Goku Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

Trying to figure out whether Son Goku or Thanos would win if matched against each other is a refreshing idea because they’re from two almost completely different universes.

One character was created from an eastern perspective, while the other was created from a western one.

Additionally, one is a heroic superhuman and fighter, while the other is a genocidal supervillain and conquered.

These figures are some of the most powerful created in a fictional world, so who would win?

Goku would win the fight with Thanos. Since both of these characters match up fairly well in terms of physical strength, either one needs one thing to have the advantage over the other. In this case, Goku’s advantage over Thanos is that he’s constantly trying to improve himself at every moment, particularly his fighting skills. On the other hand, the Mad Titan just focused on what’s available in the universe and relies on his resourcefulness. That makes the Saiyan much more adaptable towards anything that could happen in a fight.

Keep in mind that this article contains some major spoilers for the Marvel universe and some minor ones for the Dragon Ball world. Some examples are necessary to explain how each one matches up with the other.

Goku, the Super Saiyan Alien

This alien from an entirely different planet than Earth, who’s also known as Kakarot, wasn’t actually supposed to be a hero at all.

Originally, he was sent to Earth as an infant to destroy it.

Instead, he hit his head so hard that he forgot all about his mission and lost his destructive nature.

As he got older, he became one of the greatest defenders of the planet that he was supposedly destined to destroy, even from beings of his own race.

One of his main drives is to train to be the best.

While he has incredible powers, he’s also a fun-loving character who is charismatic and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

That makes him much more relatable than many superheroes depicted in comic books.

One of his traits is that he loves to eat a lot, which aligns well with his constant training.

As a child, he had a tail that would turn him into a powerful but uncontrollable beast.

Since it was such a nuisance and a source of weakness, he decided to cut it off for good as an adult.

Goku’s Major Strengths

Like Superman, this Japanese-based hero possesses superhuman strength and fighting abilities that humans can’t compare to.

However, he has some traits of himself.

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For one, he has some incredible fighting skills due to his training habits.

He puts himself through some of the most rigorous training regimens, with hours upon hours of just training for many years.

That’s not something that many superheroes do.

He also doesn’t just brawl his opponents; he fights them with martial arts techniques and skills.

Besides having great physical strength, he also has great energy projection abilities.

This isn’t the theoretical science behind energy manipulation that many superhuman beings possess in various comic universes.

It’s more of a spiritual and mystical kind of power that involves manipulating what’s known as ki.

This can be used for anything imaginable, from destructive weapons to supportive abilities.

It’s mysterious and unclear how it works, but it works very well when used by trained fighters.

Goku’s Major Weaknesses

One of this character’s biggest weaknesses is that he sometimes holds back during a fight.

This can be for multiple reasons.

Sometimes, it’s just because he’s doing so well and want to test his opponent’s strength rather than just outright dominating the match.

Also, he enjoys fighting and competition, which doesn’t always work well when survival is on the line, and the main goal is to win at all costs.

Sometimes, he even lets his guard down, most likely due to his somewhat carefree nature.

This relaxed and laid-back attitude gets him into trouble at times.

For instance, he let Frieza get the upper hand when an ultimate victory was very close.

Furthermore, Goku is a bit too forgiving due to his nature.

It’s almost too much in that he seems naive in his own way.

Besides all this, it also takes him time to reach his full power.

This can be a major disadvantage against an opponent with great resourcefulness who can amass whatever was needed for victory.

While this isn’t much of a problem against mortals, it is against supervillains.

Thanos, the Super Villain Alien

This alien in the Marvel universe was conceived to be one of the most powerful supervillains ever created.

He’s considered the ultimate threat towards all life and some of the mightiest superheroes.

While he wasn’t always a mad genocidal conqueror, he developed a penchant for destroying much of life in existence.

At one point, he even takes hold of the Infinity Gaunlet with the incredible Infinity Stones and destroys half of life in just a snap of his fingers.

His quest to gain these objects goes to show how high his ambition is.

Unlike the Super Saiyan, this character is much more brooding and serious.

While that fits with his nefarious and evil nature, it also relates to the fact that he’s very calculating and thoughtful.

