Deadpool Vs Wolverine – Who Would Win The Fight

I was really undecided at first whether Wolverine or Deadpool would win a straight-up fight.

Wolverine is just so powerful in so many ways but eventually, I came to a decision.

In a fight with Deadpool vs Wolverine, based on previous matches in comics and movies, Deadpool would win the fight. He just outmatches Wolverine in every way that counts.

Let’s look at both of the contestants.

First, we will take a look at Deadpool.

Deadpool Introduction

Deadpool is a character that appears in Marvel Comic Books.

The character was created by Argentine-American comic book editor and writer Fabien Nicieza, and illustrator Rob Liefeld.

The character first appeared as a Supervillain in “The New Mutants. Issue #98 – Dated February 1991.”

Later on, Deadpool shed his supervillain attitude and morphed into becoming an Antihero.

As an antihero, Deadpool is somewhere between a supervillain and a hero.

To understand what an antihero is, think of Clint Eastwood’s character in A Fistful Of Dollars.

He is certainly no hero but his actions cannot be described as all-bad either.

Deadpool is a mercenary with a facial disfigurement who has acquired the ability to regenerate and possess extraordinary physical powers.

His true name is Wade Winston.

As an extrovert and talkative, wisecracking individual, he also gained the nickname of “Merc with a Mouth.'”

One very different aspect of Deadpool’s characterization is his sexuality.

The creator of Deadpool, Fabien Nicieza, stated:

I’ve been dogged with the DP (Deadpool) sexuality questions for YEARS. It is a bit tiring. He is NO sex and ALL sexes. He is yours and everyone else’s. So not dismissive, but rather the epitome of inclusive

Fabien Nicieza –

The history of Deadpool is not as well documented as some other characters and in different comics and media, it has changed completely.

He has a mental condition that sometimes interferes with his memory and makes it uncertain that he actually is Wade Wilson.

In “Deadpool #33” T.Ray claims that he is the real Wade Wilson, and Deadpool is a vicious murderer that stole his identity.

In another story, the supervillain Loki claimed to be his father.

Deadpool claimed he was Canadian, however, the original story had him being kicked out of the American Special Forces.

In short, the story of Deadpools history is a mess, and it is best to discount any of the stories as unreliable.

The confusion continues with this antihero as in “Uncanny X-Force” he is seen as being in possession of a strong sense of morality.

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Wolverine claimed that Deadpool is motivated solely by money, but this was countered by Archangel who makes it public that Deadpool has never cashed any of his cheques.

One recurring theme in most of the stories of Deadpool is his mental instability and he frequently comes over as being mentally unhinged.

Deadpool Strength

Deadpool has several extra abilities:

  • Regeneration
  • Extended longevity
  • Skilled marksman, swordsman, and hand-to-hand combatant
  • Devices grant him teleportation and holographic disguise
  • Superhuman strength, durability, and agility

The regeneration powers of Deadpool have a side effect in that they cause psychosis and mental instability.

It also is stated that Deadpool acquired his regenerative powers at a time when he had cancer and both his normal cells are restored, but also his cancerous ones.

This is why he has extensive disfigurement under his suit.

His regenerative powers are so strong that he is said to have survived complete incineration, and also decapitation.

However, when he is decapitated, his head and body have to be reunited before regeneration can take place.

Deadpool has died several times but on each occasion returned to life, making him immortal in some ways.

Deadpool Weaknesses

On the flip side, he also has weaknesses, pretty much as every other superhero.

Thanos’ Curse

Deadpool was cursed by Thanos, with the help of sorcerer T-Ray.

The curse was that of immortality.

It seems a pretty good curse to have in my opinion, but It is described as a curse.


He got the disfigurement at the hands of Dr. Killbrew and his assistant Ajax.

It obviously has an impact on him and serves as a distraction.

He is Annoying

Many other characters refuse to work with him because he “Just won’t stop talking.”

He drives people nuts with his continual chatter.

His Madness

He has an ongoing battle with schizophrenia and battle with depression.

This results in violent out of control outbursts.


Deadpool seems to have a big soft heart when it comes to children.

This probably stems from the physical and sexual abuse he suffered as a child, according to some stories.

This cannot really be confirmed because as Deadpool admits, he cannot fully remember his past.


Although described as Pansexual, so far his relationships have been with women.

These affairs serve as a distraction occasionally.


These weaknesses get stranger and stranger.

According to Deadpool, his one biggest weakness is kittens.


Many readers have said that they recognize symptoms of AHD in Deadpool.

