Flash Vs Superman – Who Would Win The Fight

Flash Vs Superman is a fight between two quite different opponents.

Is Flash able to beat Superman or at least cause him any noticeable damage and who would be a winner of such fight?

Fast as the Flash might be, and even though his speed enables him to build certain energy which can be used to punch, his strength and abilities are certainly no match for Superman and a fight between Superman and the Flash would not be an even match. Flash would also be very fast in losing.

Flash Introduction

The original Flash appeared in Flash Comics, published by DC Comics in Flash Comics #1 which was dated January 1940, but released in November 1939.

The writer was Gardner Fox and the artist Harry Lampert.

The Flash had the ability to think, read, move, and run very fast.

So fast that it would seem to contradict the laws of physics.

There have been four different characters who have taken on the name “The Flash”, all of them managing to take control of a special force called “The Speed Force.”

The fact that four different people have been the Flash often during the same time period and yet independently of each other makes it a little confusing about which Fash you are referring to when talking about “The Flash.”

Jay Garrick (1940-1951) (1961-2011) (2017-present)

After a somewhat strange accident in a laboratory, Jan Garrick became imbued with the ability to move at fantastically fast speeds.

This accident made him decide to be a costumed vigilante (as it would) and fight crime as the Flash, after a brief career as a football player.

Anyway, he puts on a red shirt with a lightning bolt on the front and his father’s World War I helmet with attached wings and sets off as a Superhero.

In the earlier stories, it didn’t appear to be a big secret that Jay was the Flash (oh look, there’s Jay off to work Superheroing again).

Later stories decided that was a bad idea and they rewrote the character so that nobody could recognize him because his face was vibrating so fast.

That idea didn’t seem to work either so Jay later announces his identity to the world.

Three rather off characters play a large role in these earlier stories.

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Three tramps known as Winky, Blinky, and Noddy are often at the heart of stories. Jay, just like other Flashes, is a friend of whoever the current Green Lantern is.

Barry Allen (1956-1985) (2008-present)

Barry Allen is another Flash, who first appeared in Showcase #4, dated October 1956.

In this version of the Flash, we learn that the costume he wears is compressed and stored inside a ring that the character wears (why didn’t Superman think of that).

He was created by Robert Kanigher, and artist Carmine Infantino.

He was seen as a reinvention of the previous Flash character

The origin story of this Flash is different from the original one.

This Flash was a forensic investigator who was well known for being slow and always late.

Anyway, one night while working on a case a flash of lightning smashed open a cabinet and drenches Barry with the contents of chemicals inside the cabinet.

This gives him the power of speed, and he too decides to wear red.

This time it is a red bodysuit with a flash on the chest, with bright yellow boots.

His head is covered by a cloth mask.

Allen went down well with his Superhero buddies and future Flash characters are often compared to him.

Wally West (1986-2011) (2016-present)

The third Flash character was originally called “Kid Flash” and in Flash #110 from 1959 he was cast as Barry Allen’s sidekick.

This lasted until 1985 when barry was killed in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

That was then Wally moved up and became the Flash himself.

Wally has a new design costume of red and gold, and he also uses the ring to store his costume (well, why wouldn’t he as it’s such a great idea?).

From the very beginning, Wally was a white guy with red hair and green eyes, but as a result of the big shakeup with New 52 at DC, he comes back as a black guy.

This didn’t go down well with fans, and after pressure, he suddenly reverted to being white in 2016.

It was clearly just a phase he was going through.

They explained all this a bit later by saying that the black guy was actually someone else.

Bart Allen (2006-2007)

Bartholomew Henry Allen II also appeared as Kid Flash originally, and that was in Flash #91 in 1994.

He was also appearing in The Flash, the fastest man alive between (2006-2007) and impulse (between 1995-2002).

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So there seems to have been two simultaneous Flash characters at the same time.

If we want to be very comprehensive I could go on to tell you about another 7 characters called Flash, in different comic books, but they are not really part of the main storyline, so we will ignore them.

