Doomsday Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

Considering the fight between Doomsday and Thanos is probably something many comic book fans do, especially if they’re fans of both DC and Marvel. These are two of the biggest fictional worlds when it comes to comics and superheroes.

Sometimes, there isn’t an equivalent when it comes to the different heroes and villains. For example, someone like Thor isn’t in the DC world.

However, sometimes there are equivalents with some differences. One of those equivalents is Doomsday and Thanos.

Doomsday would win the fight with Thanos. Each is the ultimate supervillain in their respective worlds and are some of the most powerful antagonists that the heroes face. While each possesses incredible powers and intelligence, there is one clear winner in a one-on-one match. In this scenario, Doomsday is the obvious winner. His very being is all about self-survival in some of the harshest and violent conditions imaginable.

Doomsday, The Ultimate Abomination

This character was created to be the ultimate arch-villain for Superman, one of the most powerful superheroes ever conceived.

Many fans were curious if there was a villain that could rival the hero’s power.

Many other villains, such as Lex Luthor, rely on tricks and devices to deal with the superhero.

This is especially displayed because Superman’s biggest rival is Batman, who has no superpowers besides his intelligence and resourcefulness.

However, that changes drastically with what’s known as the ultimate killing machine.

Like Superman, this supervillain was born on the planet Krypton.

However, this was during prehistoric times, before the humanoid Kryptonian race dominated the planet.

Only the strongest creatures could survive in such an environment.

Through cloning and experimentation, an alien scientist sought to create a single individual that could be dropped on the planet and survive independently as a baby and into adulthood.

He became so powerful that he eventually killed this scientist and left the planet through one of his supply ships.

Doomsday’s Major Strengths

Since this supervillain developed in one of the harshest environments in existence, he has an incredible survival ability.

Through cloning, he developed many abilities.

Eventually, he began to evolve and adapt without the use of technology, further accelerating his capabilities.

Part of this involves his capability to regenerate and heal just about any attack.

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At one point, he was even reduced to skull and bones, though it took months for him to recover fully.

This effectively makes him immortal, and he continues to evolve this ability over time.

Besides this incredible superhuman endurance, he also has an incredible strength that rivals Superman and the entire Justice League.

He even was able to break Superman’s arm without too much effort.

This is apparent with his incredible stature.

More importantly, he’s able to evolve no matter what situation he gets in.

For instance, when dealing with Steel, he gained the capability to add metallic armor to his whole body.

Another way he adapts is when someone brings him back to life through regrowth.

This gives him additional abilities with additional genetic material.

Doomsday’s Major Weaknesses

While this supervillain gains additional traits after regrowth, it’s also possible for him to gain additional weaknesses.

At one point, he actually received part of Superman’s Kryptonian genetic material, making him weaker to kryptonite.

While this doesn’t actually kill him like it does Superman, it does cause him pain.

At another point, his genes combined with Kal-El’s, giving him more intelligence than he had as a primordial creature.

This led to his fear of death. It seems his evolution process is a progressive one, but the downsides don’t always last.

In fact, because of this villain’s ever-evolving nature, he doesn’t actually have many weaknesses.

He’s actually gotten so powerful that he infects anyone around him with his essence.

If someone ends up killing him, they gain his whole essence and become just like him.

However, there are many possibilities in the world that he’s in.

All it takes is for some adaptation that’s greater than his to defeat him.

That means there are many possibilities as to what could be his weakness as long as there’s a method to create them in succession.

Thanos, the Powerful and Cunning

Whether you go by the Marvel comic books or movies, this supervillain is one of the biggest.

Originally, he was the antagonist against Iron Man, who is actually a lot like Superman with superhuman intelligence rather than superhuman strength.

While the similarities don’t end there, he introduced himself to the other Avengers in quick succession.

This puts the focus on him versus all of the Avengers rather than just one.

Another similarity he has with the other villain in this matchup is that he has enormous brutal strength combined with cunning intelligence.

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This character was originally born on the planet Titan, though in the comics is just one of Saturn’s moons.

In both versions, he kills entire civilizations without mercy.

One could say he’s like the embodiment of death, but on a more intelligent level than just a primordial one.

His ultimate quest at one point was to find all of the Infinity Stones and put them in the Infinity Gauntlet, which allowed him to use them.

After he had done so, he used it to wipe out half of all existence.

This even became known as “The Snap.”

In this way, his resourcefulness is one of his greatest strengths.

Thanos’s Major Strengths

One of this character’s strengths is his superhuman physical power.

With his incredible stature, he’s quite the imposing figure.

While not quite as strong as one of Superman’s greatest enemies, he’s still powerful enough to endure any attacks in this way.

He even has the power to destroy whole planets through the use of his weapons.

Also, he’s practically immortal; as long as there isn’t anyone to kill him, he’ll live on forever.

That even makes him a strong contender against Superman, Thor, and many others.

In this case, his endurance is greater than his physical strength.

Besides that, he also has incredible planning and intelligence abilities.

He’s one of the most intelligent beings in his universe, including in various sciences.

This makes him quite different than some of the brutal beings that he could go toe-to-toe with.

Also, he has great powers in energy manipulation.

He’s able to make force fields as well as portals.

This ability also allows him to project energy towards others and attack them.

Combined with his mental abilities, he can produce telepathy and telekinesis, making him a very formidable foe.

Thanos’s Major Weaknesses

One of this character’s major weaknesses is that he has some obscure disease that affects him at different times.

While he’s still immortal, it’s always possible that it will come up and make him weaker.

That’s not the case with the ultimate evolution in a primordial environment that can regenerate from just about anything.

Also, he seems to care about the act of gaining power rather than keeping it.

When he actually has ultimate power, he doesn’t stay in a position of power.

In the movies, he destroys the Infinity Stones and goes to live on a farm.

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In this matchup, one must think more about who has less power that doesn’t match the other contender.

This supervillain is considered one of the ultimate antagonists conceivable.

In this case, his heavy reliance on physical objects such as the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones means that his powers can be taken away from him.

It’s even used against him in some instances, such as when Adam Warlock uses them against him in the comic version.

This is an incredible weakness against a supervillain who only relies on what’s in his own body.

Doomsday Would Win The Fight With Thanos

This is an incredible matchup between two of the most powerful supervillains ever conceived by comic book creators.

One was created to be the ultimate end of one of the most powerful superheroes in existence.

In contrast, the other was created to be the ultimate nemesis for a whole superhero group.

This makes it a bit difficult for most fans to determine who would be the winner, though there is a clear winner with some investigation.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Doomsday’s whole nature is to come back to life as a stronger version of himself.

This means that through enough iterations, a version of him could eventually come to life and defeat Thanos.

Assuming this is about a single instance of this conflict, it’s still difficult for the Genocidal Titan to defeat this ultimate primordial creature.

There isn’t any physical damage that can occur whatsoever, making the fight incredibly difficult.

Even without dying, the primordial villain can adapt to his environment, even gaining the energy manipulation abilities that the Titan has.

That makes Doomsday’s defeat just about impossible.

It’s not clear whether he would gain intelligence or planning abilities, but he probably doesn’t have to.

All he has to do is adapt and evolve to gain abilities that will help him survive, making him the ultimate killing machine against any single individual or creature.

Result: Doomsday wins in this matchup.


The Doomsday vs Thanos matchup is an interesting one because they’re the ultimate supervillains in their respective universes.

While one has the ultimate survivability and primordial strength, the other is quite powerful in his own right with incredible intelligence.

However, Thanos also relies on using others for his own ends while Doomsday doesn’t.

That really settles the difference and makes Doomsday the clear winner between the two.

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