How Did Thanos Get The Purple Stone

You might be wondering how Thanos, the mad titan, even got the purple stone, also known as the Power stone or simply the Orb.

In fact, the audience first sees it in the very first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, one of the lesser-known Marvel’s Avengers storylines.

It’s used by Ronan the Accuser, who tries to remove the planet Xander from existence. However, the audience doesn’t actually see how one of the most powerful villains gets ahold of it. The audience sees that Thor mentions the stone to the Guardians after he’s found.

Thanos stole the Purple stone from a vault with the Nova Corps’ protection. The Purple stone is the very first infinity stone that Thanos gets in his quest to obtain all of them. It was last seen by the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, where it’s left on Xander locked in a vault and shortly after that stolen by Thanos.

After Thanos stole the Purple stone, he decimated the planet – this event was probably trivial for him since Xander didn’t have much time to recover from Ronan.

Keep in mind that some additional spoilers that are fairly big are in this article.

The Stones That Started the Infinity War

These six stones are some of the most powerful objects in the entire Marvel universe.

They’re actually associated with different universal aspects and were made by powerful primordial beings called the Cosmic Entities.

Some of the oldest species in the universe that even know about these are just considered myths.

They include Eternity, Infinity, Entropy, and Death. Their likeness is only seen on the Temple Vault walls on Morag.

This was made known when the superheroes were discovering the origins of the stones.

Since these stones are so mighty, they can only be wielded by some of the most powerful creatures in this fictional world.

That includes the Celestials, a large race of ancient beings who lived during the universe’s beginnings.

They’re able to manipulate so much of the universe is energy and matter.

Only a few of these beings are shown in the series, with the human-like Ego being an important character.

It’s also worth mentioning that Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy is half-human, half-celestial. It also seems that Titans such as Thanos can use them directly.

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The Purple Power Stone Singularity Remnant

This stone is one of the most powerful weapons in this fictional world, giving its user some of the most incredible cosmic power.

However, it usually kills any organic living creatures that touch it.

Its earliest known owner was Eson the Searcher, one of the known celestial creatures.

He put it in his staff and used it to destroy entire planets and civilizations, making it quite powerful.

Actually, it’s so mighty that it destroyed a group of nine cosmic beings that tried to harness the stone’s power by linking themselves together.

Their ability only lasted for a moment before they were ruined.

Because of this event, it was placed inside the Orb and made hidden deep within the planet Morag’s oceans in a secret tomb.

Since access is only granted every 300 years due to rising tides, it was tough to find. It wasn’t until the Star-Lord Peter Quill found it that it was resurfaced.

At this time, the hero didn’t actually know what was inside it and thought it was a legendary object itself.

While the Orb is incredibly mighty itself, the Power Stone’s strength was likely toned down, allowing normal beings to touch it and deal with it.

The Star-Lord even tried to sell it on the black market.

This powerful artifact in this fictional universe represents the universe’s destructive nature.

It brings doom to its targets as well as those foolish enough to try and harness its power.

It seems that its original owner was Entropy, one of the four Cosmic Entities since he was dedicated to using it for destruction in the secret tomb in Morag.

In terms of raw power, it’s the most potent of the Infinity Stones. Its energy is hard to contain and usually results in an explosion towards its user.

Even beings such as the Star-Lord suffer damage after handling the stone without protection.

One of the ways that someone could use this power without being hurt is through a conduit.

This includes the Cosmi-Rod that Ronan the Accuser used to harness the power of the Orb.

He used this same method when discovering the Infinity Stone within the Orb after stealing it from Thanos.

Since he was an ancient being, Ronan absorbed part of the stone’s power within himself, creating various explosions around him.

Afterward, he put it in his Cosmi-Rod, making him even more powerful than the evil titan Thanos.

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It was eventually retrieved by the Guardians and used to destroy Ronan.

Another object with the ability to contain the artifact is the Infinity Gauntlet, which was actually used to control all the Infinity Stones and harness their energies.

However, Thanos could hold the bare object itself even with all its powers, probably because he’s a powerful titan.

Because this powerful being got this stone first made him an unstoppable force in obtaining the other stones.

Its raw power makes it possible actually to enhance the other Infinity Stones within the gauntlet.

It seems that this gauntlet allows for more concentrated use of the stone, such as when Thanos tortured Thor with it.

Thanos, The Genocidal Titan Warlord

He was the last remaining being of his kind from the planet Titan.

These were immortal beings that were some of the most powerful in the universe.

However, this led to the eventual overpopulation of the planet.

Thanos’s solution was to destroy half the population on the planet, a desperate but well-meaning answer.

This thinking was that the other half wouldn’t starve, but eventually, the problem would return.

The other titans thought this was far too drastic and dismissed it, and exiled Thanos entirely.

Even so, things didn’t get any better for the people.

It turns out that the planet became uninhabitable due to the subsequent devastation after the next few decades.

This left Thanos as the only surviving member of the titans.

It also led to his thinking that what happened on Titan is actually happening throughout the universe, that creatures are infinitely growing in a universe with finite resources.

He didn’t want what happened in his homeworld to happen to anyone else, fueling his quest to conquer the universe and gain total control over it.

To Thanos, killing off half of all living creatures would put things back in balance.

From each world he conquered, he collected orphans and brought them into his fold.

Three of them, Proxima Midnight, Cull Obsidian, and Corvus Glaive, were warriors devoted to the titan and constituted the Black Order.

After conquering a civilization, Thanos destroyed half the population to put it in what he calls a balance.

Eventually, the titan realized he couldn’t balance all life in existence all by himself.

He concluded that he had to retrieve the Infinity Stones and made finding them his life’s mission.

He first tried to employ Loki and Ronan the Accuser to obtain the Space Stone and Power Stone.

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However, Loki failed in retrieving the Space Stone in the first place, and Ronan took matters into his own hands by stealing the Power Stone for himself.

This led to the titan taking things into his own hands, leading to the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet and his personal search for these powerful objects.

After much investigation into the whereabouts of them and the entities that have them, he started the Infinity War to bring the universe balance once and for all.

Unfortunately, he actually managed to do this by the end of the story in an event known as the Snap, leading to the Endgame sequel.

After destroying half of all life in existence, Thanos decides to destroy all the Infinity Stones so the Snap can never be reversed.

He eventually retires to the planet known as the Garden due to its green fields using the Space Stone, where he uses the Infinity Stones’ power to destroy themselves.

He’s actually found on his farm by the Avengers when they arrive on the planet.

Enraged by learning the truth, Thor ends up decapitating Thanos, resulting in the titan’s final death.


There wasn’t much written in the Infinity War’s story about how Thanos actually obtains the purple stone from Xander in Nova Corps’ hands.

It’s possible that the creators wanted to leave it up to the fans to figure out, especially since it’s easy enough to find out.

Even though it’s only one of the infinity stones, it’s still potent in its own right, as are the other stones.

Having all six of them in one movie is really what makes Infinity War such an epic story.

Although the superheroes in Marvel’s Avengers universe isn’t over just yet, this story can be seen as a culmination of something that’s been building up for a long while now.

Like the other Avengers movies, it brings multiple superhero storylines together in one epic tale.

However, this time, it’s not just an entire planet or galaxy at stake; it’s actually the whole universe.

Its sequel, Avengers Endgame, deals with the aftermath of what happened.

While there are many upcoming individual Marvel superhero movies in the works, it’s not clear when or if there will be another Avengers one.

Of course, there’s now a whole videogame to experience while you wait, with many hours of multiplayer and singleplayer.

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