Deadpool Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

Considering the matchup between Deadpool and Thanos is in some ways more interesting than other matchups because it’s a bit different than what fans might normally think of.

It’s a bit bizarre in a comical way, which is appropriate for the antihero mercenary.

If you think about it, pitting the supergenius conqueror against a mercenary assassin who is a part-time comedian is a way to change things up in this long-running fictional world.

Writers actually played out this scenario in the comics in a series that started in 2015.

Deadpool managed to kill Thanos two times in the Marvel comic book universe. That makes this antihero the winner by default. The Titan can’t be victorious in this matchup because of his own doing, due to a curse that came about because of his affections for the character Death. It turns out that this antihero can’t die, ensuring that he defeats just about any opposition he comes up against in time.

Deadpool, the Comical Mercenary

This superhuman character first appeared as a supervillain in the early 1990s, but he quickly developed into a fan favorite antihero.

One of his signature traits is that he actually breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the reader.

He’s not the most conventional superhuman, though he does tend to have a strong sense of morals at times, including not wanting to harm children and being unmotivated by money.

His real name is Wade Winston Wilson, though his backstory isn’t clear.

In the comics, he’s very much like Wolverine, with the same healing factor, and he’s probably Canadian as well.

This healing trait was artificially injected into him by Dr. Emrys Killebrew based on Wolverine’s same trait.

After he was kicked out of the U.S. military, he joined the mutant-based Weapon X program.

It doesn’t appear that he had any mutant characteristics before this.

As his story progresses, it gets even less clear.

This is partly due to his mental condition, leaving him unable to remember his own past.

It’s not even clear that his name was originally Wade Wilson.

The whole situation makes for an interesting and entertaining story.

In the first issue of this character’s story, the supervillain T-Ray actually claims to be the real Wade Wilson, whose parents were murdered by the mercenary Jack.

He claims this murderous figure is the main character.

In the movies, he first appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a comical yet lethal mercenary who transforms into Weapon XI, genetically altered as a mutant, and turned into a vicious killer.

This is done through an experiment that pools all the various mutant genetic materials to create a vicious mutant killer, also known as Deadpool.

This includes retractable blades, eyes that shoot energy beams, teleportation, and healing factor.

Deadpool’s Primary Strengths

Being a rogue-like character, this antihero possesses the skills that allow him to get around and perform his deeds before his enemies even know what’s coming.

He’s a master assassin with incredible talents in covert operations, espionage methods, escape artistry, infiltration methods, assassination techniques, marksmanship, and blade-wielding.

Besides these one-on-one and ninja-like skills, he’s also a skilled linguist in many different languages.

He can also shoot an energy beam from his finger.

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Like Wolverine, this antihero superhuman has incredible physical strength.

It’s not the fact that his physical power is above the possible limits of what a human could achieve; it’s that he does so in an incredibly nimble and agile body.

It seems that he can’t lift more than 800 pounds, though that’s not a problem since it’s not an ability that he needs so much.

Besides his other advantages and skills in the physical and mental arts, this makes for a deadly combination.

Another interesting fact about this character is that he can’t actually die.

Normally, this would be practical but not impossibly so due to his healing factor, a mutant-like trait that the Wolverine also has.

He can’t die due to an immortality curse that a supervillain gave him, and that figure is none other than the Mad Titan himself.

This is because of the affections both have towards the female embodiment of Death, creating irony all-around.

Deadpool’s Primary Weaknesses

This superhuman’s greatest weakness is his mental state that borders on insanity on a good day and manifests itself completely on a bad one.

This includes major schizophrenia and depression at high levels that he doesn’t care about living at times.

He pretends these aren’t issues, and they don’t appear to be at times, but they definitely come up.

He’s also quite impulsive because of his ADHD-like symptoms, making it difficult for him to deal with his emotions.

Similar to Superman, another weakness that this superhuman has is exposure to too much Gamma Radiation.

While he can heal from just about any kind of wound, this substance prevents his healing factor and makes him unable to recover.

Interestingly, Wolverine’s healing factor isn’t affected by Gamma Radiation, suggesting he’s a more physically strong superhero.

However, his quick wits allow him to alleviate this disadvantage.

The mercenary’s misfortunate weakness is that there’s a simple way to put him to an end.

It’s a Japanese samurai blade called the Muramasa Blade, which the swordsman of the same name created.

He forged it for Wolverine during his time in Japan so that he could slay his enemies.

Unfortunately, it also has the power to kill him as well. Since Logan and the mercenary are so similar, this same blade can kill them both.

It also seems the only way to kill them.

Thanos, the Destroyer of Worlds

You probably know about this conquering Mad Titan as the main villain from the most recent Avengers movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

He’s the biggest supervillain that the superhero team has faced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, both in terms of physical size and power.

He’s the now-classic supergenius evil-doer who creates the ultimate challenge.

Although he and the mercenary are both within the same Marvel Universe, he appears more in The Avengers.

Originally in the comics, the Marvel creators made this evil figure the ultimate bad guy that the Avengers could face.

He first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man in 1973, and he appeared in subsequent storylines within the Marvel Avengers universe.

Jim Starlin was taking college psychology classes and first conceived the character Thanos of Titan.

His greatest motivation is his affection for Death, which drives much of his plans and actions throughout his story.

