Colossus Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

In another one of our “who would win scenarios”, we face off the Hulk against Colossus.

Two characters who rely on their strength for offensive capabilities.

Strong as Colossus is, he is not in the same league as the Hulk and if Colossus and the Hulk were to fight it would certainly be a Hulk victory. The Hulk has the strength and also a greater ability to fix himself if injured.

Colossus Introduction

Peter Rasputin (the real name of Colossus) is a mutant and is able to turn his whole body into an incredibly strong organic steel (interesting concept).

He was one of the students boarded at Xavier’s School for Gifted Children.

While he was a student at the school, William Stryker’s troops attacked the X-Mansion and Peter was able to save many of the younger students by using his vast strength.

He went on to become a member of the X-Men, joining Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Iceman, and Shadowcat.

When the villain Magento attacked Alcatraz island, it was Colussus that was instrumental in defeating Magento.

He threw Wolverine to distract Magento while he injected him.

In the original timeline, Colussus was to be one of the last mutants.

The Mutants were attacked by two Sentinels, who managed to kill them off, with the exception of Bishop and Kitty.

Colossus was left dying with his stell head crushed by a sentinel made of even stronger metal.

This is when a “Retcon” took place and Bishop and kitty rewrote the past where Colossus and the other dead mutants were revived and moved to a derelict monastery in China.

The mutants were gathered inside with Colussus and Wolverine stationed outside.

Later the mutants fought once again with the sentinels and Colossus was killed a second time.

This time the Sentinels ripped him in half.

Here, once again, the timeline is changed by Wolverine, who travels back to the past and stops Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask.

Colossus, who was once again an X-Man, was now teaching at Xavior’s School.

Not long after, Colossus attempted to recruit Deadpool into the X-Men.

He had an idea that Deadpool should use his talents in a more positive way.

Later on, Deadpool asked the X-Men for help in rescuing his ex-girlfriend from Ajax.

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During this Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead together managed to defeat Angel Dust (Ajax trusted aide).

Deadpool then managed to get Ajax helpless on the ground.

Colossus begged him not to kill Ajax, but Deadpool got bored with Colossus’ speech and killed him anyway.

Later still, Deadpool’s girlfriend was murdered, and he tried to kill himself several times, as he struggled with depression.

On one of these occasions Deadpool blew himself up and Colossus collected his pieces and took him to the Mansion X and tried to convince him once again to join the X-Men and this time succeeds.

Colossus Powers

Colossus possesses an impressive number of powers.

Colossus’ Steel structure and exoskeleton

Colussus has the ability to turn his entire body into a substance a bit like steel, but that is organic.

This unknown material is very much like carbon steel.

He can make this conversion to the steel-like state whenever he wants, and it happens nearly instantaneously.

There does not seem to be a limit on how long he can remain in the steel-like form.

To return to his regular state he just wills it.

Even though he has immense strength in the steel-like state, he is just as mobile in both states.

Superhuman Strength

Once Colossus is in his steel-like state, he has immense strength, which allows him to throw people with one arm, make a dent in steel, and resist other strong individuals.

Until now, only Mark X’s Sentinels, Angel Dust, and Juggernaut have been able to overpower him.

Even without his metal body, he is very strong.

In the original time-line, Colussus was able to lift 70 tons, but in the revised timeline this has increased to 100 tons.

Superhuman Durability

The activated Colussus is able to withstand bullets and invulnerable to most types of physical harm.

His armor also protects him against falls from great heights.

There are not many weapons or powers that can harm him.

Superhuman Stamina

In his steel format, because of the nature of the organic steel, he produces fewer fatigue toxins than a typical human.

He is able to exert himself for days before fatigue toxins impair him.

Skilled Fighter

Colossus is an incredibly skilled fighter, able to combat the sentinels and almost able to defeat Angel Dust.

When fighting Juggernaut he demonstrated his combat skills, only losing because of Juggernaut’s extreme strength.

