Hellboy Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

The Hulk vs Hellboy is not a match that would be over in a couple of minutes.

Hellboy has the power to cause the Hulk some discomfort, but he does not have the strength to overcome the Hulk.

Hellboy is a strong character but his strength is, compared to the Hulk’s, very limited. As in so many fights with the Hulk, landing blows that do not severely injure him, only serve to make him angrier, until at some stage the Hulk’s strength will allow a giant knockout blow that will destroy Hellboy. The Hulk would win the fight with Hellboy.

Hellboy Introduction

On the evening of 23rd December 1944, the creature eventually known as Hellboy was summoned to Earth by Grigori Rasputin.

This was done with the assistance of the Third Reich.

The appearance took place in a British churchyard in East Bromwich, England.

The baby Hellboy was met by some American Soldiers led by 1st Sgt, George Whitman, together with Trevor Bruttenholm of the B.P.R.D (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) professor Malcolm Frost, Lady Cynthia Edward Jones, and the Superhero Torch of Liberty,

Bruttenholm named the creature Hellboy and took the creature to an airforce base in New Mexico, where he raised the boy.

When he was eight, in 1952, Hellboy joined the B.P.R.D. as a full-time agent.

He became knowledgeable in possession, haunting, exorcism, enchantments, holy amulets, and sacred artifacts.

In the early years following the end of World War 2, Hellboy traveled around the globe fighting and defeating supernatural beings such as Werewolves, Vampires, and the crazy Nazi Scientist Herman Von Klempt.

Hellboy also came across various other figures from folklore.

In 1952 Hellboy was granted “Honorary Human Status” by the United Nations.

In 1954, he was requested to slay the Saint Leonard Worm.

This was the first of many requests to assist in various mysteries.

By successfully completing all these assignments, Hellboy eventually was positioned to meet his most severe challenge ever, The Cavendish Hall Affair.

There followed a series of Adventures undertaken by Hellboy.

These included:

  • The Wolves of Saint August
  • The Chained Coffin
  • The Right Hand of Doom
  • The Giurescu Affair
  • Almost Colossus
  • The Little Box of Evil
  • The Conqueror Worm Affair
  • The Third Wish
  • The Island
  • Darkness Calls
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Hellboy Powers

There has never been a definitive list of Hellboy’s powers, but by a careful reading of the stories, we can build a fairly accurate picture.

Many of his powers seem to be a part of his demonic ancestry, which makes Hellboy much stronger and more durable than humans.

Superhuman Strength

There is no definitive rating of Hellboy’s strength, but he has been recorded as throwing opponents weighing 400-500 lbs, he thrown a large felled tree at a Giant, and propelled a large harpoon through a monster.

Superhuman Speed

While not in the same rank as many other superhuman characters, Hellboy is not slow.

He can outrun a human after giving him a start.

Superhuman Reflexes

Hellboy’s reflexes would have to be described as good.

They are certainly much faster than any human.

This is testified by snatching missiles out of the air and catching a demon in its fly form.

Superhuman Agility

Hellboy can beat even the most skilled human athlete in terms of his agility, balance, and bodily coordination.

He is able to avoid lightning, bullets, and lasers.

Superhuman Durability

Hellboy overcomes wounds that would be fatal in humans, and they didn’t even slow him down.

He can recover from injuries rapidly.

There are examples of him withstanding huge impacts, high caliber bullets, incredible heat, and freezing cold.

Superhuman Endurance

Hellboy has fallen thousands of feet, stood up, and walked away as if it were nothing.

On one occasion he took out an MG-42 machine gun, taking numerous bullets, before taking the gun.

On one occasion he was shot in the face twice by a double-barrelled shotgun, then calmly walked to his assailant’s house, without losing consciousness.

Superhuman Stamina

Compared to a human, Hellboy has extraordinary stamina levels.

But since we are comparing him to the Hulk here, that is not enough.

Enhanced Vision

Hellboy can see much further than the average human.

He also seems to have slightly improved night vision.

Accelerated Healing

Hellboy can be damaged, but if he is hurt, he can recover pretty fast, in much the same way that Wolverine does.

Decelerated Aging

It is rather strange.

As a child, Hellboy developed quite quickly.

