Green Lantern Vs Superman – Who Would Win The Fight

In today’s “Who would win the fight” scenario we’ll place two favorite superheroes against each other.

Who would win the Green Lantern Vs Superman fight?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of both characters and what would the result of this fight be?

Green Lantern has so many weaknesses compared to Superman that it is very unlikely that he could win the battle. Superman is far better armed and with his accelerated healing, he is far better equipped for a fight. Most Green Lanterns cannot defend against anything colored yellow (a basic design flaw), any weapon yellow in color will pass straight through any shield or defense that is used by Green Lantern. A fight between Green Lantern and Superman has to be a Superman win.

Green Lantern Introduction

The first Green Lantern character was created by Martin Nodell (aka Martin Dellon).

He appeared in the precursor of DC Comics, All American Comics #16 – July 1940.

The real name of Green Lantern was Alan Scott, who was a railway engineer.

After a rail crash, he became the possessor of a magic lantern that spoke to him, promising great power.

He made a ring from the lamp, and this ring provided a great deal of power.

Unfortunately, the ring needs to be charged every day. The ring is charged by touching it against the lamp.

The lamp was not supposed to touch anything made of wood.

Alan Scott typically confined himself to fighting human villains, but on occasions, he battled against paranormal characters, such as Solomon Grundy, the zombie.

He not only appeared in All American Comics but also had his own comic book, called Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern was also a member of the Justice Society of America.

During the 1940s, the Green Lantern was a popular character.

Once World War II was over, the popularity of the comic book genre fell dramatically.

The Green Lantern Comic was canceled after Issue #38 in 1949.

He remained a character in the All-Star Comics until #57 in 1951, and that was his last appearance in the Golden Age of Comics.

In 1959, during the silver age of comics, the Green Lantern Character was revived but had a totally new backstory, and his name changed from Alan Scott to Hal Jordon.

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The powers were pretty much the same, but Hal Jordon sported a newly updated costume.

The Hal Jordon character was introduced in Showcase #22 (September-October 1959).

Gill Kane, one of the production teams that created Hal Jordon, said that the character was based around the appearance of a former neighbor, an actor called Paul Newman.

Moving on to 1970, they introduced a new character called Green Arrow, who worked as a partner fighting crime, but who also had more interest in the social issues of the time.

This development did not last very long and was just one of the various experiments that were tried with the Superhero.

At one point, the name of the title changed to “Green Lantern Corps”.

They even had Hal Jordon playing the villain at one point. It was all very confusing.

There were actually thirteen very distinct Green Lantern characters:

  1. Alan Scott (Original character)
  2. Alan Scott (Gay version)
  3. Hal Jordon
  4. Guy Gardner
  5. John Stewart
  6. Kyle Rayner
  7. Simon Baz,
  8. Jessica Cruz
  9. Jade
  10. Thai Sinestro
  11. Jediah Caul
  12. Jo Mullein
  13. Keila Quintela (Teen Lantern)

Since these thirteen Green Lanterns were all different people who were designated Green Lantern, they all had different strengths and weaknesses.

This makes predicting a result from a fight between Green Lantern and Superman quite difficult since there are twelve Green Lanterns to choose from.

Green Lantern Strengths

The power of each of the Green Lanterns is related to the ring that they wear.

Each ring is powered by Will Power, so presumably, the different levels of Will Power held by each version of the Green Lantern will affect their strengths.

There seem to be two standard powers that all bearers of the title Green Lantern possess.

The first is Flight, and the second is that all powers are accompanied by a Green Colored light.

Early Green Lantern stories had the Green Lantern using a couple of “Signature powers.” The first of these powers was the ability to shrink objects, and the second was to turn humans invisible.

Later stories forgot these powers and introduced the concept of “Constructs.” These constructs are solid green objects that the Green Lantern can create and control telekinetically. These constructs can be things like a giant green fist, or chains to bind opponents, a shield, These Constructs can be whatever the Green Lantern needs, but they are always green.

