How Did Thanos Get The First Stone

The Affinity Stones are six gems that appear in stories in Marvel Comics.

The six gems play a big part in stories within the Marvel Universe.

Thanos collected these stones to carry out his plan.

The first Affinity Stone that Thanos collected was as a result of the massacre of the Xandarians, where half the population of the planet was killed, and the Power Stone snatched from the Nova Corps who were protecting it. Thanos destroyed the headquarters of the Nova Corps, took the stone, and placed it in the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Power Stone is the first stone that was collected by Thanos, followed shortly after by the Space Stone.

This leaves a further four stones to be collected by Thanos before his Infinity Gauntlet is fully charged and ready to carry out his ultimate plan.

We will look at the Power Stone as a single entity and as part of the six stones that make up the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Power Stone

The Power Stone was one of the six Infinity Stones.

These were ancient relics that survived from before the Universe itself existed.

The stones played a pivotal role in the stories from the Marvel Universe. Originally The Power Stone was housed inside the orb an ancient artifact.

Later the Power Stone became an element within the affinity Gauntlet.

According to Wong, At the beginning of the Universe, nothing existed, and then the Big Bang shot six crystals out into space.

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Each of these stones is a representation of the key components of creation

The Power Stone had the power to provide the owner with massive cosmic power, but could not be touched by any organic creature, as it would almost certainly kill them.

The Power Stone was in the possession of “Eson the Searcher” who was a Celestial (a primordial race).

Eson had used the stone to level the entire surface of a planet.

He was cruel and ruthless and had zero concern about the population of the planet.

It was eventually hidden on the planet Morag inside an object known as the Orb.

Just before Thanos was about to capture the stone from the planet Morag, Star-Lord stole the Power Stone.

Thanos began a galaxy-wide hunt to find Star-Lord and the Power Stoe, so Star-Lord gave the stone to the Nova Corps to protect.

Thanos attacked the Xandarians, on whose planet the Nova Corps were based.

He killed 50% of the Xandarian population and then went on to slay the Nova Corps, and destroyed their Headquarters, after stealing the Power Stone).

The Infinity Gauntlet (Holder for the Stones)

The Gauntlet was a dwarf-built glove made to harness the power of the six Infinity Stones.

This unique Gauntlet was made by the ancient dwarves race.

They were forced to make the Gauntlet by Thanos, who then destroyed them all, apart from Eitri (The King of the Dwarves).

Thanos ensured that he could never make another Gauntlet by melting the hands of Eitri.

The Gauntlet was made from Uru, a metal forged in Nidavellir and so powerful that the only way to melt it down is through the heat of a dying star.

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Thanos wore the Infinity Gauntlet on his left hand and forearm.

As soon as he captured a stone it was inserted into the Gauntlet and Thanos ‘ power increased.

As soon as Thanos had placed the Power Stone into the Infinity Gauntlet he moved on to attack the Statesman (a massive spaceship that was used by the surviving Asgardians) in their attempt to flee to Earth, led by Thor.

Thanos captured the Space Stone which had been sealed in the Cube (Tesseract) and sealed Thor inside metal taken from the spaceship.

Thanos placed the Space Stone into the gauntlet and with increased power, he headed for earth.

On leaving the Statesman, Thanos blew it up, but Thor survived the blast and was later rescued by the guardians of the Galaxy who had responded to the Statesman’s distress call.

Feature Of The Power Stone

The Power Stone was the most powerful artifact ever created.

It held vast amounts of power.

Such was the nature of the Power Stone, that only powerful beings could use the power Stone, a stone so powerful that it can destroy whole planets.

What Was The Power Stone?

The Power Stone was built as a representation of the Destructive Force of the Universe.

It has absolute control over energy.

This stone alone is incredibly powerful but when combined with the other stones its strength is multiplied several times.

Purple Energy Projection and Manipulation

Contained within the construction of the Power Stone are vast amounts of Purple Destructive Energy.

This energy is there for the person using the stone to control.

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At first, it seemed that the projection of bursts of this energy was the only way the Power stone could be used.

Later, however, it was discovered that when used by a skilled person, it will increase the power of the stone and the powers can be used in more subtle ways that are equally dangerous.

Destruction of the Power Stone

In the movie Avengers Endgame: we saw Thanos succeed in his lifelong campaign, and on completing his goal he chose to destroy the Affinity Gauntlet and Affinity Stones, including the Power stone.

He did this to stop anyone from using the stones to undo his actions.

The Infinity stones no longer exist in the main MCU reality, so the only way the stones can be featured in the future is if the story exists in an alternate reality, or if they are recovered from the past using time travel.

Marvel has had a long run using the Infinity Stones with many movies following the story.

Marvel is moving away from that story now and we will not see the Infinity stories for a while after the end of this chapter which is Spider-Man Far From Home, which serves and an epilogue to infinity.

Marvel is now moving from the Infinity Saga into a new stage which has been named phase 4.

Final Thoughts

The stones are a source of incredible power, especially when combined together.

Thanos used to beat many of his opponents and to threaten the existence of the whole universe, but ultimately, Thanos became a farmer, and our universe is no more threatened by him or by the power of the stones.

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