Green Arrow Vs Batman – Who Would Win The Fight

The big thing about Batman and the Green Arrow is that they are just both so similar.

Green Arrow is almost a clone of Batman with just a limited number of changes.

They also seem fairly equally strong.

Despite Batman and Green Arrow being so similar, It is going to be a Batman win. His greater variety of weapons, experience, and self-confidence is going to carry the day and allow Batman to beat Green Arrow.

Green Arrow Introduction

Green Arrow is a fictional superhero in comic books published by DC Comics.

He was created by Mort Weisinger, and George Papp (designer).

His first appearance was in 1941, where he appeared in issue #73 of “More Fun Comics.”

The real name of the original Green Arrow was Oliver Jonas Queen, owner of Queen Industries.

He is also a prominent citizen in the fictitious Star City.

Green Arrow is an archer and crime fighter, who operates in both Star City and Seattle.

Green Arrow is also a member of the Justice League.

He uses a variety of specially designed arrows that have individual functions, which may include having a glue tip, an explosive tip, a flash grenade, or even a Kryptonite coated tip.

It has been noted that in many ways Green Arrow is simply Batman with a different theme.

In the beginning, Green Arrow had a modicum of success but not on the same levels as other characters.

This led to a rethink in 1960 where new artwork was used and the story had him lose his wealth.

They turned the character into a streetwise urban figure with a desire to help the working-class members of society.

The movement continued in 1970 when he was teamed up with the defender of law and order, the Green Lantern.

The result was a much more socially aware comic book.

The character still had not gained the kind of following that DC was looking for, so in the 1990s they killed the character off and replaced him with Oliver’s son, Connor Hawke.

It turned out that Connor Hawke was even less popular than the original character had been so they quickly backtracked and restored the original Green Arrow.

Despite appearing in several DC TV shows, he has never been in the major league of comic book characters until the Live-Action series “Arrow.”

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Arrow resulted in several spinoffs and formed the core of what would become known as the Arrowverse

Green Arrow Strengths

Green Arrow, like Batman, relies on training and technology rather than special superpowers.

There are great similarities between the two characters.

He is at the peak of what a human can achieve in terms of physical performance

Oliver Green invested in state-of-the-art bodybuilding equipment and undertook a strenuous training regime to achieve the physical performance levels he has reached.

He is at similar levels to Batman. His reflexes are super sharp, and he can move at rapid rates, despite his large build.

He is a master at several martial arts and an excellent street fighter

Once again, there are great similarities with Batman. Both have studied martial arts and become masters.

Combining several forms of martial arts into a unique fighting style.

Both have also practiced and experienced real fighting situations.

Master bowman and marksman

One real difference between Green Arrow and Batman is that green Arrow not only uses his bow but is also a master in the use of firearms.

Batman, because he witnessed his parents being shot, has a thing about guns. Green Arrow’s bow is a versatile weapon that can deliver explosives and other objects.

Expert acrobat

The Green Arrow is an expert acrobat and this in addition to his great reflexes allows him to dodge about and avoid attacks more easily.

Has high tech armor and weaponry

Both Batman and the Green Arrow were captains of industry.

Wealthy individuals who owned large corporations.

Having great wealth and access to resources.

They both have been able to invest in the design and construction of cutting-edge technology to compensate for the lack of superpowers.

It is remarkable how similar these two superheroes are.

Green Arrow Weaknesses

The Green Arrow shares all the normal weaknesses that other humans have.

He is particularly affected by the death of those he cares about.

Apart from that, he has no reported weaknesses.

Batman Introduction

A tragedy early in the life of Bruce Wayne, set him on a path to become Batman.

Had he not watched his parents die after they were assassinated by Joe Chill, then possibly the course of his life would have been very different.

Joe Chill’s boss, Lew Moxon, had previously been humiliated by Thomas Wayne and was out for revenge and ordered the hit.

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Why Bruce Wayne survived and was not killed along with his parents, we do not know.