Whether this is a correct diagnosis or not, Deadpool does have a series of problems with focussing much of the time.

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Cows & Clowns

These weaknesses are often pointed out by Deadpool himself.

In the case of cows, Deadpool has himself stated:

“They scare the shit out of me.”

Deadpool has also admitted he is scared of clowns.

Wolverine Introduction

Wolverine is as sour-faced as Deadpool is a joker.

The two characters are the total opposites of one another.

Wolverine being the strong silent type and Deadpool unable to stay silent for a minute.

Whereas Deadpool has very little “Biography” available, Wolverine has been written about so many times with entirely different backgrounds.

Wolverine is both a mutant and was Canada’s first superhero.

Being Canadian is something that both Wolverine and Deadpool share.

Wolverine is also one of the most recognizable of all Marvel Characters.

Wolverine has a long military record, having fought in the American Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam war.

In the second World War, Wolverine was present on the D Day invasion and on the bombing of Nagasaki where he is seen as a prisoner of war located near the bombing.

During the Vietnam war, he is seen in military prison.

Wolverine Strengths

Many people have mentioned Wolverine’s special abilities such as Super strength, speed, stamina, longevity, durability, agility, superhuman dexterity, and reaction time.

Wolverine did have some abilities and strengths that were not so obvious.


Most earlier superheroes didn’t specifically go out of their way to kill, yes, sometimes it would happen as a consequence of their action but it was never intentioned.

Wolverine made a point of killing his enemies.

He does not mess around and spares them like some others.

He sees a threat and deals with it forever.

Seeing in the Dark

Another Strength that is often overlooked is his power to see in the dark.

Very rarely is this mentioned in stories.


We have to remember that Wolverine has lived for hundreds of years.

Anyone would pick up a lot of wisdom with life that long.

Speaks Japanese

When the X-Men were in Japan, they were surprised to learn that Wolverine was fluent in Japanese.

Resistance to Psychics

Another fact that many people do not know about Wolverine is that he is remarkably resistant to psychics, which are a common problem in Marvel Com stories.

Keen Sense of Smell

Wolverine has an enhanced sense of smell, and like some dogs, he can smell fear and other emotions, including when people lie.

Wolverine the human lie detector.

Wolverine Can Survive a Nuclear Explosion

Wolverine can survive a nuclear explosion and then walk away unscathed.

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Berserker Rage

Wolverine is a tough enough opponent anyway, but if he gets angry enough he can switch to Berserkr mode during which he becomes an unstoppable animal-like killing machine.

And now we need to find out who would win in a straight fight between Deadpool and Wolverine.

Wolverine Weaknesses

While his Adamantium Skeleton is considered to be one of the major strengths, it may be perceived as a weakness as well.

Truth is that it may occasionally fail, so Wolverine can’t fully rely on it.

He can be also controlled by other individuals who can control metal, like Magneto.

Deadpool Would Win The Fight With Wolverine

If we look at the comics we see that Deadpool has won three fights against Wolverine, while Wolverine has only won once, and that’s because Deadpool didn’t really want to be bothered to fight anymore.

In the movie X-Men Origins, we see a fight scene between Wolverine and Deadpool.

In this scene, we see that someone has managed to find a way to shut Deadpool up by sewing up his mouth.

Wolverine strikes the first blow and watches as the wound immediately heals and disappears.

They then fight on seemingly evenly matched, but Deadpools ability to keep reappearing was sure to gradually overpower Wolverine.

Deadpool also had the power to project force fields from his eyes, which was a weapon that could attack Wolverine from a distance.

Even though Wolverine was able to deflect these beams with his claws, it was not looking good.

Wolverine only gains victory because his brother came to help and it was that two-pronged attack that made victory possible.

Catching Deadpool by surprise Wolverine manages to decapitate Deadpool, sending him falling into the abyss.

If we take what we have learned from the film clips and take Wolverines’ brother out of the picture I think it very unlikely that Wolverine could win.

Deadpool is just too powerful for Wolverines, despite his vast powers. Deadpool is just too powerful for him to beat.

So, in answer to the question, who would win in a battle between Wolverine and Deadpool I believe that Deadpool would be the victor, as long as it remained a one on one battle.

Final Thoughts

The decision of who would be the winner of Deadpool vs Wolverine fight might not seem to be that straightforward for many.

However, based on the comic stories and on the assessment of the powers and abilities of these two fighters, it’s clear that Deadpool comes on top of Wolverine in many ways.

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