By the age of ten, he looked like a man.

However, as an adult, he ages slower than humans, and in the 78 years of his existence, he has not really aged at all.

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Hellboy is supposed to be the bringer of the Apocalypse and does not seem to be able to die because of that.

Resistance to Heat

Thanks to his demonic genes, Hellboy seems impervious to fire and extreme heat.

In the movies, they show him as completely fireproof.

Demonic Powers

In special situations, Hellboy takes on a demonic form.

This can happen when he is under emotional stress (a bit like the Hulk and anger).

When this happens, the stumps on Hellboy’s horns grow to full size, horns, and sprouts wings.

While in this state Hellboy is much stronger and gains access to his magic.

Size Shifting

Hellboy has the power to grow very big when in Demon State

Hell-Fire Manipulation

Hellboy in his demonic form can use the power to control the fires of hell.

He is able to create huge fires from his body that destroys anything in their path.


While in Demonic form, Hellboy has control of lightning bolts from the sky and aims them at opponents.


When in a Demonic state Hellboy grows wings and can fly.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

He has used handguns and swords, but he prefers to get up close and personal using his physical strength to overcome opposition.

However, with the Hulk, that strength may just not be enough to suffice.


Hellboy carries a selection of charms and other magical tools on his belt.

He can use these tools to, among other things, resurrect the dead.

Hellboy Weaknesses

Hellboy cares about others, this can sometimes be used against him.

His flash is not as tough as the Hulk and other superheroes

Hulk Introduction

After an accident in a laboratory, Doctor Robert Bruce Banner, M.D., Ph.D., is exposed to Gamma Radiation, and he discovers that whenever he gets angry he transforms into a raging, virtually mindless creature called the Hulk.

Banner was not aware that he was working on an attempt to recreate the super-soldier formula that was used on Captain America.

Bruce Banner moved to South America to try and get away from the US Government that was chasing him, and to live a tranquil life.

However, he was forced back to New York where friends tried to help him.

Eventually, he was asked to join S.H.I.E.L.D. to help with a special problem they were facing.

Bruce Banner and the Hulk continued to be connected and the Hulk has been involved in many stories over the years, fighting many opponents.

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Hulk Strengths

Let’s see what strengths would play important role In Hellboy vs Hulk fight.

Superhuman Strength

The Hulk has a strength that is enough for him to rip steel bars apart.

His strength is phenomenal and far stronger than Hellboy.

The Hulk only gets stronger when he gets angry and eventually will just destroy his opponent.


The hulk is thick-skinned and there is nothing except Adamantium that will pierce it

The Hulk has the ability to recover very quickly from any injury if indeed anything that Hellboy does could harm him.

Thunderclap Weapon

The Hulk has also got another offensive weapon at his disposal, and that is the infamous “Thunderclap.”

This clap produces a sonic boom of such power that it can stun, shock, and send his opponents flying.

This is a very effective weapon, especially against opponents that are sensitive to sonic booms, like Venom.

Hulk Weaknesses

Hulk has no real weakness that Hellboy can exploit.

I am not sure that in any fight between the two that Hellboy would not have enough time to explore any weaknesses anyway.

Hulk Would Win The Fight With Hellboy

An interesting fight between characters belonging to different comic universes.

Hellboy, the demon vs the Hulk who is a mutation of a human being.

Hulk has infinite strength. His strength just grows with the anger he feels.

As with fights against many other opponents, the Hulk will simply become increasingly angry as Hellboy uses under-powered blows to attack him.

As his strength grows, so it becomes increasingly unlikely that Hellboy could actually win.

For Hellboy to win, it would need an incredibly powerful first strike while the Hulk has not yet built up his strength.

I do not think that Hellboy has the power for that strike, and all he will do is annoy the big green man.

A few blows from the Hulk, a Thunderclap, and experiencing the enormous power of the Hulk would soon finish off Hellboy.

The inability to pierce the Hulk’s skin means that Hellboy’s options are somewhat limited in this battle.

Everything is in the Hulk’s favor.

Final Thought

It was not difficult to decide who would be the winner of the Hellboy vs Hulk fight.

While Hellboy posses interesting powers, it’s just not enough to defeat the Hulk.

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