Is Thor Older Than Loki? (Age, Milestones And History)

Thor and Loki have always been on the highlight reel of the Marvel comic books and even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently.

Their relationship is complex and fans love to see them together. That means a lot of fans have questions about the duo as well.

You might be wondering, is Thor Older than Loki; What kind of relationship do they have in the Marvel universe; Well, these along with some other questions I’m going to answer today.

Thor is 1500 years old and Loki is 1000 years old. Thor is 500 years older thank Loki.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Thor’s Childhood, Loki’s Childhood, their relationship, who’s older, and who’s achieved more in their lifespan.

So, make sure you read this article till the end if you want to increase your Marvel comic book universe knowledge.

Is Thor Older than Loki?

A question that is asked quite a lot on the internet is who’s the bigger brother between Thor and Loki; Well, that’s actually canonically discussed in the comics at several times.

Thor in the recent movies is actually 1500 years old.

This means that he has been around for as long as the Vikings and even further back and he’s still in his prime in Asgardian God years.

On the other hand, Loki is younger at around 1000 years.

He’s around 500 years younger than Thor and Thor is considered the bigger brother to Loki, the adoptive brother.

Both Thor and Loki are very old in comparison to Humans but they have a significant age difference between them. However, this difference doesn’t mean much.

Both Thor as a god and Loki are in their prime. As they grow older, they’ll become stronger with experience but their base powers are at a maximum.

So, there’s not much difference to come any time soon.

Thor’s Childhood

Thor is one of the Marvel superheroes who have had a perfect childhood and origin.

He was born as a love child to Odin and his beloved Frigga, as Odin’s sole heir and the rightful king of Asgard and successor to his throne.

He was always incredibly powerful and had godly powers right from the beginning of his life.

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When it comes to physical strength, not many superheroes are able to boast of being stronger than Thor himself.

Thor was raised by Odin to be a warrior with just and kind characteristics which can be seen in many of his comic books and his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

Thor’s Milestones

As Thor grew up, he gained more control of thunder and lightning and became known as the God of Thunder himself.

He is now one of the strongest superheroes in the universe.

Over the years, Thor has overcome many hurdles and achieved many milestones to his name.

He has defeated some of the biggest villains in Marvel Universe and has put an end to the antics of many baddies.

Thor has saved Midgard from the evil of Thanos, has had battles with the Hulk, Adam Warlock, and many other supernatural entities that posed a threat to the God of Thunder.

He wields the Mjolnir Hammer which gives him the ability to fly, travel between realms using the Bifrost, and even shoot projectiles of thunder through the hammer at will.

Thor also has a battle axe named Stormbreaker in the Marvel universe which is exclusive to Marvel and has even more power as compared to Mjolnir.

Overall, Thor has made quite a name for himself in his life years.

Loki’s Childhood

Loki on the other hand, has not been as privileged as a child as compared to his half-brother Thor.

He was not born an Asgardian, rather he was actually a frost giant.

Hailing from the Realm of the Giants, Jotunheim, Loki was the son of the Frost Giant Laufey.

In a battle between the Gods and the Giants, Laufey was killed and that left Loki abandoned as a child.

Odin took pity on the little boy and brought him to Asgard, adopting him as his own and raising Loki alongside Thor with his beloved Frigga who was a master sorceress.

But Loki never received the same love of the Asgardian people as Thor did.

This led to Loki having contempt in his heart for his brother and Loki ended up hating Thor for everything.

Loki’s Milestones

Loki became a disciple of his foster mother Frigga and learned sorcery from her.

He also had the abilities of a frost giant along with the tricks and illusions that he learned.

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He became the God of Mischief on Asgard and was known throughout the 9 realms for his tricks and mischievous behavior.

He has had his fair share of milestones and memorable moments in the Marvel universe.

The most memorable of which is the villainous role he played in the first Marvel Avengers movie.

He led an Armada of Thanos to retrieve the Tesseract but was defeated by his brother and the rest of the Avengers.

Loki also has the ability to turn himself into anything he possibly desires.

He can change shape, deceive his enemies, and outsmart them because of his incredible intellect.

Loki has defied death many times with the help of his tricks and he has actually become one of the favorite Anti-heroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans because of how incredible Tom Hiddleston has played the character.

Thor and Loki’s Relationship

The most important aspect of the Thor and Loki chapter of Marvel Comic Book Universe and even the Cinematic Universe is the relationship both these Asgardian brothers share with each other.

There are a lot of aspects to their relationship and how they have viewed each other over the course of the years as they’ve passed.

Let’s take a look at some of these aspects to talk about their relationship.

Thor’s Love for His Brother – Thor always had a love for his younger brother Loki in his heart. Sure, he was arrogant at times but in reality, he just didn’t know how to show the love. And Thor always wanted Loki to reciprocate the love and be Thor’s best friend, but in their childhood, this is not what happened.

Loki’s Contempt – Loki always wanted to be cherished and loved the same way Thor was by the people of Asgard but he wasn’t, just because of the fact that he wasn’t born an Asgardian. This raised contempt and hatred in his heart for Thor which brew Thor and Loki into bitter enemies that had many battles to come against each other.

Their Rivalry – As seen in the Marvel comics and the multiple Thor movies that have come out in the MCU, Thor and Loki have gone against each other a lot of times. In Avengers, Thor went up against his brother who was the main antagonist of the movie. Loki has also betrayed Thor several times in the comics even when Thor trusted his brother not to, being the trickster that he is.

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Thor and Loki Save Each Other – Thor has showcased his love for Loki several times in the MCU movies when Loki’s life depended on it. After a few encounters, even Loki played important roles in saving his brother like in Avengers: Infinity War and Thor Dark World where he sacrificed himself against the Dark Elves to save his brother’s life.

Brothers as Allies – In many instances in the comic book universe as well as the different movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki and Thor have ended up on the same side against a greater force of evil. Whenever they are allies, they’re able to fight off many great villains and save their people. They’re done this many times and have defeated much more powerful villains to end up on the winning side.

Comedic Relationship – Marvel movies are always lighthearted and have many comedic moments in them. Whenever Thor and Loki appear on screen together, you can always expect some kind of funny joke or quip and banter between both the brothers. This is also a huge part of their relationship and it is what makes Marvel movies and their characters so exciting and friendly. This is the reason for the success of this studio and the comic books.

Both of them have been through these phases at different times within the Marvel universe and their relationship keeps mixing up at times.

This is why it is always so exciting for Marvel fans to see Thor and Loki appear in the comic books and the big screen together.


Both Thor and Loki have had an amazing run in the comic book universe as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They’ve had amazing moments, epic battles, and some of the most memorable scenes together and that’s why fans love to see Thor and Loki.

No matter which of the brothers you’re a bigger fan of, we all can agree that we want more of Loki and Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, let’s hope Marvel sees this and thinks of giving us more of the Brotherly Duo, it will surely be amazing to see!

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