How Old Is Thor (History and Biography)

Thor Odinson is the Norse God of Thunder, a former King of Asgard and New Asgard, and one of the original Avengers.

In his long life, he has done so much and in this article, we will look at Thor in more detail.

When Thor meets up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor explains how many enemies he has fought and as part of this explanation, Thor announces that he is 1500 years old, so Thor is 1500 years old. He was around long before he became part of the Avengers.

Thor History And Biography

Having stated that Thor was 1500 years old and had many experiences and conflicts before we see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we will concentrate on Thor’s life during the three phases of the MCU which were the story of the Infinity Wars.

Thor Odinson is from the planet Asgard.

A planet that has strong connections with Earth of the centuries, with many people seeing the Asgardians as gods.

Thor intervened in a conflict involving Asgard and Jotunheim, an area traditionally connected with giants.

His irresponsible behavior resulted in a war between the two sides.

This angered Odin, the King of Asgard, who stripped Thor of his birthright to be the next king, had his power removed, and was banished to Earth.

The period that Thor spent on Earth turned out to be life-changing for Thor, who learned both humility and the power of love.

During his stay, he fell in love with Jane Foster.

He also assisted his new friends on Earth to defeat the Destroyer, a maniacal giant Android sent by Loki, Thor’s manipulative adopted brother.

Odin appreciated the changes in Thor and redeemed himself.

Odin reinstated Thor’s powers which Thor later used to defeat Loki who had genocidal plans.

Thor returned to Asgard as a hero, but this was cut short as Thor had to return to Earth once more to deal with Loki, who had survived.

Loki was now intent on the domination of planet Earth, after obtaining the Tesseract.

The tesseract is both a doorway to the other end of space and one of the Infinity Stones. S.H.I.E.L.D. prompted Thor to join the Avengers, and he stood with them against his adopted brother, in an effort to thwart his plans.

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This climaxed at the Battle of New York where the Avengers stood against Loki and the army of the Chitauri.

At this battle, Loki was captured and returned to Asgard for Odin to decide his fate.

Following the defeat of Loki, Thor returned to Asgard and assisted the Asgardian armies with restoring peace during the war of the Nine Realms.

The peace was short-lived and Thor battled the Dark Elves in the second Dark Elf War/ The Dark Elves were set on bringing eternal darkness to the Nine Realms.

During these wars, Thor was reunited with Jane Foster who had somehow been made host to the Aether, which was the Reality Stone liquified into a dark red fluid.

She was then a primary target for the Dark Elves. Out of desperation, Thor was forced to ask for the aid of Loki to release Jane Foster from the effects of the Aether.

During this, Loki was killed, or so it seemed. Having beaten the Dark Elves, led by their king Malekith, Thor chose to renounce his claim to the throne of Asgard, so he could be with Janet Foster.

On returning to Earth with Janet Foster, Thor once again worked with the Avengers to try and locate the Sceptre of Loki.

This lead to a fight against the HYDRA which ultimately they won, in the course of which capturing Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

The Avengers had been getting concerned with the sheer volume of threats to Earth and Tony Star (Iron Man) had invented a Sentry called Ultron to assist the Avengers in ensuring the future of Earth.

This did not work out as planned when Ultron decided for himself that the best way of securing the future of earth was to destroy humanity.

The Avengers then had to fight against Ultron to protect mankind.

Of course, they eventually beat Ultron, and afterward, Thor said goodbye to the Avengers for a while as he returned to Asgard to investigate some strange visions he was getting.

It was during these investigations that Thor discovered that Loki was still alive and in Thor’s absence had taken over the throne of Odin.

Resolving the problem of his missing father and troublesome brother Thor sought help from Dr. Strange.

That still was not enough to save his father, he was too late.

Battling against the Goddess of Death Thor got banished to the planet Sakaar, and his famous hammer Mjolnir was destroyed.

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Once on Sakaar, he found he was expected to fight in the Contest of Champions and was surprised when he found his opponent was his old friend Hulk from the Avengers.

After a brief reconciliation and “fight” the two Avengers teamed up with Valkyrie to escape Sakaar and save Asgard.

This involved killing Hella, losing an eye, and launching Ragnarok.

Thor gathered the remaining Asgardians and moved them to New Asgard on Earth, with him as king.

While on route to Earth Thanos and the Black Order attacked them, and Thanos took the Tesseract (Infinity Stone) before killing Loki.

Thor is cast from the ship to die but he was rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

He eventually met up with Thanos again but Thor did not take advantage of this to kill Thanos.

This allowed Thanos to activate the now completed Affinity Gauntlet and erase 50% of the universe before Thanos disappeared again.

Captain Marvel and the Avengers gathered to chase Thanos.

They found him at the garden where he confirmed that he had destroyed the affinity stones after erasing half the universe so that it could never be undone.

This so angered Thor that he chopped of Thanos’head and left.

Thor left the Avengers and met up with the few remaining Asgardians in Norway, where New Asgard had been established.

Thor, no longer with a purpose, turned to alcohol and fast food and became totally out of shape.

After five years the Hulk and Rocket tracked Thor down at New Asgard and eventually convinced him that there was still a chance to undo what had been done.

The Avengers gathered together and learned the secret of time travel, with a plan to return in time before Thanos set off the Infinity Gauntlet and killed so many.

After successfully achieving their goal, Iron Man dying in the process, Thor left New Asgard and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Time Periods In The MCU

The above biography takes us through the whole period of the first three phases of The Infinity Wars Saga in the MCU.

There is now the fourth phase in progress and the story will continue once the movie industry shakes off Covid Pandemic.

It has been confirmed that Thor will be returning.

You will see that this biography follows the same order as the Phase 1 to 3 movies described in a recent post.

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The Infinity war saga took 19 movies to tell the whole story and spanned over ten years.

So at the end of the first three phases of the MCU, we now see Thor at the age of 1505 years old.

This has really been the first time that we could truly track his age.

Before the MCU the timelines were all over the place and Thor’s age seemed to vary according to the comic or movie.

The MCU allows us to see all the Marvel Heroes in a unified timeline, something that is totally new.

Ages of Thor In MCU

Let’s see what the age of Thor was in different appearances in MCU.

  • When Thor was first mentioned in the MCU he was 1493 years old
  • When Thor the dark World came around, Thor would have been 1495
  • When in Avengers: Age of Ultron, he would have been 1497
  • When in Thor Ragnarok he was 1499
  • When he took part in the Infinity War, then Thor would have been 1500
  • Finally for Avengers: Endgame, Thor would have been 1505

The Future of Thor

At the end of the first three phases of MCU, when it concluded with Avengers: Endgame; The actor who played Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was technically no longer in contract, so there was some doubt if the character would continue.

That was answered when Chris Hemsworth signed up for a Phase 4 movie.

However, the Covid Pandemic has thrown all movie production into chaos, and when and if that movie will actually take place is a matter of conjecture.

Putting actors aside for the moment, we know that Thor is now approaching 1510 by the time the next movie could appear.

Does that make him an old man?

No, Odin lived for around 10,000 years (although he was an exceptional Asgardian), so Thor has got a lot of life left in him yet.

Apparently even the average Asgardian lives for around 5000 years, so there is plenty of time for Thor to have many more adventures.

Final Thoughts

Considering how young Thor looks, finding out that Thor is 1500 years old may be surprising for many fans.

On the other hand, we need to realize that Thor is not a human and does not age as we do and he is still having

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