How Old Is Deadpool | Age Revealed!

A sure way to end up as crazy as Deadpool himself is to follow the timeline of the Deadpool stories and work out how old Deadpool must be at each stage of the story.

There are so many changes made to the timeline.

There are so many retcons and resets that it can never actually make any sense.

In one story we are told that Wade Wilson was dying of cancer when he was 17, but that was supposed to take place after he had served in the l Forces.

The only clear date we have for Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) is that he was born in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1975. In 2020 in “Deadpool the End” the character died. He would have been 45 years of age when he died.

The above calculation is clearly a very simplistic calculation because it does not consider any time shifts that have taken place in the Marvel universe storyline.

There is also some discrepancy between the comics and the movies.

I suspect if you asked the writers questions about how old Deadpool is at any stage, they would not have an answer.

There are some characters where Marvel has at least tried to keep track of a timeline for a character, but I do not think that Deadpool is one of them.

However, in the absence of firm facts from a unified source, I will try to track his timeline with very approximate ages for the key milestones in his life.

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Deadpool Life In Time And Dates

Let’s go through some important milestones in Deadpolls life to discover what years played important role in his life and what was his age when these milestones occured.


Wade Wilson was born in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1975.

As for the actual details of his childhood, it is confusing with various versions of his childhood being told by Wade.

Wade seems to have been a troubled child, and he got into trouble with the police.

Probably this resulted from his mental problems, or maybe just because he was bad.

Joined the Military – 1982 to 1984

After leaving home, Wade joined the military for a short time.

If we assume Wade joined the army with his parents’ permission, the earliest that could have been was in 1982.

Mercenary Career – 1985 to 1992

In order for Wade to leave the army and be someone that mercenaries would consider, he must have been in the military for two years.

So, the earliest he could have started his mercenary career would have been at 20.

We know just one of those early assignments in Japan lasted four years.

He seems to have spent a couple of years drifting back in the USA, where he struck up a relationship with prostitute Vanessa Carlysle.

Their relationship seems to have lasted at least a year.

In 1992 he was diagnosed with cancer and ended the relationship with Vanessa, not wanting to make her see his physical decline and death.

U.S./Canadian Government Super Soldier Program – The Weapon X Program 1992 to 1995

He gave up his chemo treatment and joined Department K (The Canadian part of The Weapon X Program).

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While he was part of this program, they halted the progress of his cancer by injecting him with a serum taken from a fellow recruit called Wolverine.

He carried out missions for Weapon X but during one mission he killed his partner and they threw him out of the program and sent him to what supposedly was a facility to rehabilitate former Mutant agents.

The Hospice Facility – 1995 to 1997

The “Rehabilitation Facility, unknown to the Canadian Government was where bizarre experiments by Doctor Killebrew, aided by his assistant Ajax took place.

Here Wilson was subjected to ongoing experiments and nearly died several times.

The closest thing that Wilson had to a friend in there was a character called Worm who Ajax lobotomized.

Wilson killed Worm to release him from further pain.

During his time in this facility, Wilson was approaching death several times, and this is where he met the personification of death called “Death” and Death who regarded him as a like-minded individual began an affair with Wilson.

As revenge for killing Worm, Doctor Killebrew tore Wilson’s heart out, but Wilson was so determined to avenge Worm, that it triggered his healing and regenerative powers, and he grew a new heart.

It did not, however, the cure is torn and scarred body.

The Escape and Life of Crime and Return to Being a Mercenary – 1997 – 2002

After escaping from the “Hospice” Wilson goes to work with a fellow criminal, Hammerhead.

During this period he also works for a criminal organization, and briefly encountered Wolverine, who was working for the Canadian Government.

A few years passed, and Deadpool went back to work for the Canadian Government as well.

Working for Canadian Government – 2002 to 2003

Working for the Canadian Government did not suit Deadpool, and he soon left.

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And ultimately joined the Frightful Four.

This group did not last long and Deadpool returned to criminal life.

Criminal Activities and return to Mercenary Life – 2003 to 2006

After leaving his job with the Canadian Government, Deadpool returned to various criminal activities with disparate groups.

It was during one job that he met Carmelita Camacho with whom he had sex and she later had the child Eleanor.

During this period he came across a resurrected Weapon X program and he got involved again but soon left as Deadpool found them too bloody.

Superhuman Registration Act – 2006 – 2009

Here we have a fixed date.

It enacted the act in 2006 (in the Marvel Universe), so we can check that our timeline is not too far off track.

After the act was passed, Deadpool tries to get a job with S.H.I.E.L.D. as a licensed bounty hunter.

Initially, he failed but was given a chance to arrest someone, but he failed there too and was let go.

Self Employed Mercenary – 2009 to 2020

Deadpool finished his career working as a mercenary but he was unsuccessful in insuring he got paid and this was not going so well.

During this time, a future version of the child had with Carmelita Camacho showed up (93 years old) and this is the sequence that ultimately led to Deadpool’s death and reunion with the character Death.

Final Thought

We fixed this timeline in a couple of places, but between those fixed points the actual dates may vary by a year or two.

The timeline does not account for time travel back into the past, and for recalculations by Marvel, but it is probably the best timeline available.

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