Is Deadpool A Mutant | Mutant Powers Explained

Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool is a pretty extrovert character and the public seems to either love him or hate him.

He evokes powerful feelings either way.

We also know Deadpool as “The Merc with the Mouth” because of his constant chatter.

But how did Deadpool end up the way he is? Is it by birth or did something happen to him?

Many people assume he is a mutant, however, the truth is profoundly different.

In the original comic books, Deadpool is not a mutant. He was a product of experimental procedures in the Weapon Plus program, which is the same research that created Captain America. Prior to that, he had no special powers. However, in the movie, Wade Wilson possessed the gift of rapid healing before he underwent the Weapons Plus experimentation, and it was that experimentation that woke the healing plus power which had been dormant. So Deadpool is a mutant in the movies, but not in the comics.

In Marvel Comics, What is a Mutant?

Mutants frequently appear in Marvel Comic Books and movies.

They regard a mutant as a human who received the “X-Gene” at birth.

This gene results in the Mutants having special powers that develop at puberty.

Sometimes these mutants are called sub-species of humans called homo-sapiens-superior.

So Marvel Mutants have a genetic base for their superpowers.

This differentiates them from those who have been given some stimulus (like the Hulk which gives them superpowers).

These are referred to as “Mutates.”

Marvel thought up the idea of these homo-sapiens-superior mutants as a way of avoiding having to explain why each superhero had special powers.

It was far easier just to call them a mutant.

Stan Lee the Marvel editor in the 1960s thought up this idea after half digesting a current scientific theory.

It was also used to explain the growing number of supervillains.

As a development of this idea, Marvel decided that these young mutants should attend school in the same way that regular youngsters had to, so they invented Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

This new species of mutants first appeared in the X-Men series of comics.

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Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

The X-Mansion or Xavier institute is the home for a special accredited private school for mutant children and teenagers.

In later stories, it became Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach.

The X-Mansion had been in the Xavier family for ten generations.

High technology defenses protect the school, but supervillains occasionally still get inside on occasions.

A Metaphor?

On another level, it is said that they see the mutants as representative of an oppressed minority who is persecuted by humanity for no other reason than the fact that they are mutants. So the stories reflect racism, bigotry, and prejudice.

There are also elements in the story where mutants could be compared to homosexuals. In one story Iceman’s mother asks him whether he had ever tried not being a mutant, a common routinely asked by parents of gay children.

In another story when the beast was outed as a mutant, he commented to his coworker, “You didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell.”

Ultimate Marvel – Variation of the Mutant Story

In the Marvel Ultimate Universe, the origin of the many mutations around the world was the “Super soldier research,” the trigger for which got released into the environment and caused the large number of mutations that were seen worldwide.

This appearance of mutants in the general-public resulted in Mutants becoming illegal.

Mutant Origins in Marvel

There are stories of mutants in the pre-history of Earth.

The Celestials collected early humans and experimented on them.

They mutated them so that their genome was unstable and this created the Deviants (Homo Descendus).

They also created the Eternals through genetic experimentation.

They released these two experimental groups on Earth to live with the Homo Sapiens.

Finally, Oneg created creatures with a latent gene designed to expand human potential.

Many years later the descendents of these experimental groups were the ones producing mutants.

A typical deviant had at least one trait that exceeded the human norm. It might be intelligence, physical ability.

What Mutant Powers Does Deadpool Possess

Deadpool was born a mutant in the movies.

These mutant powers lay dormant until they diagnosed him with terminal cancer and he undergoes an experimental treatment designed to activate his dormant mutant genes.

One of these genes provided the power of rapid healing so as soon as it became active it cured Deadpool of cancer.

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Regenerative/Healing Powers

Wade Wilson was born with amazing self-healing powers that allow him to heal at rapid rates.

He can regenerate damaged tissue and can even regenerate severed limbs or vital organs.

This obviously gives him a massive advantage in a fight, as he can repair damage while still fighting.

This regenerative power is so effective that he can even survive being burnt to a crisp or decapitation.

Superhuman Metabolism

Deadpool also has superhuman levels of stamina, strength, agility, and reflexes.

These are well over those limits available to a regular human.

Gained Abilities

These abilities are unconnected to his mutant status but have been acquired through life experience as a mercenary.

He is an incredible shot. He is skilled in using swords. He is fluent in several languages.

A side-effect of the treatment that he underwent to cure his cancer, was that the serum, which was made from Wolverine genes, left his body scarred with burns and they leave his emotional stability in a precarious state.

Deadpool Personality

Deadpool is one of a few Marvel characters that “breaks the 4th Wall.”

By this, we mean he knows he is a comic book character and talks to the readers. Marvel uses this for comedy.

Deadpool has a disorder that causes psychosis and mental instability.

The disorder is a byproduct of his rapid healing ability.

Some see the unpredictability caused by this disorder as a weakness, yet others see it as a tactical advantage in that opponents can never predict what he will do.

Deadpool is also portrayed as having a strong moral sensibility.

He has shown this twice in various stories.

In one of his arguments with Wolverine, Wolverine accuses Deadpool (a former mercenary) of being in it only for the money.

In response Archangel lets it be known that Deadpool has cashed none of his cheques.

Deadpool is clearly mentally unstable, and he is a character that finds it hard to stop talking.

Deadpool Background

In the Earth 616 universe, Wade Wilson had memories of his childhood that were disjointed and conflicting.

In one account he remembered his father abandoned his mother while she was pregnant with Wade, and she abused him as a child in revenge.

In another account, he says that his mother died when he was five and his father raised him and was abusive.

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His father was an army officer in that account.

Whichever version of events is true, Wade grew up to become a criminal thug.

When Wade’s father tried to regain control it is said that one of Wade’s friends shot him and killed him.

So, whatever stories are true, Wade Wilson had a troubled childhood.

Yet a third story was that his father abandoned his mother when he was just a boy and his mother turned to alcohol, humor, and TV shopping-channels.

Wade says he ran away so she would not spend what little money remained on him.

None of these mixed-up stories ended up being true in the end and it turned out that both his parents were alive and living in Canada.

After he had run away, they kept his room exactly as he had left it.

When he eventually visited as an adult, he didn’t recognize his parents, his room, or recall his previous life.

After he had left home, they claim he joined the U.S. Special forces where he showed excellent fighting skills, but they drummed him out because he would not follow an order that conflicted with his moral code.

Just before the age of 19 he was already showing signs of being a disturbed individual and made an attempt at suicide.

He survived and shortly after was offered a position in a secretive group of CIA-sponsored mercenaries.

They promised him that all their targets deserved to die.

He spent several years working in various roles that were mercenary.

Eventually, he met a teenage mutant prostitute with whom he had a romantic affair, but he became ill with cancer and left her rather than burden her looking after a terminally sick man.

He returned to Canada, expecting to die soon after but once in Canada he was offered new hope when Department K, a special weapons branch of the Canadian Government offered him the chance to become a test subject in a trial US/Canadian superhuman enhancement program.

It was then that his cancer was arrested by them implanting genes from another test subject called Wolverine.

This is where Deadpool was created.

Final Thoughts

Deadpool is one of the most controversial superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

The fact that he wasn’t originally mutant in comics but he is displayed as a mutant in the movies only increases this controversy.

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