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Particularly relevant to the upcoming battle with Superman, the Green Lantern named Hal Jordon, is able to make his constructs emit Kryptonite radiation, which will weaken Superman.

The rings of the Green Lantern Corp allow the bearers to travel rapidly across vast interstellar distances so that they can patrol the Universe.

The rings permit the user to survive in any environment and make it unnecessary for the holders to eat, drink, or pass waste.

The rings allow the Green Lantern to analyze objects and refer to the complete knowledge of the Guardians.

All these are very useful powers to have, but these are not powers that are aimed at fighting with a powerful opponent.

For example, they have no self-healing powers.

Green Lantern Weaknesses

Earlier Green Lanterns were not permitted to use the Lethal Force.

Earlier Guardians were also not able to affect anything that was colored yellow.

Both of these restrictions were lifted later on.

Many Green Lanterns also have their own personal weaknesses, like Guy Gardner having mental problems, and Hal Jordon is very headstrong.

Superman Introduction

Superman was born on the planet Krypton, a technologically advanced planet.

Not long after Superman is born, his planet is destroyed by some sort of cataclysm.

Predicting what was about to happen, the father of Superman sends him to Earth in a small spaceship.

The ship is only big enough for the child, so his parents remain on Krypton and die.

The spaceship crash lands on a farm in rural America and is discovered by a farmer and his wife, who adopts the child. Superman grows up in this rural Kansas community, unaware of his past.

As the boy, now named Clark Kent, grows up and his powers start to mature, he is guided by his earthly parents to conceal his true identity.

This powerful superhuman adopts the persona of Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter, who is often teased for his apparent cowardice.

In everyday life, he wears glasses to disguise his appearance, and that minor change, together with the complete difference in character from Superman fools most people.

Superman is involved in many adventures and defeats many bad guys using his superpowers.

He wears a blue superman costume under his outer clothes.

In the beginning, this outfit appeared in such a way that it looked like he was wearing his underpants outside, but in fact, this was not the case.

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Later his uniform replaced the shorts with a red belt.

Superman Powers

Superman posses an impressive amount of powers, such as:

  1. Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses, and longevity.
  2. Ocular powers
  3. Heat vision
  4. Electromagnetic spectrum vision
  5. Microscopic vision
  6. X-ray vision
  7. Telescopic vision
  8. Infrared vision
  9. Superhuman breath
  10. Freeze breath
  11. Wind breath
  12. Invulnerability
  13. Accelerated healing
  14. Flight

We can see that this list of powers is far more impressive than the powers of Green Lantern.

The only Green Lantern power that could threaten Superman would be the ones held by Hal Jordon, where he can make Kryptonite constructs.

But even that power unless used without warning would not be enough to stop a quick win by Superman.

Superman Weaknesses

Superman has one main weakness, and that is that Kryptonite can reduce his strength and if in sufficient quantity can potentially kill him.

Green Lantern Vs Superman

The Green Lantern is not just one character so it is hard to measure how the character would fare against Superman.

To be honest Green Lantern is not really equipped to fight a superstrong opponent like Superman and whatever version of Green Lantern was fighting, I believe that they would lose.

The only one with the slightest hope of winning a one-to-one fight with Superman would be the Kryptonite armed Hal Jordon version.

Even with that weapon, I think he would still be on the losing side of the battle.

One major factor in Superman’s favor is also going to be his accelerated healing powers.

Even if by some fluke Green Lantern were able to injure Superman then this rapid healing would immediately kick in and put things back to square one again.

The Green Lantern was created at a time when the limited powers that were allocated to him were unimaginably powerful and would seem like nothing could beat them.

However, by the time Superman came along the Green Lantern powers were so underpowered as to be virtually irrelevant.

Final Thought

This has to be another win for Superman.

There are very few characters who can defeat the sheer power that Superman possesses, and Green Lantern is not one of them.

Even Hal Jordon with a kryptonite abled power is so lacking in defensive capabilities that Superman would still be the victor.

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