Iron Man Vs Superman – Who Would Win The Fight

In this article, we are considering what would happen in a head-on fight between Iron man and Super Man.

These characters are two unique types of individuals and are not like our normal fighters.

In a fight between Iron Man and Superman, we are matching a regular human being against a superhero with a range of extreme powers. Sure, Tony Stark is massively intelligent, and he has a technologically advanced suit of armor, but this cannot possibly compare to the powers of Superman. This would be a quick fight with Superman winning easily.

Iron Man Introduction

Tony Stark was a mechanical engineering wonder: At just 21 he took over from his father in his company and turned it into a massively successful corporation.

However, when testing some new technology, Tony was the victim of a booby trap and it lodged a piece of shrapnel near his heart.

Things did not look good.

While in Vietnam, one of the communist leaders captured Tony and threw him into prison, forcing him to make new weapons for the guerrilla leader.

In prison at the same time was Professor Ho Yinsen, a well-known physicist.

Working as a team, they designed and produced the prototype iron man armor.

Professor Ho could even integrate a device in the chest plate of the armor to keep Tony’s heart beating properly.

In an escape attempt, using the armor, Professor Ho, while assisting Tony, lost his life buying Tony some time.

Tony escaped, so his sacrifice was not in vain.

Escaping with Tony was another prisoner, James Rhodes, who later became known as War Machine.

The pair returned to the USA, and Tony Stark became a member of the Avengers.

His father had always taught Tony to give back to the world, and so Tony took those teachings to heart and began his work of helping humanity.

However, the price Tony paid for his early traumas was alcoholism, and this was a source of difficulty for his whole life.

Even though much of his time was spent working with the Avengers, Tony Stark continued turning his company into a giant successful corporation.

His company manufactured technology that was sold to S.H.I.E.L.D. and other worthy organizations, like the Avengers.

This success bought Tony the attention of a rival billionaire arms maker named Obadiah Stane.

This attack upon Tony’s company by Obediah was successful, and Tony Stark lost his company, became homeless, stopped working as Iron Man, and took to the bottle.

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Tony handed over the iron Man armor to his friend Jim Rhodes.

Obediah found the plans for the Iron Man armor among company documents and made his own version called iron Monger, and was planning to sell these to whoever paid the most.

Tony Stark eventually pulled himself together and launched a new company and returned to his life as Iron Man.

This threat enraged Obediah and led to a fight between Iron Man and Iron Monger, during which Tony defeated Obediah.

Obediah being unable to handle defeat killed himself, and Tony recovered his original company and lifestyle.

The genie was out of the bottle and versions of iron Monger appeared in the wrong hands.

Tony launched an offensive called “The Armor Wars” which was a campaign to take on the supervillains using the armor, and deactivating the armor used by government agencies.

He believed the design was his and was determined to take back control of his invention.

The world was becoming a dangerous place, and Tony Stark, together with Iron Man, Black Bolt, Sub Mariner, Professor X, Reed Richards, and Dr. Strange, formed a group called “The Illuminati” who helped to recover the Infinity Gems which when combined with the Infinity Gauntlett would provide Extreme powers to the holder.

They were also responsible for shooting Hulk off into orbit, which ended up with the Hulk Wars.

When the government wanted superheroes to register and, in reality, make themselves under S.H.I.E.L.D.S. control; many superheroes opposed the idea and went underground.

Superheroes split into two camps, those who fought the new regulations, led by Captain America, and those who supported the move, led by Tony Stark (who was made Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

This led to a civil war which climaxed in a major battle in New York, during which Captain America, seeing the carnage, called a ceasefire.

Captain America handed himself in but was subsequently assassinated on his way to court. This haunted Tony Stark, who felt responsible.

Iron Man’s Powers

Tony Stark is not a mutant and holds no special powers.

He only has his genius and the ability to devise technology.

This technology can be very powerful but it is, in the end, just technology.

Yes, it is a technology that allows the wearer to fly, shoot particle beams, and resist the vacuum found in space.

It provides for superhuman strength and will provide the wearer with a level of protection, but ultimately the protection and strength are finite and depending on a machine.