Colossus Weaknesses

Colossus may be made of a steel-like substance, but this means he is vulnerable to Adamantium and Vibranium, both of which could slice him up.

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He is not as strong as the Hulk and also the Hulk’s strength will just increase the madder he gets.

Colossus is also very vulnerable to telepathic powers.

Colussus gets very moody when someone close to him dies.

Look at how the deaths of Kitty and his sister had an effect on him.

The Hulk Introduction

The Hulk is the Huge Green Creature that we have all known for many years.

I have introduced him in so many articles so in this article I am going to take a slightly different approach.

Recently CBR ranked the top strongest Superheroes and guess what?

The Hulk came out on top as the very strongest.

So I am going to concentrate on hulk’s strength in this article.

It’s worth noting that in the same analysis Colossus only came in 11th place (only confirming what I know about a match between the Hulk and Colossus).

The Hulk’s Strength

The big difference between the Hulk and every other character that he may come across is that there is no limit to the Hulk’s strength.

Nearly every other superhero or villain has a fixed level of strength, some may even be greater than the Hulk’s base level.

But, that is it. That is, their level of strength is fixed, and the strength of the Hulk will only keep increasing in line with his anger.

Eventually, the Hulk will reach a level where his opponent can just no longer resist.

If the Hulk is losing a battle, it is guaranteed that he is going to be getting angry and with that anger comes increased strength.

It is a win-win situation. If the hulk is initially stronger then he will win.

If his opponent is beating him, his strength will increase until he is strong enough to win.

Examples Of The Strength Of The Hulk In Real Fights

Let’s see some interesting examples of how strong the Hulk really is.

Almost Killing the Thing – In Fantastic Four #112, the Hulk Kills the Thing but Reed Richards brought him back to life. Bear in mind how incredibly strong the Thing is, to feel him with one blow is incredible.

Shrugs Superman into Space – In the crossover comic, The Hulk vs Superman #1 launched Superman into orbit just because Superman tried to pin his arms.

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Cracking Onslaught’s Armor – Just about every superhero had tried and failed, but the Hulk was able to achieve this and release an energy wave so strong that it severed the link between the Banner and the Hulk.

Smashing an Asteroid the Size of Earth – The Hulk smashed apart an asteroid the size of Earth with just one blow.

Balancing 150 Billion tons of Rock – Molecule Man dropped a mountain on top of the Hulk and his friends. The Hulk held it on his back so the others could be led to safety.

Holding a Planet Together – When the Red King tried to blow the planet Sakaar apart, the Hulk held it together.

Almost destroying the USA with a Step – One step broke New York apart and another two would have split the continent.

His Clap Tears the Fabric of Existence – In Hulk #126, the Hulk tears apart the seams of Reality with one of his powerful Hulk Claps.

Hulk Would Win The Fight With Colossus

Let’s just do a quick analysis here.

  • In terms of strength, Colossus is ranked at 330000 lbs and the Hulk has no upper cap on his strength. Clearly, the Hulk wins on strength.
  • Surprisingly, the Hulk also comes on top when we measure intelligence. The Hulk is rated at 88 and Colossus is rated at 63, so once again the Hulk comes out on top.
  • If we compare the Hulk with Colossus on speed, the Hulk is rated at 47 and Colossus a mere 33. Yet another win for the Hulk.
  • Durability actually works out at a tie, with both of them scoring 100.
  • We are back to a win for the Hulk when we come to power. The hulk beats Colossus 60-45.
  • If we compare combat skills, Colossus gets 80 points but the Hulk trumps that with 85. Yet another win for the Hulk.

Just from that quick analysis, we can see that the Hulk would have no problems beating Colossus.

In every way, the Hulk is greater than Colossus in a fight.

Final Thoughts

The ability to turn into almost indestructible steel material is amazing power and Colossus vs Hulk would be for sure an attractive fight to witness.

While turning his body into steel material is not the only power Colossus possesses, this fight has the only possible winner and that is the Hulk.

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