Batman grew up under the care of Alfred, the family of Butler.

Young bruce inherited his father’s wealth and lacked nothing, yet still, he was disturbed by what he had witnessed and was unable to settle in school.

He was expelled from various schools and eventually he dropped out of the school system.

Bruce traveled the world learning the topics that he chose from experts and at the same time developed a grueling training schedule, to improve his body.

Bruce Wayne had a natural ability to soak up information like a sponge, and together with his great intelligence, Bruce acquired a complete education that set him up to commence his career as a crime-fighter.

Batman Strengths

Let’s see what strengths Banman has that could influence the fight with Green Arrow.

Super Intelligent

Bruce Wayne was one of those people born with a high intellect.

He found learning easy, especially subjects that he considered relevant.

He was able to soak up information much faster than the average person.

It was this superintelligence that played a part in Bruce Wayne’s dislike of schools, which were just not challenging.

He is an expert detective

In earlier comics, much more was made of bruce Wayne’s abilities as a detective.

This was stressed less in later comics.

However, the new movie coming out soon goes backs to the toots on this (The Batman 2022).

Martial Arts

Batman has mastered 127 martial arts, many more than the green Arrow. Showing a dedication to self-improvement.

These martial arts are combined into a unique fighting style.


Knowing how to fight is one thing, but understanding how a battle flows and the bigger picture makes a fighter that much more effective.

Bruce Wayne has studied hard to learn strategy and tactics, by reading all the major works on the topic.


Wealth has allowed Bruce Wayne to invest in and develop state-of-the-art weapons.

Batman is in the sux place as the world’s most wealthy comic book hero according to Forbs magazine.

Batman Weaknesses

Batman has one or two strange weaknesses.

The first would be his relationship with Catwoman.

However, that is balanced by Green Arrows’ relationship with the Black Canary, so we can discount that in this fight.

Strangely enough, Batman also is a big softy when it comes to dogs, although how that would help Green Arrow defeat him is not clear at the moment.

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Batman can also easily get discouraged when the overall situation is not going his way and under control.

Green Arrow Vs Batman: The fight

Let’s see in more detail how to fight between the two would develop.

Similarities between Batman and Green Arrow

Both Batman and the Green Arrow have taken advantage of their massive corporate machines to develop and build a crime-fighting organization.

Batman has a range of different weapons and bombs and Green Arrow has developed a selection of special arrows.

In some stories, Green Arrow even had his version of the Batmobile, The Arrow Car.

To be frank, there was not a lot of difference between the two.


Batman has missed out on the long-lasting and stable relationship that Green Arrow has with Black Canary.

Green Arrow has one of the most stable relationships of all superheroes.

Ok, Batman has a bit of a thing with Catwoman, but it is just not in the same league.

The Cave

Another similarity between batman and green Arrow is they both operate out of a cave.

Now Bat cave has a certain ring to it (we associate Bats with caves), but the Arrow Cave just does not work and sounds like what it is, a rip-off of the Bat cave.

The Villains

Batman has loads of really classic villains, like

The Riddler, The Joker, and so on. These villains are almost as well known as Batman.

Green Arrow, as a Batman rip-off has just not managed to find good enough villains.

So much so that they have had to borrow some of Batman’s.


Both Batman and the Green Arrow have had sidekicks over the years. Batman has Robin, and Green Arrow has Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal.

Result Of The Fight

It is hard to establish who is the top man between Batman and Green Arrow.

Overall, I think it is going to come down to Batman winning.

He has a wider range of weapons and self-confidence that the Green Arrow cannot match.

This just has to be a victory, once again, for Batman.

Final Thoughts

Batman and Green Arrow are both popular characters, but there is no doubt that Batman is much more popular – there are more comic books and also much more movies about Batman so Batman has a huge following compared to Green Arrow.

Their fight would be an interesting fight to watch but I think most people would know the result of the fight before it even started.

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