How Much Does Wolverine Weigh With Adamantium Body

Adamantium is a metal alloy (fictional) that appears in Marvel Comic books.

The best-known storyline that includes Adamantium is that of the character Wolverine, where Wolverine had Adamantium bonded to his claws and skeleton.

Adamantium is a very strong substance that is almost impossible to destroy or break. The application of adamantium to claws and skeleton increased Wolverine’s weight from 195 lbs to 300 lbs and is an addition that makes Wolverine a far more fearsome opponent.


Adamantium was created for Marvel Comics by writer Roy Thomas and artists Barry-Windsor-Smith, and Syd Shores for the Marvel Comic “Avengers” Issue number #66 published in July 1969.

Adamantium first appeared as Ultron’s outer shell.

Ultron was a Robot that had acquired self-awareness and was highly intelligent, intending to destroy humanity.

All stories that contain adamantium all have a common theme, the indestructibility of the material.

Adamantium is very expensive to make and knowledge of how to make it is restricted to a small group of people.

The formula is the property of the United States government.

Properties of Adamantium

The components for Adamantium are typically kept apart, locked inside blocks or resin.

The alloy is created by melting the resin blocks together allowing the components to mix as the resin melts.

Once mixed Adamantium must be molded with just eight minutes.

Once molded, even high temperatures will not allow any further modeling to take place.

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The material is fixed in that shape. In its solid form, the Adamantium looks like high-grade steel or titanium.

In this solid-state Adamantium cannot be destroyed or fractured except in very limited circumstances.

Adamantium will easily cut through other materials with very little force required.

Where Has Adamantium Been Used On Wolverine?

Adamantium was used for:

  • The outer shell of Ultron
  • Skeleton and claws of Wolverine
  • Skeleton and claws of Sabertooth
  • Skeleton and Talons of Lady Deathstroke
  • Claws of X-23
  • In the repair of Bullseye’s vertebrae
  • The second shield of Captain America (mixed with Vibranium and steel)
  • Fictional Character, The Russian’s body

There was an ancient myth that Hercules possessed a formidable mace which legend states was made of Adamantium.

Inspired by this legend, Dr. Myron MacLain, a scientist working for the American government at the start of World War 2, was trying to create an indestructible alloy for the Allies and fell asleep during an experiment.

The materials he was working with, Vibranium, Steel, and an unknown catalyst welded together.

He found that this material was stronger than any yet known.

The sample was molded into a disk and used to create Captain America’s Shield.

Later MacLain made a new formula that did not include Vibranium and was successful in creating true Adamantium.

Other Formats Of Adamantium

Marvel needed a reason why in certain circumstances Adamantium was able to be broken more easily.

To explain this they created a “secondary” Adamantium which is not so strong as true Adamantium.

Secondary Adamantium was used in the following objects:

  • The casing of the supercomputer F.A.U.S.T
  • A suit that F.A.U.S.T constructed
  • Blastaar
  • Stilt-man
  • The dome around the island of Exile (which can be retracted)
  • The army of duplicates of Ultron.
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In stories contained in the Ultimate Marvel Imprint, they appear to use Secondary Adamantium as certain objects described as Adamantium are broken.

Wolverine And Adamantium

Wolverine is not immortal.

He has great longevity and ages through the stories but has lived over 195 years.

Adamantium had the effect of shortening Wolverine’s life and reducing his healing powers.

Wolverine was originally the subject of an operation to cover his skeleton with “True Adamantium” a process that would kill mots human beings but was possible because of Wolverine’s healing abilities.

These healing powers also made a molecular change to the alloy.

Adamantium has been responsible for a couple of occasions where it reduced/extinguished Wolverine’s regeneration powers, and has slowly poisoned him.

Wolverine had Adamantium injected into him to coat his spine and claws by Stryker and the weapon-X Team.

This made Wolverine almost indestructible, although later he was hit in the head by an Adamantium bullet, which caused his memory to fail.

Later the memories started coming back slowly.

In the revised timeline Logan claims that the Adamantium was poisoning Wolverine who was only surviving because of his special health-giving powers.

Unfortunately, later Wolverine’s health-giving powers were on the wain and the poison started to have an impact, leaving Wolverine in almost constant pain.

Logan unsure of how things would go, keep the Adamantium bullet in case he later chose suicide.

Why Did Magneto Rip Wolverine’s Adamantium Out

In revenge for mauling him, Magneto removed all the Adamantium from Wolverine’s body.

This caused Wolverine to return to what can only be described as a feral state.

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For a long time, people had read stories about Wolverine and the use of his claws as a weapon.

Nobody had really discussed what they were and how did Wolverine acquire the claws.

When Magneto and Wolverine clashed and Magneto removed the Adamantium from Wolverine’s body we discovered that the claws were actually bone and a part of Wolverine’s body.

Removing the Adamantium caused Wolverine to go Feral and become much wilder than before.

In the 1993 Crossover Stort “Fatal Attractions” we see these events happen.

Turning the Adamantium into liquid and removing it from Wolverine’s body overloaded his healing power and left Wolverine near death.

While in this state we see that the claws are really bone and have simply been given an Adamantium coating.

We understand that Wolverine’s real mutation if left unchecked would turn him into a beast and that it was due to the Adamantium that this did not happen.

When his friends found him he was animal-looking and savage.

Electra first of all worked on his mind and returned him to a more human mentality and later Apocalypse recoated his bones and claws with Adamantium, restoring the old Wolverine.

Final Thought

In the story of Wolverine and Adamantium, we see how the alloy that was applied to Wolverine had a far greater effect than simply strengthening his frame and adding 105 lbs to his bodyweight.

It went far deeper than anyone had thought previously.

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