He reaches his peak power after he accumulates all the Infinity Stones along with the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Fittingly, this is known as the Infinity Saga.

This is actually after he’s resurrected and goes on the quest to achieve omnipotent power so he can prove himself to Death.

He does so by wiping out half of all existence in his universe. However, this is undone by his rival and adversary, Adam Warlock.

Eventually, he seeks the same power, only for Requiem to destroy him and the legendary objects.

In the movies, this figure becomes more complex yet still a mighty opposition for the superheroes.

He’s not the evil conqueror obsessed with Death in this version, but he’s a powerful individual seeking to solve a problem with an imperfect solution.

He wants to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones to save the universe by wiping out half of all living things.

While his reasoning may be flawed, it makes it much more difficult to hate this character.

In the end, he retired and became a farmer.

Thanos’s Primary Strengths

Looking at this superhuman’s size and muscles, it’s easy to see that he has incredible physical power.

He’s much taller than most humans and is bulky rather than lean.

Throughout his battles, he’s able to go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and most powerful superhumans in his world, including Thor and Hulk.

Also, he’s immortal and has superhuman stamina and quickness.

If that wasn’t enough, he also has many other talents and advantages at his disposal.

Besides his physical strength, he also has the ability to manipulate energy by projecting and absorbing large amounts of cosmic energy.

This isn’t a talent that you’d normally see in a character with such brutish power that’s as big as The Hulk.

Other skills are necessary to defeat him, such as quick wits, complex planning, and teamwork.

He’s a mutant-based Titanian Eternal, which brings along various powers amplified by Death, mysticism, and bionic amplification.

This superhuman Titan conqueror possesses other incredible talents involving his mental state, including understanding all advanced science and known technology fields at a supergenius level.

This allows him to use various inventions, such as a high-tech transportation chair that allows him to fly in space, time travel, teleport, create force fields, and even go through alternate universes.

These talents are also related to the Infinity Gauntlet invention, which seems to put all his strengths into one object.

Thanos’s Primary Weaknesses

While you may wonder how this supergenius and superpowerful supervillain can have any disadvantages, he actually has quite a few.

One of his greatest weaknesses is his affection for Death.

It’s one of the major aspects that controls his emotions and decisions, not always for his own good.

Not only does he put all his energy and resources into this relationship, but it also affects him when someone else is competing for this same affection.

Another weakness that he has, particularly in the comics, is that he doesn’t feel worthy of ultimate power.

This is why he gives it up when he has it, which is the case with the movies and the comics.

In the movies, it’s because he wants to live a simple life as a farmer on a remote planet.

In the comics, it’s probably due to his mental state.

While not the same condition as Deadpool, it’s a similar weakness that can develop on even some of the most powerful individuals.

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Even though this supervillain has incredible power, he doesn’t typically have the omnipotent kind that others have when he doesn’t have the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones.

Since these are physical objects that someone can steal, a sneaky and witty individual can steal his ultimate powers and use them against him.

This has been done before multiple times throughout the comics, even by his adversary in this matchup.

Deadpool Would Win The Fight With Thanos

It seems that this is the perfect matchup that not many fans are discussing, which is part of the reason why it makes it so interesting.

It’s between a quick-witted, ninja-like character and a dominating, world-conquering force of nature.

It’s a similar matchup between Batman and Superman.

One can hide and lurk in the shadows, while the other is a powerful force that does his battles out in the open.

The fact that the mutant mercenary is more of a niche character makes this less talked about.

Even though Thanos is practically immortal, he isn’t immune to someone killing him; he’s just immune to the effects of nature killing him.

He was banned from Death’s realm through a curse, but Death lifted that curse.

This allows him to die and enter Death’s realm once again.

On the other hand, Deadpool’s curse and banishment from this realm are still ongoing.

This means that the mercenary is actually immortal and can’t die.

However, it’s possible that the mercenary can’t kill the Mad Titan even if it were technically possible.

After all, Thanos is a much bigger character.

This world conqueror’s resourcefulness means that he can bring any conceivable technology or an army with him, making it seemingly impossible to bring about his end.

Even so, Deadpool could try to sneak past all of this, but it would be challenging. It seems that these two are an even match.

While you may think that this matchup is fairly close, it actually isn’t.

This scenario has been played out in the comics, with an easy victory by the mercenary not once but twice.

He did it first by shooting an energy beam from his finger, and he did it second by shooting an energy beam through his fist as an all-powerful superhero.

However, this could have been the Titan’s wish all along, for him to be reunited with his Mistress Death finally.

Result: Deadpool wins because he’s immortal and usually wins

In Conclusion

Seeing the matchup between Deadpool and Thanos is a creatively inspired one that makes this fictional world more interesting.

At first glance, anyone unfamiliar with Marvel comics probably thinks that the Mad Titan would automatically win just by looking at his size.

Comically, that’s not the case.

The “Merc with a Mouth” not only defeats the Infinity Gauntlet once but twice.

It’s ironic because there’s actually no way to kill him due to the immortality curse that the Titan put on him.

When it comes to Marvel superheroes, this comical mercenary character is like a glitch in the universe.

He even understands that he’s a fictional character and tends to break the fourth wall.

He can even gain knowledge that fictional superheroes don’t normally have access to, such as reading other comics to gain an advantage.

That effectively and ironically makes him one of the most omnipotent superhuman figures in comics.

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