How Big Is Thanos | Is He Bigger Than Others?

There’s no question that Thanos is a significant and enormous entity that the Avengers face.

His story arc develops an epic quest that takes him all over the universe in search of the Infinity Gauntlet.

There are a few differences in this character between the comics and movies.

Generally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe emphasizes his physical presence, while the comic books emphasize his evil genius and intelligence.

That will help you understand the difference in his statue between both versions.

It’s evident that Thanos is an imposing and muscular Titan supervillain. He’s at a monumental 8 feet and 3 inches in height and 1222 pounds in weight in the Marvel movies, or 2.52 m and 555 kg. Originally in the comics, he’s still at a hefty 6 feet and 7 inches and 985 pounds, or 2.01m and 447 kg. That makes him one of the biggest of any of the heroes or villains in both fictional worlds. To put things into perspective, he’s similar in size to Thor and the Hulk.

While there aren’t too many spoilers in this article, some of them are quite major, especially if you’re not very familiar with these stories and characters.

Thanos, the Destructive Conqueror

This evil genius embodies the inevitability of death for all physical manifestations.

In the Marvel movies, this trait develops because everyone else on his planet died off.

He only managed to survive because he was in exile.

That creates a somewhat more complex character than you’d expect of a comic book antagonist.

Even though he’s big, menacing, and conquers for power, he has reasons for these things related to his strange sense of moral values.

While the comics emphasize his mental intelligence through traits such as logic and scientific knowledge, he’s much more of the typical supervillain that you’d expect in such stories.

He’s even similar to some of the super-geniuses in the James Bond movies of his era.

In that way, he’s more practical, and his reasons for what he does are much more straight-forward.

A maddening side of this version is his romance with the character Death.

Instead of embodying the essence of death, he covets it.

Physical Size Of Thanos

Long after Thanos’s character’s conception, he appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

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While these are only two movies in a long series of superheroes, they’re two of the most epic of them all.

At eight feet and three inches, his massive size only emphasizes this point.

Besides being such a tall figure, he’s also quite muscular.

That puts him at over 1000 pounds in the movies, though he’s still just under 1000 pounds in the comic books.

While this character is quite a bit bigger in the movies than the comics, he’s still a powerful and imposing figure.

Initially, he was six feet and seven inches tall.

Part of this is because he was conceived decades ago when people were a bit shorter.

If he was even bigger, there may have been the risk that he’d be seen as just some strange alien-created robotic figure.

Also, the audience mostly consisted of children reading about superheroes, making even that number massive enough.

Compared to the Marvel movies, Thanos in the comic books is a bit more muscular and weighty for his size.

This makes him a bit of a more imposing figure during the action scenes in different narrative blocks.

In the movies, he’s actually a bit leaner.

Physical size combined with massive muscles gives him great strength.

Perhaps the creators did this to differentiate him from Thor and the Hulk and possibly even make him a more human-like figure that the audience can almost relate to.

That would make the story’s depth a bit more complex than people are used to in a superhero story, which is appropriate for the cinema.

However, with the Infinity Gaunlet equipped with the Infinity Stones, all of that changes.

After all, infinity is in the names of these things.

In this case, he can have as much power as he wants and in any way that he wants.

That can be through the snap of a finger or growing bigger than entire galaxies.

Dreadfully, these artifacts combined give him as much power as he desires to manifest.

Thanos’s Height Compared

While it’s evident that this supergenius supervillain is physically much larger than most beings, how does he compare to some of the other superhuman heroes and villains?

Since most of his story involves going against or fighting alongside these kinds of beings, it gives a better idea of whether anyone can limit his powers.

He’s actually bigger than most of these individuals, emphasizing that they need to team up to take him on.

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Thor, the Bringer of Thunder

In the Marvel movies, Thor is fairly tall at six feet and three inches, weighing 640 pounds, though the actual actor is around 200 pounds.

He has a lean and muscular build, which is a bit imposing but not on a gigantic and titanic level.

In contrast, Thanos is taller and much more massive, but not so much that would make it impossible for Thor to take him on.

They’re actually quite similar in their own way, each having some legendary artifact they’re known for.

Hulk, the Furious Green Giant

When Dr. Bruce Banner furiously transforms into the Hulk, he’s almost as tall as Thanos in the Infinity movies.

In this case, he’s at the height of eight feet and two inches, weighing over 1000 pounds.

While he can physically go toe-to-toe with any other giant, he doesn’t have the brains in this form to easily beat the Mad Titan alone.

Additionally, his normal human form wouldn’t stand a chance in any way, which is probably the form he prefers to be in most of the time.

In the comics, the Hulk is actually slightly shorter than himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though he’s a bit taller than Thanos in that world in his weakest form.

In the green form that people better know, he’s even bigger and weightier, though still less so than in the movies.

This puts him between seven and eight feet, weighing somewhat over 1000 pounds.

However, in this version, he tends to get even taller as he gets angrier.

The Celestials

When considering the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones, it’s hard not to come across the beings that initially wielded these stones.

They’re some of the most titanic creatures in the Marvel Universe.

In fact, the severed head of a deceased Celestial is about as big as a planet or moon.

A whole mining colony called Exeter exists within it. These are planetary-scale figures, much larger than Thanos or anyone else.

It turns out that the height of these beings can be variable.

That’s actually apparent with the Star-Lord’s father, a seemingly humanoid figure that can change his shape at will.

It appears that these beings are made of an energy-like substance instead of a solid substance that most creatures consist of.

Even so, they usually present themselves as quite big and are much bigger than Thanos.

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Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds

If you think Thanos is the only world-destroying supervillain in his universe, you’d be misinformed.

Instead of conquering various worlds and destroying them, he actually devours them.

While he’s normally an imposing and titanic figure wherever he goes, he can actually change his size when he wants.

He inherently has powers similar to the Infinity Stones. Previously, he was a human named Galen, but he merged with an infinite essence that turned him into the giant known as Galactus.

While this supervillain changes in size whenever he wants, he’s usually much bigger than Thanos.

He typically goes close to 30 feet and normally weighs 36000 pounds.

He’s one of the most titanic figures in his entire universe and can grow into a size similar to the Celestials.

This isn’t much of a surprise, as they seem to share much of the same kind of power.

How Big Is Thanos PP

One of the frequent questions related to the physical size of Thanos is also How big is Thanos pp.

While this questions is a frequent one, the answer is not really clear.

The authors behind Thanos probably didn’t think that so many people would be interested in it, so they did not specify how big Thanos pp is.

Given the fact that we know that the physical size of Thanos is above average, we can assume that Thos pp is also above average in size.


No one can dispute Thanos the Mad Titan is a big and enormous supervillain that the Avengers have to face.

He lives up to his name, being such a titanic and colossal figure, having a height of over eight feet and weighing over 1000 pounds.

Even though his depiction in the comic books is a bit smaller, he’s still quite massive.

That makes him a tough adversary for any opponent and even multiple opponents.

While this supervillain’s physical strength can’t be matched by many, what makes him so powerful is actually his intelligence, resourcefulness, and planning abilities.

This is really what makes him such a menacing and nefarious foe throughout his whole universe.

In comparison, the supervillain Galactus is even bigger; he can change his size to whatever he wants, even to a size bigger than a planet.

Thanos needs to use all of his skills and talents to live up to such a comparison.

Otherwise, he would get easily smashed into the dust as many others have.

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