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While he has an incredible physical presence, that’s not all that he is.

This makes for a complex character who’s hard to understand by just looking at him.

In some ways, he’s like the physical incarnation of the moment of death that’s cold and brutal.

In fact, his name comes from Thanatos, who’s closely associated with death in Greek mythology.

Thanos’s Major Strengths

An obvious strength for this character is his physical abilities.

It’s apparent from his physical size and his muscular build.

He’s part of the Titan race and shares these traits with them.

He can take a beating and give a beating with some of the strongest beings in existence, including Thor.

This also allows him to lift heavy objects such as massive weapons and machinery.

He actually managed to destroy a whole planet during a fight that was so physically violent.

Other physical traits include superhuman reflexes, superhuman stamina, and near invulnerability.

Like the Super Saiyan alien, this Titan has much more to him than his physical traits.

He also possesses skills to control and manipulate energy to his will.

This is a more scientific version of this kind of power, such as using a magnetic force, concussive force, and various force-fields and shields.

These powers are very related to science fiction.

Also, he has telepathic abilities, allowing him to manipulate and force his opponents with psychic attacks, with the goal of either bringing about insanity or death.

Thanos’s Major Weaknesses

A major weakness of this character is that he doesn’t seek to get better without using other equipment or beings.

He seems to focus only on acquiring these with his resourcefulness rather than improving the skills and abilities he has already.

While he was born with incredible talents and strengths, it seems that he’s content with this and relies on his genetic condition rather than his potential.

That’s an incredible disadvantage against someone who loves to train as much as possible to be the best in the universe.

Also, this character doesn’t have the confidence you’d expect in such a powerful mastermind.

Part of his condition is likely that he has such intelligence that he even knows the limits of his existence.

In this way, he tends to give up his power even when he has the ultimate power in the universe, such as when he had the Infinity Gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones.

Furthermore, his cold and calculating nature means that he doesn’t have solid long-term relationships that he can rely on.

Goku Would Win The Fight With Thanos

Part of this matchup involves looking into how eastern and western values compare with each other.

The first tends to look at things from a more mystical and spiritual perspective, while the latter does so with a more practical and scientific perspective.

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Another way to look at it is dealing with matters creatively or analytically.

While both aren’t inherently advantageous towards the other, each is useful in particular situations.

In a fight, things are usually chaotic, and creativity becomes a strong asset.

Also, the fact that the Saiyan doesn’t take himself too seriously can be somewhat of an advantage in this case.

With this matchup, he’s dealing with a mastermind supergenius that’s trying to conquer and kill as much as possible.

It would probably be too difficult to deal with this opponent by carefully planning and executing his moves.

It takes more intuition to deal with this opponent successfully, giving him more creativity that even a supergenius may not expect.

All in all, as long as the Super Saiyan knows what’s coming, he can take the time and energy to adequately prepare for anything or anyone that’s coming for him.

He’s done this many times over against the most powerful beings in his universe, and he would do so with a being from a different universe.

On the other hand, the Titan would try to use what’s available to him, which isn’t always a good tactic.

There are things a more creative individual can do to make any current assets useless.

While both of these opponents possess great physical strength, it seems that Goku has the advantage when it comes to stamina.

He’s been in some of the longest fights ever without rest.

He just doesn’t quit and always tries to find a way to win, no matter the circumstances.

This may be due to his voracious appetite and training habits, and it’s a great advantage that he has over any opponent.

It could also be due to his reliance on gaining energy from invisible sources rather than observable and knowable sources.

Result: Goku wins in this matchup


Having incredible talent isn’t always enough when dealing with major challenges.

If fighting an opponent with talents that are just as great, it’s much less of an advantage.

That’s why Goku wins in his matchup with Thanos; he’s constantly testing and training himself to face increasing challenges and obstacles.

He’s gone against many opponents who seemed too strong to handle by appropriately training and preparing for the situation.

He also does so in a way that’s much more than necessary to guarantee success.

Overall, the battle between these two would be an incredible sight to see.

It would probably involve the Super Saiyan fighting many opponents allied to the Titan until he could finally get to a one-on-one fight, ending in a spectacular encounter.

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