Is Shazam Stronger Than Superman (Strengths Comparison)

Shazam as a superhero is the culmination of every comic book-loving child’s dream, but how well can the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal fare against the Son of Krypton, Superman.

Is Shazam stronger than Superman? That’s a tough question to answer, but here’s the long and short of it.

Shazam is not as strong as Superman and would not be able to overpower him in most of their encounters, but in some ways, Shazam is actually strong and can put Superman through quite a tough predicament. Ultimately, Superman is going to win.

In this article, we’re going to talk about Shazam, his powers and abilities, as well as compare his strengths against the biggest superhero of the DC universe, Superman and find out who’s stronger.

So, make sure you read this article till the end, no matter who you’re rooting for. 

Shazam’s Origin

Shazam’s origin story isn’t as gut-wrenching as Batman’s or Superman’s story.

A 12-year-old orphan boy named Billy Batson gets lured into an abandoned subway where a magical car takes him to the magical lair of a wizard named Shazam in the Rock of Eternity.

Here, upon saying the wizard’s name, the boy is blessed by magical lightning with an adult-superhero body with the combination of many godly powers that make up the word S.H.A.Z.A.M.

By repeating SHAZAM, he can revert to his child self.

As a boy, Shazam first took advantage of his powers in his youth, but with time, as enemies showed themselves, he became more responsible and showed valor and a determination to fight evil.

That’s how Shazam became a superhero and a dream of every comic book fan child with a creative imagination.

Shazam’s Powers and Abilities

Shazam is blessed with incredible magical powers which go far beyond any scientific explanations and reality.

That’s what makes him such a strong DC universe character.

Let’s take a look at the incredible powers and abilities Shazam is equipped with to understand better what he’s capable of:

Solomon’s Wisdom – Shazam is blessed with incredible knowledge and intellect of genius level. He is wise, strategic, tactical, and even multilingual at times in the comics.

Hercules’ Strength – Hercules is known for his strength, and as a blessing, Shazam has the power of Hercules and his brute super strength along with tough and strong durability.

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Atlas’ Stamina – With Atlas’s blessings, Shazam can withstand incredible amounts of pain and can even survive without food and water because of Self-sustenance.

Zeus’ Lightning – As he is born of magical lightning, he has complete control over live lightning as well as can cast many magical spells after learning them from the Book of Champions due to the blessing of Zeus. This power also allows him to travel inter-dimensionally.

Achilles’ Courage – With the power of Achilles, he has incredible resolve and is physically and magically invulnerable and completely immortal, which is a huge power.

Mercury’s Speed – With Mercury’s blessings, Shazam can run at the speed of a fast thunderbolt and can also use the ability of flight whenever he wants to.

Comparison Between Shazam and Superman’s Powers

We all know that Shazam is super-duper powerful and can stand toe-to-toe with many of his foes, including Black Adam, but when it comes to the Man of Steel, one of the biggest superheroes across all comic book universes, is Shazam stronger?

To find that out, we’re going to have to look at some situations and compare the strengths of both the superheroes.

Magical Abilities

Superman is an alien Kryptonian who is powered to the extent of Earth’s Yellow Sun. However, he is not a magical being.

He does not function in magic or supernatural wizardry.

That’s where Superman lacks, and in fact, magic is one of the few weaknesses that the Man of Steel possesses.

Now, on the other hand, we have Shazam, who is blessed with the powers and abilities of literal gods through magic lightning in the Rock of Eternity as his powers are passed on by a wizard.

He can also openly use magical tricks and spells whenever he desires because of his powers.

So, when we compare Captain Marvel and Superman in terms of magical abilities, we’re going to have to consider that Superman can be easily overpowered if Shazam uses his magical spells.

So, the advantage is surely going to be in favor of Shazam in this case.

Shazam is stronger in this case. 

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Combat Power

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Superman has held his own against the likes of a multiversal threat in the form of Darkseid and has not only defended himself but also has laid quite a strong beating on him and many other big baddies like Doomsday and even Hercules himself.

Shazam has been blessed with Atlas’ durability, and he is incredibly skilled in terms of combat power.

He is strong and talented, but when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, that’s not particularly considered the best among the best in the DC universe, to be honest.

And he also hasn’t come across foes as bad as Superman has encountered, so he isn’t very well tested in terms of combat power either.

That’s why I believe in a battle where there is no magic, Superman would easily dominate Shazam and is definitely stronger.

Superman is stronger in this case.

Brute Strength

If we’re talking about brute strength and the true battle of power, the ability to lift weights, Superman is far beyond the imagination of anyone due to the canon writing of the artists.

According to comic books, Supes can lift over 200 quintillion tons of weight without breaking a sweat.

Now, we know that Shazam is blessed with the strength of Hercules, the god who is most famous because of his strength and power and that he is super strong compared to many DC characters and superheroes.

But Superman has overpowered Hercules before, in the comics, so I’d say in this case Shazam might be strong and be able to lift superhuman amounts of weight in his transformed persona, he would not at all be able to beat Superman in an all-out weight lifting contest.

Superman is strong in this case.


Durability is a huge factor in finding out who is a stronger person because resilience to pain and battle can be important, especially if you’re a Superhero.

If you’re talking about Superman, though, under the Yellow Sun, Kal-El is going to withstand everything the biggest baddies throw at him other than a red sun or a piece of Kryptonite.

He is one of the most durable superheroes in all of the comic book universe, without a doubt.

On the other hand, with Atlas’ durability and resilience along with self-sustenance, Shazam is also pretty durable.

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Still, if you compare the durability strength of Shazam with the Man of Steel, you’re going to find the latter coming out on top.

It is nothing new or too surprising because we have witnessed Superman take incredible beatings without even batting an eye, and that’s what matters when you’re an intergalactic superhero whose hands have the fate of all the world in them.

Superman is stronger in this case.

Advantage of Abilities

Finally, one thing that both the superheroes have their own unique versions of is their abilities.

Superman is a superhero with abilities like super-speed, super-strength, freeze breath, laser vision, flight, intelligence, durability, and many other ones that you don’t see every day.

Meanwhile, Shazam has super speed and super-strength like the Man of Steel, but in terms of intelligence, he is far superior, he’s also able to fly like Superman, but he’s also the master of live lightning and can shoot lightning through his hands if he wants to.

Then he can also travel between dimensions due to his speed, cast amazing spells, and even disperse his powers to make a clan and fight any threat with his partners.

So, when it comes to the overall range of abilities and the advantage of more powers and abilities,

Shazam or more formally known as Captain Marvel, has a huge advantage over the Son of Krypton and the savior of Earthlings if we compare them.

Overall, Superman is a stronger superhero than Shazam. 


Both Shazam and Superman are mighty supernatural beings in the DC universe with many abilities and strengths.

One of their common traits is to be able to fly at great speeds. Other than that, they both possess individual capabilities that are almost of the same caliber.

When Shazam decides to use his magical lightning power, he has a chance against Superman.

Still, in a one-on-one situation, Supes would surely be considered stronger overall.

Ultimately, it would be a very close call, to be honest.

No matter who is stronger, the fans of both the superheroes should be glad that their encounters have been more than entertaining in the comics and would be amazing on the big screen if it ever happens!

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