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Iron Man’s Weaknesses

  • Tony Stark is an alcoholic, he will always face difficulties with alcohol. This shows a flaw that may have deeper issues that can be exploited
  • Tony Stark has a massive ego and overestimates his abilities
  • His attraction to women easily manipulated Tony Stark into making poor decisions
  • If Tony Stark is separated from his suit he is powerless
  • Tony Stark’s heart is run on electrical power and if he uses his suit too much, the power will fail. Also, maybe electrical interference could stop the heart
  • Several times Tony Stark has invented things that backfired
  • He is a lousy employer and mistreats the employees of Stark Industries
  • His identity is not hidden, meaning people can target people and things that matter to him

Superman Introduction

The second Hero we feature today is very well known and has been introduced several times already.

Superman has saved the world on multiple occasions, saving the people of Earth against an array of hazards that have threatened them.

His attempts are often made harder by people exploiting a well-known flaw in his physiology which makes Kryptonite deadly to him.

As his home planet, Krypton was being destroyed, his parents sent him to Earth alone in a tiny spaceship where he was found in Kansas by a farming couple, the Kents.

The Kents adopt Superman and name him Clark Kent.

As Clark Kent grows up, he discovers he has Superpowers, which he tries to hide, posing as the mild-mannered Clark Kent.

Superman fights crime, his identity hidden so that he remains a mystery.

When he hears of a problem, he rushes to a private location and strips of his Clark Kent Street clothes, and flies to the aid of the victim.

Clark Kent, who works as a journalist on the daily Planet, has a love interest in Louis Lane, a fellow reporter, but she is focused on Superman and does not see that Clark Kent and Superman are as one.

Superman does not seek celebrity status or acknowledgment of his good deeds, he just does them out of an inner sense of right and wrong.

Superman Strengths

We all know about Superman’s extreme strength, speed, durability, self-healing powers.

That would be enough for most people, but the creators have also given Superman several powers that many people have never heard of.

He was one of the first Superheroes in the world and started life with a lot of unheard-of powers that even then made in Superman.

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But over the years they have increased those powers to a magnitude several times greater than where he began.

What many people do not see is how in various stories extra powers are subtly added, increasing his power even more.

The following powers have appeared over the years:

  • Electrical Powers
  • Time Travel
  • Electromagnetic Vision
  • Super Speed Flight
  • Telepathy and Hypnosis
  • Endurance
  • Telekinetic Vision
  • Super intelligence
  • Shape Shifting
  • X-Ray Vision

Superman Weaknesses

We all know that Kryptonite is a big problem for Superman, but there are other problems that can cause difficulties.

  • Superman has varying degrees of immunity to nuclear bombs, depending on what era the story was written.
  • They can attack superman using magic
  • He is vulnerable to some high-pitched frequencies
  • He is a good guy and does not like to kill. A Disadvantage against ruthless villains.
  • Virus-X, a Kryptonian virus
  • Cannot see through lead
  • Mental attacks have been known to affect him.
  • Lack of Solar Energy to replenish his powers
  • Too much red sun energy is harmful

Superman Would Win The Fight With Iron Man

Tony Stark has no powers of his own.

Take him out of the suit and most people could defeat him.

He is merely a human, an alcoholic human, and is not a mutant or a holder of enhanced powers.

It is only when Tony Stark is wearing his sophisticated suit of armor that he becomes out of the ordinary.

Everybody knows who Iron Man is and this places anyone or anything he cares about in the line of fire.

Pressure could be placed on him if they kidnapped him if his friends.

Inside the suit admittedly Tony Stark is powerful, but it is not powerful enough to challenge Superman and if the two were to get involved in a fight, then Iron Man would be defeated quickly by Superman.

Superman wins every time.

Final Thoughts

Some of the fights we discuss on this website are not easy to decide.

On the other hand, the winner of the Iron Man Vs Superman fight was very easy to decide.

While it might be an interesting mental exercise to imagine how this fight would develop and what Iron Man would do to hurt Superman, truth is that if Iron Man would not have a Kryptonite at his hands, he can not win in any scenario we imagine.

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