How Strong Is Superman | Is He Stronger Than Others

If you have been following Superman for some time, you will have heard the expression that Superman is “more powerful than a locomotive.”

In truth, these days that is just such an understatement that it is laughable. Superman is now so powerful that there is no superhero that comes anywhere close to him when it comes to strength.

It’s a bit of a cliché talking about the strength of Superman. Not only is he simply the strongest, but he has the reputation to go with it as well. Everyone knows that Superman is the Strongest and other Superheroes use him as a benchmark to aspire to. Superman is incredibly strong –⁠ he can lift over 200 quintillion tons.

Why Is Superman So Strong

Superman’s home planet has a heavier gravity and denser atmosphere than Earth, meaning Superman will naturally be stronger than any human rival.

Additionally, the yellow sun that illuminates earth has an effect on Superman (from Krypton where they have a red sun).

These yellow rays enhance his strength even more.

Superman is stronger, much stronger than you can possibly imagine. Superman is so strong that he has even been able to hold a black hole in his hand.

How is it that Superman first appeared in comics his strength was measured by comparing him to a speeding locomotive and now we compare his strength to that of a black hole?

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Why has he grown so much stronger? The answer is so simple.

As we have said, Superman’s strength is enhanced by the power of the yellow sun but what we did not mention is that Superman’s strength is constantly increasing the longer he is under that sun, so from the moment he arrived on Earth, his strength has been continuously increasing and Superman has been getting stronger and stronger.

This effect that the sun has on Superman was demonstrated in its most extreme form.

Once, in All-Star Superman, he entered the sun to save some scientists and was able to lift 200 quintillion tons with one hand.

Afterward, Superman remarked that he felt he could have done more!

Countdown To The Strongest Superhero

We have compiled a list of the top-rated strongest superheroes around today.

This list starts with the fifteenth strongest and works its way up to the all-time strongest superhero.

15. Namor

Namor was the son of a sea captain and an Atlantean Princess. Namor is one of the earliest Marvel Superheroes and has been called the first mutant.

In reality, Namor was a blatant copy of the DC Comics Aquaman.

The two are very similar except Namor has the ability to fly.

14. She-Hulk

Bruce Banner’s cousin, aka She-Hulk, gets stronger, the more she works out in her human form, the stronger her Hulk form is.

In day-to-day life, she works as a lawyer so she is pretty intelligent too.

13. Wonder Man

Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man was originally a villain but underwent experiments that turned his body into a solid ionic energy form.

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12. Supergirl

Cousin of Superman, Supergirl is able to destroy a moon and blast Superman right through the Great Wall of China.

She can also lift the key to the Fortress of Solitude, weighing half a million tons. W

e are starting to get into seriously strong characters here.

11. Power Girl

Power Girl is the earth 2 versions of Supergirl.

Gets confusing, doesn’t it?

She is actually older but her journey to Earth 2 took longer.

Power Girl has moved the moon weighing 81 billion tons

10. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter has a whole bunch of abilities and can absorb any mass close by to boost his strength (think about absorbing a planet).

Superman himself said he saw Martian Manhunter as the greatest threat.

9. Sentry

Sentry is a recovering meth addict who is said to have the power of a million exploding suns.

He is much like a pumped-up superman with mental issues.

8. Blue Marvel

Another superman clone, but black, who has had no trouble lifting an American navy ship weighing 93.000 tons.

He got his power from a radiation accident.

7. Gladiator

Leader of the Imperial Guard and he has a bit of a reputation for strength.

Reputed to have lifted the Baxter building and ripped apart a black hole.

6. Shazam

10-year-old boy Billy Batson turns into a superhero with immense strength.

He has pushed a moon back into orbit, drew with Superman in arm wrestling, punched a guy so hard as to form a black hole.

5. Hercules

We are now into the top five and the elite. He has lifted all of Manhattan and threw a planet out of orbit.

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One seriously strong guy.

4. Wonder Woman

Not just the strongest woman but also a serious contender for the number one strong superhero title.

She took care of Powergirl, threw a rock a million miles, pulled Martian Manhunter out of a black hole, and was Superman’s ex-girlfriend.

3. Thor

This guy or God has fought with a snake ten times the size of Earth and knocked out the Phoenix Force.

He even pushed over the leaning tower of Pizza with just one finger.

2. The Hulk

The madder he fets the stronger he gets, some say that technically he could get stronger than Superman, but it would take so long it’s just not practical, so back he goes to second place.

1. Superman

He has destroyed whole Solar Systems, bench pressed the earth for five days non-stop, and lifted 200 quintillion tons.

Every year he spends under the yellow sun he gets stronger too.

Superman is Simply the Strongest

With Superman getting stronger the more time he spends under our sun, the yellow rays gradually increasing his power, there is just no upper limit to what he could achieve in the future.

Ask about Superman’s strength in a few more years and his current abilities will be as nothing.

I suppose the only way we can stop describing his strength is when we run out of things to compare it to.

There will be nothing in the Universe that he cannot lift, move, or crush.

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