Dormammu Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

If you know Dormammu and if you know Thanos, you might be wondering who would win the fight.

Let’s see what are their powers, strengths, and weaknesses that would play important role in this battle.

Thanos would win the fight with Dormammu. It would be a long and hard fight, as both characters have considerable powers to strike their opponent. Dormammu would enter the fight convinced he would win, and ultimately it would be that over-confidence that costs him dearly. They are also both incredibly physically and mentally strong. However, after a long fight, Thanos would win the Dormammu vs Thanos fight.

Dormammu Introduction

Dormammu is a primordial creature that lives in the Dark Dimension.

The Dark Dimension sometimes referred to as the Darkforce Dimension, the Hell Dimension, or just Hell, is ruled by Dormammu.

Dormammu had conquered some other dimensions and merged them with the Dark Dimension to create a vast, strange, hostile Dimension, where time does not exist.

Dormammu is a being of infinite power that destroys worlds.

He plans to bring all worlds into his Dark Dimension, but his biggest ambition is to take Earth.

Dormammu – Powers

He is the absolute ruler of the Dark Dimension.

The Dimension itself is so much part of Dormammu that it warps to create his body parts.

He can use the Dimension itself as a weapon that takes the form of a blast of energy or to warp the very ground he stands on.

  • Dormammu can transform others so that they possess powers. The recipients of these powers can easily be absorbed back by Dormammu into the Dark Dimension, so it becomes a double-edged sword
  • Dormammu has super-human strength, as a result of his size and his ability to warp the Dark Dimension
  • Dormammu has Immortality because there is no time within the Dark Dimension

Thanos Introduction

Thanos is a Warlord from Titan with genocidal tendencies.

Early indications that Thanos might tread this path was back on his home planet of Titan, where facing cataclysmic overpopulation, on what once had been a beautiful planet, Thanos proposed a solution that involved wiping out at random, 50% of the population.

The rulers of Titan threw out his idea and Thanos was ejected from society as crazy.

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However, the inability to tackle the problem led to a cataclysm that wiped out virtually all the life on the planet, and its moon, leaving Thanos as the only survivor.

Thanos vowed to stop this from ever happening again and set himself a mission to destroy half the life forms in the Galaxy to save any other planet from the fate of Titan.

Thanos – Powers

As a mutant member of the Titanian Eternals Thanos possesses all the powers they carry but ramped up to a much higher level.

These include Bionic Amplification, mysticism.

He also has superhuman strength, stamina, and invulnerability. He is also immortal.

Thanos can project cosmic energy, he can absorb cosmic energy, and has the power of telekinesis, and Telepathy.

The list continues with the ability to manipulate matter, live without food, water, or air.

As a supergenius who is immune to all terrestrial diseases Thanos also has a high level of immunity to psyche assaults.

Finally, he is inventive and has developed several technologies which he uses for movement.

Thanos was described by one of the directors in the movie as: “The Genghis Khan of the Universe.

He is seen as the badest of bad guys and as such the powers seem to be substantial.

So substantial that Assistant professor Steven Cranford of Northwest University did some simulations and worked out, based on the calculation of the carbons described in the movie, that Thanos could deadlift substantially more than the weight of the RMS Titanic.

One character that is seen as a candidate for the strongest in the Marvel Universe, is the Hulk.

Theoretically, there is no upper limit to the strength of the hulk, the angrier he gets and the stronger he becomes.

However, even the Hulk would be thrown around like a rag doll if he came across Thanos.

There is no comparison, Thanos is substantially stronger.

Where Would the Fight Take Place

If the contest took place in the Dark Dimension then clearly this would give Dormammu a huge boost.

He is in total control of the dark Dimension and could quite probably snuff Thanos like a candle.

However, the question has not specified where the contest takes place and this missing information could potentially turn the contest around.

Which Universe are we talking about?

Are we talking about the characters as described in the comic books or the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)?

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The characters are described very differently in each of these.

Why Thanos Win The Fight Dormammu

Let’s speak about the evidence supporting the assertion that Thanos would beat Dormammu.

The Infinity Gauntlet

The secret to the power of Thanos is that he has a fully charged Infinity Gauntlet, containing six soul gems (infinity gems).

The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the most powerful objects in the Universe.

When they are used together the wearer can do anything they want. Raw power in a single gauntlet.

Thanos took the Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe, who had originally possessed them.

It was the Infinity Gauntlet that allowed Thanos to remove half the population of the Universe, no mean feat in itself.

The Infinity Gauntlet is so powerful that using it Thanos was able to defeat “Eternity” who is the embodiment of time.

If at the time of the fight, Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlett in his possession, this is not always the case.

With the Gauntlet then there is no way that Dormammu could stand any chance against Thanos.

Without the Gauntlet, the task of beating Dormammu is not so easy.

Super Intelligence

We must remember that even without the Gauntlet, Thanos was able to stand against Odin.

One of Thanos’ most powerful weapons is his superintelligence.

He is far superior to Dormammu in intelligence and strategy, although Dormammu has some pretty strong firepower.

Dormammu’s Weaknesses

Many villains in fiction all have the same basic weakness.

They suffer from inflated Egos and this is frequently their downfall.

In another movie franchise, James Bond, how many times have we seen the scene where Bond is captured by the villain, but instead of just killing him while they can, they seem compelled to show him how clever they are, during which he escapes and ultimately wins.

If only they had killed Bond straight away it would have been so much better.

But Ego gets in the way, and Dormammu would have the same problem.

Intelligence does not seem to be Dormammu’s strong point.

Look how Dr. Strange had him beat with the time gem.

If Thanos were to possess all six gems then what chance would Dormammus have?

Dr. Strange trapped Dormammu inside a time loop using the gem. Forcing Dorammus to lose again and again.

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He was only released because he agreed to the terms of Dr. Strange.

This showed a shocking lack of perseverance, something that Thanos does not lack.

Dormammu would not have the same will to win that Thanos would demonstrate.

As someone dwelling in a dimension where time does not exist, Dormammu is going to be susceptible to any plan that involves time.

It is not in his nature to fully appreciate all the complexities that time can produce.

This is how Strong overcame him, and would also be the way for anyone else to defeat him as well.

Dormammu vs Thanos – The Actual Fight

Dormammu would enter the fray believing himself to be assured of victory.

He would be confident that Thanos was going to lose.

Thanos would be entering the fight with much more preparation, as he knows that on paper Dormammu is stronger than him.

He will have taken the time to devise a plan.

The perfect scenario for the fight, from Dormmmu’s point of view, the best place would be in the Dark Dimension and he would no doubt propose that as the best option.

Thanos would be equally determined that the fight takes place outside of the Dark Dimension.

This would leave Thanos with the option of mocking Dormammu for being afraid to leave his protected zone.

This would be a challenge that Dormammu would struggle not to defend, probably resulting in the fight taking place outside of the Dark Zone, giving Thanos the opportunity to use his strengths and Dormammu’s weaknesses against him.

Final Thoughts

Many people I asked about this match had alternate views about the ultimate winner of the Dormammu vs Thanos fight.

This was based partly on whether they followed comic books or movies.

It is surprising how the same characters come over differently in each.

Many people thought the deciding factor would be whether or not Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlet and some or all the gems.

The age of the two fighters would be a factor with Dormammu being that much older.

I took all these into account and still I feel that the ultimate winner would be Thanos, despite it being a hard fight.

Thanos would emerge the victory but possibly be damaged from such a fight simply because of his guile, intelligence, and guile.

I am sure the readers of this article will all have their views on this matter.

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