Ghost Rider Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

One character that has fought Thanos and not lost is Cosmic Ghost Rider.

He fought Thanos to a stalemate.

The severity of the result was dependent on which timeline we are considering.

Not losing to Thanos is not quite the same as winning against Thanos, and it is that close in any potential battle between them.

Ghost Rider would with the fight with Thanos. It would be a long battle and tight victory for Ghost Rider. Since they last fought Thanos, when Ghost Rider defeated the Younger Thanos, he has become stronger and it would not be so easy for Ghost Rider to succeed now.

Ghost Rider Introduction

The name Ghost Rider can be quite confusing as it is used many times in Marvel Comics for totally different characters.

There are at least ten of these characters all bearing the same name.

The Ghost Rider we shall refer to in this article is described in some places as Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Cosmic Ghost Rider (hereafter Ghost Rider) was created by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw.

He first appeared as Thanos’ helper in the comic “Thanos” issue #13. In issue 316 of the same comic, his origin was explained.

The story takes place in the Alternative Reality TRN666 (a short break while I explain that)

Marvel Comics Multiverse

Before I go on I think I should explain the Marvel Universe and Multiverse concept.

Most Marvel stories take place within the Marvel Universe.

This is where most of the Marvel Characters you know exist and their stories take place.

However, this Universe is said to exist within a Multiverse where thousands of Universes exist (all of which are technically Marvel Universes).

The default Universe for stories is Earth-616 (Prime Earth) and if no mention of any other Universe is mentioned then that is where the story takes place.

However, the idea of the Multiverse allows stories to branch off with different outcomes in different Universes within the Multiverse.

It can be a little confusing sometimes, especially when the stories contained in Marvel’s rival publisher DC Comics, are included in one of Marvel’s Universes, and Marvel’s Universes are included in a similar concept called Parallel Worlds used by DC Comics. One of the Marvel

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TRN – TRN is a prefix that denotes Universes that have yet to receive official recognition from Marvel. It stands for temporary Reality Number.

OK, having explained the concept of the Multiverse and how stories fit into the scheme of things we can return to the introduction of the Cosmic Ghost Rider.

In this reality where Thanos has conquered all the Universe and when Thanos arrived at Earth “The Punisher” was one of the last to fall victim to Thanos.

He made a deal with Mephisto so he could get his revenge on Thanos for the destruction of Earth and becomes Ghost Rider, but by the time he returned to the shell of Earth Thanos has moved on and Earth is dead.

Thanos wanders Earth driven almost mad by his loneliness.

Later Galactus arrives on Earth (badly injured) looking for help in his fight against Thanos and Ghost Rider becomes the Herald of Galactus.

They travel together and eventually face Thanos and Galactus is killed and Ghost Rider instead of killing Thanos becomes his servant.

This is where it gets even more complicated.

We have Thanos who is now King of the empty Universe, wanting to be with Mistress death, so he has Ghost rider travel back in time to get the younger Thanos.

So Ghost Rider appears in the past and he overcomes younger Thanos and carries him back to his boss Older Thanos.

There is just one major task left to achieve and that is to kill the Fallen One.

They arrive in the future with the Annihilation wave at their back.

The Young Thanos, older Thanos, and Ghost Rider combine and fight them and the Fallen One is defeated.

The Young Thanos now discovers that the Older Thanos wants him to kill his older self so that old Thanos can be with Mistress Death.

They fight and Young Thanos was winning but stopped because he became disgusted at the way his older self was begging for death.

The Young Thanos grabs the Time Stone and returns to his own time determined never to become the Older Thanos.

As he does so the TRN616 Timeline folds and crumbles.

Later the Timeline was restored but that is another story.

The point was in this timeline story Ghost Rider does defeat the younger Thanos.

Ghost Rider Powers

The castle of the Ghost Rider can utilize Hellfire and Thor bolts of Hellfire as a weapon.

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These blasts of hellfire directed in one direction can obliterate almost anything in their path.

This powerful force is deadly to many opponents.

The Ghost Rider is a spirit of vengeance. And that fact makes Ghost Rider immortal.

Ghostrider has been in existence for millions of years, yet when you look at him, there is no change visible.

Natural aging or disease cannot kill him and an attack to fatally wound him would have to be quite exceptional.

Blood Bending is a unique power that Ghost Rider possesses.

It allows him to rain down blood just through a command, and to be heralded by raining blood if he so wishes.

Ghost Rider can take ethereal objects and amplify their power, stretching them to the maximum strength.

This mysterious power allows Ghost Rider to constantly find new weapons.

Ghost Rider can take control of objects from a distance and once took control of some of Iron Man’s armor from a great distance.

He is one frightening opponent.

The Power cosmic comes with the role of becoming Galactus’ Herald.

As a former herald of Galactus, the Ghost Rider can turn the power Cosmic into a weapon.

Ghost Rider Weakness

Ghost rider destroys so many of the Universe’s ultimate bad guys and seems unstoppable.

Nowhere does he seem to show weakness.

The only clue we get to what Ghost Rider’s true weakness is when Metaphisto tries to get hold of his soul so he could defeat him.

Thanos Introduction

The warlord from Titan called Thanos began his career of terror by proposing to wipe out half the population of Titan, to try and avoid an ecological crisis.

This was a genuine attempt to try and stave off the destruction of the society, but bereft of any compassion.

The rulers of Titan, appalled at the idea, rejected it and rejected Thanos as well.

Titan eventually was destroyed for the very reasons that Thanos had outlined, an overpopulation using too many resources.

The failure to save Titan led Thanos to resolve that this would never happen again, and he decided that half the population of the Universe should be culled.

Thanos – Powers

Thanos had many super-powers or abilities which included the following.

  • Superhuman strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Resistance to death
  • A unique physiology
  • Skilled in hand to hand fighting
  • Master Tactician
  • Access to virtually all mystical artifacts
  • Nearly immune to Psyche attacks
  • He designed and built his floating chair
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His strength was far off the parameters that physic would allow.

Serious researchers at Northwest University had calculated that he could lift the equivalent weight of the Titanic.

There is nobody who can challenge Thanos with simple raw power.

Thanos could never feel threatened in terms of hand to hand combat relying on strength alone.

Thanos Weakness

The weaknesses that Thanos exhibits are nearly all connected with emotions and personality.

He is a complex character and a clever opponent may well be able to exploit these emotions.

At the very simplest of levels, Thanos is ruled by his ego.

In most aspects, Thanos considers himself superior to those who might oppose him, and even those that may ally with him.

He also has almost an obsession with the embodiment of death, Mistress Death and on several occasions, she has had an undue influence on him.

The one area where Thanos does not show great superiority is magic and that perhaps is his greatest weakness in battle.

Interestingly, in the background, Thanos believes he is not worthy of his power and this fear may sometimes slow down his actions.

It would be fair to say that Thanos is controlled by his emotions more than he should be.

Why Ghost Rider Would Defeat Thanos

Ghost Rider has defeated the younger Thanos while working for the older Thanos.

So in one way, we know Ghost Rider has already defeated Thanos and therefore should be a favorite in our fight between the two.

However, at the time that Ghost Rider beat Younger Thanos he was working for Older Thanos, so is it Ghost Rider’s victory or Older Thanos’ victory?

One could argue that Thanos is now stronger than his younger version that was defeated by Ghost Rider, but Ghost Rider is evolving too, he is learning from his mistakes and becomes better and better.

He knows what weaknesses Thanos has and has and he would definitely use them to win the fight again.

Final Thought

This is not straightforward as in this article we have looked at the story from the TRN616 timeline story.

Were the two to meet again in the main Universe, would the result be the same?

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