How Tall Is Batman (Compared To Other Superheroes)

To maintain a degree of consistency when a comic book character is drawn by several different artists, there has to be some sort of reference guide that states the primary dimensions and features of a character.

According to the DC, Comics encyclopedia states that Batman is 6’2″ tall. Which is the same size as the actor Adam West who starred many times in the role. Other Batman actors have deviated from this Batman standard size over the years.

Height Of Actors Who Have Played Batman

Firstly let’s see how tall were the actors that played Batman over the years.

Lewis Wilson6'2"
Robert Lowery6'1"
Adam West6'2"
Michael Keaton5'9"
Kevin Conroy6'2"
Val Kilmer6'0"
George Clooney5'11"
Christian Bale6'1"
Ben Affleck6'4"
Will Arnett6'2"
Robert Pattinson6'1"

We can see from the above list that Batman has been played by actors ranging from 5’9″ to 6’5″.

The shortest Batman was Michael Keaton who starred in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).

Michael Keaton was the shortest Batman at just 5’9″.

Height Of Ten Top Male Superheroes

We’ve learned how tall is Batman according to the comics encyclopedia and how tall were the actors who played Batman.

But how tall is Batman in comparison to other superheroes?

SuperheroFirst AppearanceHeight
SupermanAction Comics #1, (June 1938)6'3"
SpidermanAmazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962)5'10"
BatmanDetective Comics #27, (cover date May)6'2"
Black PantherFantastic Four #52 (July 1966)6'0"
Captain America Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941)6'2"
Iron ManTales of Suspense #396'1”
DaredevilDaredevil #1 (April 1964)6'0"
The Flash Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)5'11"
Wolverine The Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974)5'3"
Black LightningBlack Lightning #1 (April 1977)6'0"
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The above list shows us the “official” size of the characters according to the publishers.

Where a difference between the comic book height and movie height exists, I have used the movie height.

Smallest and Tallest Superheroes

Marvel superheroes are a varied lot, they come in all shapes and sizes.

I wondered who would be the tallest character and who would be the shortest.

However, the very tallest character Giant-Man, and the very smallest character, Ant-Man, are the same individual called Hank Pym.

Marvel’s Tallest Character – Giant-Man

The name “Giant-Man” was used by three different characters over the years.

They were Hank Pym, Bill Foster, and Raz Malhotra.

Hank Pym, aka Yellow Jacket, is a very smart scientist who is one of the founding members of the Avengers.

He is in a romantic relationship with the Wasp Pym goes by different names depending on the ability he is using.

Two primary names are Ant-Man and Giant-Man. Giant-Man was 79’4″ tall.

However, Giant-Man in Avengers Endgame appeared to be shown as 109’0″ tall.

Marvel’s Smallest Character – Ant-Man

Harry Pym can also become Ant-Man, a character so small that he can shrink to sub-atomic sizes, invisible to the eye.

The very extreme of his other alter-ego Giant-Man.

Does Superhero Height Matter?

We can see from the above that Superheroes do not have to be of heroic proportions, size is not a factor that decides whether someone is a Superhero or not. Height is not the key factor involved in becoming a Superhero.

Superheroes are individuals who carry out actions which we would describe as heroic.

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They are different from other heroes because of how they carry out heroic actions.

A soldier who carries out heroic deeds in a battle would not be described as a Superhero, because he carried out extraordinary deeds that any other individual could have carried out if imbued with the same valor.

A Superhero uses some special power that other brave people do not.

These powers may have been generated by mutation, some scientific process, or in the case of some Superheroes, like Batman, by incredible dedication and training that the average person could not hope to achieve.

The First Superhero Was 5’11” Tall

To find the first modern superhero, we need to travel back to 1934.

Beating Superman by 4 years we have Mandrake, the magician.

Mandrake was able to use his special hypnotic powers to make people believe. He used these powers to fight crime.

Mandrake was a syndicated comic strip that was distributed by King Features Syndicate.

According to Don Markstein, a comics historian, it is widely regarded that Mandrake, the Magician, was the first comic Superhero.

Mandrake was a magician who created a rapid method of hypnotism.

Interestingly, there was a stage hypnotist called Mandrake who had been performing on the circuits for at least ten years before the comic appeared.

There were great similarities between the real-life Leon Mandrake and the comic character, something that once the comic strip became popular that Leon encouraged.

At various moments in storylines, Mandrake also can become invisible, shift his shape, levitate, and teleport.

The source of his power is magic that is within the wand and cloak that he inherited from his father and is imbued with magical powers.

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Mandrake is a stage magician by career but can devote a great deal of his time to fighting crime, and also fighting supernatural creatures.

Mandrake is thought to have been 5’11” tall and weighing 150 lbs. He had a sister called Leonore, and his father, from whom he got his magical powers was called Theron.

His base of power was in New York.

The fictional biography of Mandrake states that he and his sister were educated in Collegium Magicos, the College of Magic, in Tibet.

The Master of the College is Theron, who Mandrake and his sister discover is their father.

His sister disappeared at the college after an incident with the Thirteen Magic Scrolls.

Mandrake left the college and began a search for his sister and in the process of his career, he gathered a great deal of wealth, with which he purchased the palace of Xanadu.

With his friend Prince Lothar, an African Prince, he assists law enforcement agencies.

Mandrake also battles another character who originates at the College of Magic, called Octon. Octon becomes the arch-enemy of Mandrake.

Final Thoughts

We can see that Batman’s height is 6’2″ which is slightly more than the average human man’s height.

While Batman is not the tallest superhero, we’ve learned that height is not the factor that would matter much in the superhero world.

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