How Strong Is Thanos | Is He Stronger Than Others?

Thanos is an Eternal and also carries the Mutant Devieant Genes.

These mutant genes are why Thanos does not look the same as other Eternals.

It is this Eternals ancestry that gives Thanos his great strength.

Thanos has the strength of the Eternals which insubstantial, but he has also augmented his strength using Bionic technology. His strength was then further supplemented by Mistress Death. All of this makes Thanos a character to be reckoned with and allows him to lift 100 tons, which puts him in the same league as Thor, The Hulk, and Celestial Beings.

Comparing Thanos’ Strength to Other Characters

No doubt that Thanos has great physical strength.

There are also other beings and superheroes in Marvel and DC universes, that are as strong as Thanos, some are even stronger.

Let’s compare Thanos’ Strength to the other characters to see who is stronger and who is weaker than him.

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Stronger Than Thanos

Firstly, let’s see what characters are actually stronger than Thanos.


Impressive as membership of class 100 is, there is one character who just would laugh at such levels of strength.

Superman is able to lift 2 BILLION tons!

He is really in a league of his own (except for Super Girl) when it comes to sheer strength.


Supergirl is about the same strength as Superman NOW, but because of various factors, it is expected that eventually, she will be stronger than Superman.

However, she does not have the experience of Superman and would not win a fight between the two.

So Thanos could easily be beaten by a girl!

The Hulk

Thanos can lift 100 tons, but there is no upper limit to how much the Hulk can lift.

At his calmest, he can lift around 100 tons, but as he gets angrier so does his strength.

In terms of strength, Hulk is more powerful than Thanos.


Thor is judged to be able to lift more than 100 tons without struggling.

He too is stronger than Thanos. and is a member of the class 100 group.

As we know, Thor was able to win the fight with Thanos and kill him.


Wonderman is an average strength superhero, a member of the 100 class, and therefore able to lift over 100 tons.

Silver Surfer

Silver surfer is another member of class 100 and can lift over 100 tons and is about the same strength as Thanos.

Considering other aspects of Silver Surfer, he would not be able to win the direct fight with Thanos.

Weaker Than Thanos

Most of the characters are weaker than Thanos.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel just misses out on the class 100 group, with a maximum lift of 92 tons.


Odin, father of Thor, even with his augmented strength is only able to lift up to 75 tons and does not qualify for class 100.

He might be weaker than Thanos, but he is able to win the fight with him easily.


Spider-Man ranks pretty low in the terms of sheer strength with the ability to lift about 10 tons.


Wolverine is able to lift about 2 tons which is way above arch-rival Sabertooth, but nowhere near the strength of Thanos.


Just as Superman is in a class of his own, with the ability to lift weights far in excess of Thanos, so Batman is also in a league of his own.

A league that places him well below the strength levels of class 100, and with a limit of just 1000 lbs.

Captain America

Not far behind Batman, with a maximum lift of about 800lbs, we have Captain America.

Like Batman, he is a human, not a mutant.


Sabertooth has a reinforced skeleton but still is only able to lift 800 lbs.

Not anywhere near the strength of Thanos.

Why Do Superheroes Have Super Strength?

The very first comic strip superheroes had no special powers.

A popular character in the early 1930s was the Shadow, who had an amazingly long run in popular pulp fiction.

He relied solely on his wit.

It was not until Superman came along, two years later that the idea of Superpowers was added.

Superman was the prototype of a new type of superhero that nearly all superheroes ever since have been measured against.

Superheroes were originally created to reinforce certain messages to young people.

They were messages such as “Standing up for peers”, “Protecting the weak”, “The importance of courage” and so on.

Superheroes provide a great role model for children and the hope is that children will pick up on these traits and reflect them.

In a child’s world, where children are powerless, dressing up as a superhero allows them to imagine what power actually feels like in a second-hand way.

Superheroes help children find solutions, and it is through superheroes that children are able to seek out the power to deal with their real-life situations.

Even adults are inspired by the fantastical aspects of popular superheroes.

They offer escapism from the problems faced in the real world.

Even Thanos who is portrayed as an arch supervillain has qualities that redeem him when you look at what his character was trying to achieve.

Thanos is not just a standard villain.

He had a cause that he believed to be saving the Universe, and he could not understand why others could not support him and appreciate what he was trying to do.

You could say that Thanos was humane.

Throughout his whole existence, he has been battling to save the universe and has fought his entire life for that cause.

We might see his methods as being evil, but if you drill down to what the root core of his cause was, anyone could see it was intended to be what was best for humanity.

Unfortunately, Thanos chose a solution to resolve the ills of society that was unacceptable.

Thanos saw the diminishing level of resources as the cause of wars and conflict.

His solution was to reduce the population so that there were more than enough resources for everyone.

He believed that the greater the population numbers the more wars, and destruction that there would be.

The premise is quite sound, but his method of solving the problem is what makes Thanos an evil character.

Eventually, Thanos succeeded in his purpose, he had achieved his life goal.

Had it just been a thin excuse for his actions he would have carried on, but instead, he chooses to retire, to stop, to destroy the most powerful force in the Universe that was in his possession so that it could not be taken by those who wanted to commit evil.

He chose to destroy this weapon.

Which he did, and then he retired.

Without this weapon, he was easy prey for those who would kill him.

Final Thoughts

The strength of superheroes was one of the reasons why they fascinated me in childhood.

Seeing them lifting cars, busses, or even entire buildings without any visible effort was truly amazing and I’m sure that super strength is one of the main reasons why children (and not only children) are so amazed by superheroes.

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