Captain America Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

In today’s article we are investigating the Hulk and Captain America, and considering who would be the winner if they were to fight.

These are two very different characters and very different in the powers they possess.

If the Hulk and Captain America were to fight one-on-one then it would be a very short fight indeed. Captain America is totally underpowered compared to the Hulk. The only weapon that Captain America possesses that could threaten the Hulk is the shield which could cut the Hulk’s skin. However, with regeneration powers, this is not a major threat. The result is very easy to call. The Hulk would have an easy win.

Hulk Introduction

The character the Hulk was created by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby.

The character first appeared in The Incredible Hulk (May 1962).

Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is made up of two separate personalities.

The first is his own natural personality where Banner is a super-intelligent scientist and the other, which is the giant green, an out-of-control raging monster that emerges from Banner when he gets angry.

The Hulk is now a long-running character in Marvel’s Universe and has featured in many stories and movies.

During these stories much more has become known about the Hulk. Although sometimes stories conflict.

The Hulk Strengths

The Hulk possesses speed. This enables him to shock his opponent by switching attack positions rapidly.

It is not only speed but agility that makes him such a deadly opponent.

When you have as much sheer power as the Hulk, speed and agility can make that strength so much more deadly.

The most frightening thing about the Hulk is that the angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes.

You have to beat the Hulk quickly, or he will overcome you.

His strength has no set limits.

The Hulk’s Weaknesses

Magic is the Hulk’s biggest weakness.

In the Incredible Hulk #300, the Hulk is storming through New York causing damage and many Superheroes try to stop him, and fail.

Dr. Strange just casually uses his magic powers to banish the Hulk to another dimension.

It’s simple if you have the know-how.

The other big weakness of the Hulk is his oversized ego.

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On several occasions the Hulk has just waded into battle assuming that his great strength would overcome all, only to be surprised and to lose through lack of planning.

Captain America Introduction

Captain America is so old that he even predates Marvel Comics.

He was first introduced by Timely Comics in 1941.

Timely Comics was a name given to the comic book arm of the American publisher Martin Goodman, eventually becoming Marvel Comics.

Captain America was created as a patriotic super-soldier who frequently fought the Axis troops in World War 2.

He was the most popular character that Timely Comics had during the war years.

After the war, unsurprisingly, the popularity of the comic went down, as did all comics connected with superheroes.

By 1950 Captain America was ceased.

There was a short revival in 1953 and then the character was revived again in 1964.

Since 1964 the character has been continuously published.

He was also the first Marvel character to make the leap from comic books to movies with the release of a series of movies called Captain America.

The backstory of Captain America is that he joined the army at the onset of World War 2 and was given an experimental super-serum that turned him into an example of a perfect human being.

Towards the end of the war, he was trapped in ice and remained in suspended animation until he was later revived in modern times.

He later became the leader of the Avengers.

Captain America Biography

Steven Rogers was born in 1920 to poor Irish immigrants in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City.

His parents were Joseph and Sarah Rogers. Joesph died when Steven was just a teen.

By early 1940 (before the USA entered the war), Steven was working at illustrating and writing comic books.

In the original story, Steven was injected with a serum when he joined the army.

In the later stories, because of concerns about drug use, he was given a serum to drink. It was this serum that transformed him.

The inventor of the serum was Abraham Erskine (aka Dr. Joseph Reinstein).

He was killed by Nazi Spy Heinz Kruger, which explains why no more super soldiers were created.

The first act of Captain America was to avenge the death of Erskine.

In late 1945 Captain America “died” by being tossed into the freezing North Atlantic waters, as was his sidekick (Bucky).

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That concluded the second world war stories.

I suppose it was inevitable that it would occur to someone to turn the great American War Superhero into facing the next great enemy, of communism.

For a few years, Captain America dealt with several communist threats to America.

During the 1950s five different people were using the name, Captain America.

They had not been given the original correct serum and became mentally sick, accusing innocent people of being communists and thus forcing the American military to put them in indefinite cryonic storage until a cure could be found.

Moving on to the 1960s, we see the original Steve Rogers/Captain America is discovered frozen in ice since 1945.

The 1960s – 1970s Captain America

It seems that the serum originally given to Captain America was responsible for his survival all those years since 1945, frozen in a block of ice.

Very quickly, Captain America is offered membership of the Avengers.

He proves such a valuable asset that he takes over as leader of the Avengers.

As a friend of Nick Fury, who is now Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America also undertakes several jobs for them and in doing so meets a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent called Sharon Carter with who he begins a relationship.

Captain America also becomes great friends with Sam Wilson, who becomes the first mainstream African American superhero as the Falcon.

The 1980s – 1990s Captain America

During this era, the writers of Captain America take on the Watergate Scandal and homophobia amongst other storylines.

The story played around with Captain Americas concerns over corruption in the government and when Captain America is given backpay by the government since 1945 and at the same time told that he should work directly for the government, Captain America resigns and is replaced for a while by another Captain America until the substitute goes insane and Steve Rogers returns.

The 2000s Captain America

The writers incorporated the September 11th terrorist attacks into the storyline and renew the love interest with agent Sharon Carter.

An important storyline in this era is the Civil War story which sees the government demanding that all upper-powered Beings be registered.

Captain America opposes this and becomes the leader of the opposition to this move.

The next big story involved the death of Captain America when Sharon Carter (manipulated by Dr. Faustus) shoots him.

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Bucky takes on the role of Captain America, as was previously requested by Captain America.

In 2009 we discover that he is not dead.

They give an overly complex reason to do with space and town to explain this.

While this is happening, the Skrull takes over Captain Americas’s mind, but he eventually recovers control.

The 2010s Captain America

Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) is now America’s most senior policeman and head of National Security.

The registration of the Super-Beings Act is repealed and the Avengers are reformed.

The new Avengers are led by Iron Man, Thor, and Bucky as Captain America.

Bucky dies and is once again replaced by Steve Rogers.

This decade was a very busy one for Captain America

Captain America Powers

When it comes down to it, Captain America is way down on the powers ranking.

Captain America is little more than a super-athlete but just human.

Sure he has the shield, which is a significant weapon but compared to the powers of other superheroes he is underpowered.

His value to the Avengers is not in his strength, it is because of his excellent leadership qualities and skills as a tactician.

A tactician managing the superpowers of others.

The serum originally administered to him does prevent fatigue, which gives him a greater endurance than other humans, but nothing compared to other superheroes.

Captain America Weaknesses

Captain America does not have a long list of weaknesses.

For a human he has a lot going for him, he is a superb athlete with high endurance.

How weakness is simply an absence of strengths and superpowers.

He just does not possess powers that are anywhere strong enough to fight the Hulk

Hulk Would Win The Fight With Captain America

This is not a contest of equals.

The Hulk would win a one-on-one fight every single time.

Captain America is just not equipped to take on the Hulk and would be very swiftly defeated.

However, if it were a small team of superheroes led by the Hulk against a small team led by Captain America, the result would be totally different.

Captain Aerica is primarily a leader and tactician, but alone he just cannot match Hulk.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other fights that we discuss on this website, the Captain America Vs Hulk fight has a clear winner, which is Hulk.

Captain America alone would not stand a chance.

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