Is Batman Real (How Batman Started)

Batman has been around for a very long time, first appearing in 1939. Partly because of the longevity of the story he has become one of the more popular comic book characters created.

Batman is not real. It’s a work of pure fiction, the Batman portrayed in the comic books and movies is not real and simply a fictional imagining of the writers. However, some people try to impersonate Batman and become the superhero. These are often enthusiastic fans.

When Batman was Created

It was 1939 and a rival company, now called Marvel, was having a run of success.

National Comic Publications who are now called DC Comics decided they would like a piece of the action and brought out a new character.

This character was called Batman.

Bob Kane originally came up with the idea of Batman.

The original idea for Batman was that he would wear red tights, boots, no gloves, and a small mask.

On his back were some small hard fixed wings rather like a Bat’s wing.

Bob Kane showed the drawings to his colleague Bill Finger.

Together they modified the design, replacing the mask with a cowl, and removing the wings in favor of a cape.

He also convinced Kane to drop the red parts of the costume.

The character and style of Batman were drawn from 1930s society/culture.

The establishment figure that was Bruce Wayne, with an alter-ego was drawn from classic works of fiction such as the Scarlet Pimpernell.

Kane was recognized by DC in exchange for the rights to the character and his name would appear on every comic.

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Bob Finger seems to be forgotten and is not mentioned.

Batman Redesigned

By 1964 Batman was in a bit of a decline and there was serious consideration being given to killing off the character.

Instead, DV put the Batmantitles under the control of Julius Schwartz who set about updating the character.

He was updated from the 1930s character to a more contemporary one, who was more a detective than he had been in recent years.

They killed off Batwoman, the Bathound, and Batmite as part of the relaunch.

They also updated his costume adding the yellow background behind the Bat logo on his chest.

The famous Batmobile was also given an update.

These changes were received well by the public, and in 1966, the Batman TV Series was launched.

This TV series boosted the comic sales and for two years both the TV series and comics did well, but the show was too camp and the public started to mock the characters and audiences declined.

In 1969 DC had a rethink and chose to make Batman a much darker figure, very much how he had been originally.

It was a return to the roots of the character.

This new approach revived the character again. By this time Batman was a well-known character and one which many members of the public knew.

It was this awareness that captured the imagination of certain individuals who wanted to be Batman so badly that they invested both money and time in trying to emulate their hero.

The Real Batman

The Batman stories are centered on the fictional Gotham City.

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However, it is acknowledged that Gotham City was based on a representation of New York. It is no wonder that Batman has perhaps the most authentic Batman wannabee of the many attempts by enthusiastic fans.

Most Batman impersonators concentrate on getting the look right, even investing thousands of dollars having mock-ups of the Batmobile built around production cars.

They rarely actually try to emulate the crime-fighting part and either end up doing charitable work or making a few dollars doing promotions.

There are a couple of local superheroes that have attempted the crime-fighting part, and the Batman of New York is the best example.

The New York Batman can be found walking the streets of New York City at night, where he has been attacking burglars, muggers, and those dealing in drugs. He does this while wearing a Batman costume.

According to a police source, who wants to remain anonymous, the Batman wannabee has even broken into a crack house and severely beaten a pair of well-known crack dealers.

This all sounds good, you may think, but the problem is that the guy is breaking the law with his proactive style of policing, and local police find themselves in a difficult position.

The New York Batman has built a vocal local following and if the police were to crack down on the modern-day Batman, there would be a large protest and it would appear that the police were persecuting the man that many think is a real hero.

To do nothing also leaves them open to criticism if anything were to go wrong.

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The police have said that, “they cannot have just anyone going around making their own laws, and that the fact he is doing this while wearing a Batman costume suggests that he is mentally unstable.”

They believe that he is probably a victim of crime himself and has chosen to fight back.

Meanwhile, Batman is carrying on with his crime-fighting and intervened in a robbery of a fast-food restaurant, where he knocked out the two robbers, then left the scene, leaving the criminals for the police to arrest.

On another occasion, a mugger was holding up a young couple when Batman stepped from behind a tree and kicked the gun from the robber’s hand before putting him into a head hold and ramming his head into a tree. Once again, as always, by the time the police arrived on the scene, Batman was gone.

Witnesses have said that the New York Batman is a bodybuilder with a large physique and avoids publicity.


The New York Batman is not the only crimefighter posing as Batman.

I guess I should be corrected for saying that he is posing as Batman. He looks like Batman, fights crime like Batman, and acts like Batman, so is it very wrong to say that he is a modern real Batman?

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