How Strong Is The Hulk | Is Hulk Stronger Than Thor?

The Hulk is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe.

He has no limits to his power, which is controlled by the level of his anger.

There are very few characters that have the strength of the Hulk, and the Hulk knows it, which sometimes makes him act foolishly.

The Hulk gets stronger in proportion to his anger. Since his anger is almost infinite in its capabilities, this makes the Hulk a very strong individual. The Hulk is famed for his strength and you might think that nobody could be stronger. However, there is one particular character that is stronger and more powerful in many other ways as well, and that character is Thor. Thor Odinson, who has so many powers in addition to his raw strength that even the Hulk is not in the same league. Thor is much stronger than the Hulk and could beat the Hulk in any one-on-one fight. Thor is stronger than the Hulk any way you look at it.

Hulk Introduction

The Hulk is a superhero that is featured in comic books from Marvel.

The character was created by Stan Lee and was drawn by Jack Kirby.

In the comic books Dr. Robert, Bruce Banner, and the Hulk are the same person, two facets of the same individual.

Dr. Banner is the genius scientist, and the Hulk is the anger-driven monster.

The Hulk is one of two beings that are hosted by the body of Dr. Banner, and he appears when Banner gets angry.

Dr. Banner is physically weak, introverted, and emotionally stunted, when he morphs, he becomes the Hulk who is totally the opposite with immense physical strength, low intelligence, and is virtually unstoppable.

The Hulk’s Strengths

The Hulk is prey well invulnerable and there are very few things that can harm him.

Not much can pierce that thick skin that envelopes him. If something hits him, he just seems to absorb the shock.

He starts with superhuman strength and as he gets angrier, so his strength increases, it is limitless and only dependent on how angry he becomes.

This makes fights that last a long-time, very much in his favor.

The longer the fight lasts and the angrier Hulk becomes, and therefore the stronger he becomes.

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The Hulk’s Weaknesses

The Hulk is really not the sharpest tool in the toolbox and lacks the intelligence of Dr, Robert Bruce Banner.

Other characters can, and have, manipulated the Hulk on occasions by taking advantage of his reduced intelligence.

The Hulk is blessed with a powerful body, not a powerful mind.

The Hulk has also been shown to have a special attraction to kittens which can be used to distract him in certain circumstances.

It is also clear that the relationship with Dr. Banner can make things complicated and cause a distraction.

The Hulk always has to deal with Dr. Banner lurking inside at all times.

Thor Introduction

Thor Odinson is a fictional character that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The character is based on the comic book character that bears the same name.

The character is a modern presentation of the Norse Gods saga, where the Gods have been placed in a new context and the stories retold.

The Asgardians are a powerful ancient Alien race that has long ties to Earth.

The Asgardians are the inhabitants of Asgard and the ancient Norse Gods are based on them (a nice switch).

The Asgardian race looks similar to humans, but they possess a very advanced technology that appears to the rest of us like magic or sorcery.

The whole Asgardian civilization is based upon this technology.

Ultimately the Asgardians and Thanos clashed, and he wiped out the entire race.

Before this happened, the Asgardians had been seen as Gods on Earth.

Thor Odinson is one of the most powerful Asgardians and has so far appeared in eight films.

Thor was a founding member of the Avengers (See the Avengers #1). His family often comes into storylines.

His father is Odin, his Mother is Frigga, his half-sister is Hela, and his adopted brother is Loki.

Thor is also sometimes referred to as the God of Thunder.

Thor’s Strengths

Before I start to talk about the Superpowers possessed by Thor, I think it is right to mention some of his more normal abilities.


Thor has an abundance of willpower and does not back down to any enemy.

Master Tactician

One of Thor’s Roles was also the God of War. If he appeared on the mastermind quiz show, this would probably be his specialist subject.

He has a reputation for being one of the most powerful fighters in history.

Immune to Mental Control

Thor can just brush aside attempt by powerful beings to influence him mentally.

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Communicates in All Languages

Thor using the All speak can communicate in all of the languages of the nine realms and several alien tongues as well.


Thor is more than able to cast the occasional illusion, thanks to watching Loki over the years.

Plenty of Allies

Thor is pretty influential among Earth’s Heroes. He could assemble quite a force if needed.

Thor is rated as one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe.

He is also durable, in fact so much so that he survives a blast from the celestials, and that takes some doing.

Thor has powers to manipulate energy (in the same way the silver surfer has) which is a pretty powerful offensive weapon.

Thor is also equipped with a “magical” war hammer called “Mjolnir.”

This hammer has the ability to open passages that lead through space and time, and can block a variety of different energy blasts.

It can also bend the elements to fit the will of its master.

It is not exactly a slow weapon either, and Thor has been known to swing the war hammer at twice the speed of light, so it is not something you are going to see coming.

Thor was trained as an Asgardian warrior and has a very long experience in this role.

As you can imagine, the powers so far mentioned are typically going to be more than enough power to take on anybody, but just in case Thor also has some extra powers that he normally keeps in reserve.

First off, he has complete mastery of the weather.

He can open huge chasms in the Earth. Thor will normally only use the powers he needs when fighting.

Interestingly, when the Hulk was facing the fantastic four AND the Avengers, the Hulk commented that it was only Thor that he saw as a threat.

That’s quite high praise.


Because of his God/Asgardian heritage, Thor has many of the attributes that other Asgardians possess.

However, because of his unique birth, Thor’s powers are somewhat more developed than other Asgardians.

Thor’s skin, bone, and muscle are several times denser than those of a human.

This explains why Thor weighs such a lot.

Power blasts just have no effect on Thor and if someone were to drop a heavy weight on him, it would not even make him blink.

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He can fall from a great height, hold a bomb while it explodes, and not even spill his coffee.

Life/God Force

This is the superpower that fuels all of Thor’s special abilities and super-powers.

Some deities have a problem using their powers in realms other than their own. Not so for Thor who has full access wherever he is.

Godlike Strength

You would have thought that everything we have so far listed would be enough for any superhero.

But, Thor also has a special power that comes with his role of God of Strength.

As God of strength, Thor is the strongest of all Asgardians and his strength is unlimited.

He does not need to get angry to achieve this unlimited strength, he has it on demand.

He is so strong that he can chuck about the molten cores of stars.

He also has effortlessly snapped cables made of Adamantium.

Near Invulnerability

Thor cannot be affected by:

  • Diseases
  • Toxins
  • Poisons
  • Corrosives
  • Fire
  • Viruses
  • Electrocution
  • Asphyxiation
  • Temperature
  • Radiation poisoning

In fact, there is not a lot that can hurt Thor, no wonder the Hulk was a bit concerned about him.

Believe it or not, there are still more superpowers to come.

Thor is also endowed with Superhero Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Regenerative Healing Factor, Longevity, Breath strong enough to create hurricanes, Flight, and he can survive in the vacuum of space without air, food, water, or sleep.

Is Thor Stronger Than Hulk?

You can see from all the above that Thor has just about any power available and in bigger portions than the Hulk or any other Marvel character, I would describe Thor as the ultimate warrior, and in a one-to-one fight with any character you matched him against, he would come out on top.

If you look through the powers I have described one by one you can see that this combination of powers gives Thor so many offensive and defensive options when facing an opponent.

Thor is stronger than Hulk and Hulk was aware of it that’s why he saw him as the only threat.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Hulk is one of the strongest superheroes of all time, especially when we realize that there is no true upper limit to his strength.

But there are still several superheroes that are considered to be stronger than Hulk, and Thor is one of them.

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