How Tall Is Wolverine | Is He Taller Than Others?

You may be wondering how tall Wolverine is, especially when compared to other superheroes.

It’s probably not something that people who’ve only watched the movies are familiar with.

He’s a quick-witted rogue who doesn’t stay around in one situation for too long.

Throughout the X-Men series, he’s a bit of a lone ranger. Interestingly, the actor that plays this character in the movies is actually taller than the original.

This antihero super mutant is shorter than average at 5-feet and 3-inches tall, or 160-centimeters. He’s more nimble and agile at this height than other superhumans such as Thor, Hulk, and Thanos. While at this height, he’s at a weight of 300-pounds due to his developed muscles and adamantium armor. This makes for the perfect weapon that can quickly get in and out of a situation while dealing with heavy blows.

Wolverine, the Chaotic Good Superhero

Also known as Logan to people who know him personally, this superhuman mutant is one of the most popular characters in the X-men and overall Marvel Universe.

Originally, he was born as James Howlett to John and Elizabeth Howlett, rich farmers in the Alberta, Canada northern region.

Eventually, he took the name from the last name of his real biological father, Thomas Logan.

This was actually in the late 19th century, and he’s been alive since then.

Like his evil counterpart Sabretooth, he’s a feral-like mutant with high levels of physical powers, including superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, and high survivability.

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He also has a healing factor, allowing him to survive brutal battles and the poisonous adamantium material stuck to his bones.

This is a major reason why he has so much endurance and stamina, including living for a very long time.

While he doesn’t look like it, he’s actually over one hundred years old.

Also, he’s been on many adventures, both by himself and with the X-Men team.

During his time in Canada, he lived in a mining colony in the Yukon region, where he accidentally killed his childhood friend.

This is where he first met his rival Sabretooth, who was known as Victor Creed at the time, though he’s also the same figure that frees Logan from prison.

Both of them eventually team up in the Team X program part of the CIA.

Afterward, he breaks free of the mind control that the Team X organizers put on him and rejoined the Canadian defense.

However, he’s eventually kidnapped and is forced into the Weapon X program.

This is where he gets adamantium fused into his body.

He managed to escape with some help and finally became the superhero Wolverine for his home country.

Eventually, he was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier, the X-Men founder.

Wolverine’s Height Compared to Others

You might be wondering how this character stacks up with other superheroes and supervillains.

Although height isn’t everything, fans are usually interested in the different features between each of the superhuman characters.

Below is a list of how the feral-like mutant compares.

Black Panther, the King of Wakanda

Of this list, this is the one closest to the mutant in tallness at 6-feet, which is the same in the movies and the comics he’s in.

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He’s actually quite like the mutant as well, making use of his physical strength and his abilities, including martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics, and tracking.

He also makes use of retractable claws and an energy dagger.

Wolverine would win the fight with Black Panther.

Iron Man, the World-Renowned Genius

Tony Stark is fairly tall but not at a massive height.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s 6-feet and 1-inch.

That’s a bit above the average.

In the comics, he’s actually quite a bit taller at 6-feet and 6-inches.

Like Logan, this character doesn’t just depend on his strength.

In this case, he depends almost solely on his super-genius abilities with the various inventions he creates, especially when it comes to creating and upgrading his armor suit.

Hulk, the World-Smashing Mammoth

If you want to know how tall Bruce Banner is, he’s at 5-feet and 9-inches.

That’s still taller than the mutant antihero, but not by much.

As the Hulk, things actually get more complicated.

He’s usually between 7-feet and 8-feet in the recent movies.

Depending on how angry he gets, he can get taller.

In the comics, he’s usually a bit over 8-feet.

Overall, he’s one of the tallest superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Thor, the Thundering Hammer of Asgard

This thundering superhero is about as tall as Tony Stark in both mainstream versions of himself.

He’s 6-feet and 3-inches tall in the cinema, making him a bit taller than Iron Man.

In the comics, he’s actually as tall as Iron man at 6-feet and 6-inches.

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This character is known much for his physical strength, fighting skills, and magical abilities than his overall physical dominance, making him quite the force in a battle.

Sabretooth, the Villainous Arch-Rival

While this character is the nemesis of this article’s main subject, he’s actually quite a bit taller.

This is at 6-feet and 6-inches, much like Iron Man and Thor.

Like his mutant counterpart, he’s not completely good or evil.

He’s an archetypal cutthroat similar to pirates, bandits, outlaws, thieves, and assassins.

He embraces his savage qualities rather than suppressing them, where he focuses solely on his own personal gain at the expense of others.

Sabertooth would win the fight with Wolverine.


The simple answer to this question is that Wolverine is fairly short in height at 5-feet and 3-inches.

While this is shorter than average mortals, he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

It makes sense that he’s at this height since he’s a quick and nimble ninja-like character compared to other mutants and superheroes.

The animal that he’s named after is also quite small compared to other wild animals such as bears and wolves.

Marvel comic creators and writers made this antihero super mutant when comics started to become more niche and have darker yet more complex themes.

They were also becoming more oriented towards fantasy settings, away from the more relatable characters such as Captain America and many others of his day.

Nowadays, the comic book industry has turned into a much more diverse world with different stories and characters.

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