving the edge to Juggernaut.

Winner: Juggernaut.

Scenario 5: The Infinity Gauntlet

There’s literally no debate in this case.

Even without the infinity gauntlet, Thanos is a beast, but with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet filled with all the 6 soul gems, he would be unstoppable in all ways.

Juggernaut is going to stand no chance and would definitely end up on the defeated side if he ever comes across an Infinity Gauntlet yielding Thanos.

Winner: Thanos.


If these two Titanian entities go head to head in an all-out brawl, can Thanos beat Juggernaut?

The answer is, most definitely, he can. Thanos outperforms Juggernaut on a universal level in almost all battles.

However, that doesn’t mean Juggernaut isn’t going to pack a few hard-hitting punches.

No matter what happens, this battle would be pretty incredible to witness.

Let’s hope Marvel has plans of bringing both these behemoths against each other so we can witness a gut-wrenching battle between them.

It will surely be one for the ages!

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