Flash Powers

In general, all of the four main Flash characters have the same powers (Thank Goodness0 so let’s take a look at what these powers are.

But before I do, it is clear by now that the Key Power is speed.

Since we are talking about Superman as well, I think it is relevant to point out that The Flash and Superman have raced on more than one occasion, and the result was typically a tie.

So it destroys any notion that the Flash’s speed would be a problem for Superman.

This level playing field ended with “Final Crisis in Flash: Rebirth #3” when the Flash was upgraded and had an advantage over Superman in speed.

Here is a complete list of Flash powers. Most of them are related to speed and none of them is a major threat to Superman.

Superman still has far superior powers.

  • Speed Force Conduit
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Decelerated Aging
  • Energy Construct Creation
  • Flight
  • Increased Perceptions
  • Infinite Mass Punch
  • Phasing
  • Self-Sustenance
  • Sharing the Force
  • Speed Force Aura
  • Speed Force Conduit
  • Steal Speed
  • Supercharged Brain Activity
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Vortex Creations

Flash weaknesses

  • Flash does not operate so well in cold, a blast of cold breath from Superman would not be welcome.
  • Power Instability
  • Vulnerability to EMP

Superman Introduction

I have done so many introductions to Superman that you know a great deal about him, so I spent more time on the Flash.

Superman the refugee from Planet Krypton, has been around for a long time now and he has proven himself to be incredibly powerful, and since the longer he lives under a yellow sun, the stronger he is, he is only going to get more powerful.

He may not be as fast as Flash since Flash had an upgrade but the difference between them is far less than the difference between Flash and other characters.

Superman’s other powers are more than enough to compensate for that.

Superman Powers

You know about Superman’s strength, durability, speed, and regeneration, so I thought I would concentrate on some powers you may not know about.

  • Brain surgery – Action Comics” #775 he used his heat vision to remove part of the bad guy’s brain.
  • Copying himself – Superman” #122 he had the power to duplicate himself
  • Kinetic energy punch – Action Comics” #49 directs all his kinetic energy into his punch
  • Mind control – Superman – #45 – he can force his opponents to do his will.
  • Phase through objects – The Adventures of Superman” in 1958, vibrates his molecules to pass through a steel box.
  • Shapeshifting – Superman #44 he has super muscle control so he can impersonate someone
  • Shoot mini-supermen – Superman” #125 he was able to shoot out mini supermans from his hand.
  • Super flare – Superman #38 he unleashed huge energy from every cell in his body and created massive flare
  • Super-kiss – Superman II Superman can kiss someone and their memory is erased (Kissing Thanos?)
  • Super-sense-of-smell – All his senses are enhanced so he must have super-smell as well.
  • Super-ventriloquism – He had the power to throw his voice and imitate others.
  • Telekinesis vision – Superman IV – Rebuilding the Great Wall of China
  • Telepathy – Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – he could read minds
  • Throwing shield – Superman II – He rips the shield logo off his chest and throws it at a villain, entangling him in the mesh.
  • Universal translation – He can speak in multiple languages
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Superman Weaknesses

  • Kryptonite is the main one that messes with him

Superman Would Win The Fight With Flash

The Flash in the latest stories is faster than Superman, but not by a huge amount.

As a strength that will let him beat Superman, it is just not good enough.

Superman is going to win this fight, and fast.

The Flash does, of course, have other powers but they tend to be ones that Superman has himself or can easily beat.

The Flash in his later stronger form is not able to compete with Superman, and in the earlier, for he certainly had not got a chance.

IF the Flash is reading this, Don’t do it! Do not fight Superman, you don’t have a chance!

Final Thoughts

Deciding on the winner of this fight was not difficult.

On one hand, we have incredibly strong and almost invulnerable Superman with a number of additional powers, and on the other hand, it’s Flash, who seems to be totally underpowered compared to Superman.

Superman wins in all possible scenarios.

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