Kratos Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

Kratos is unusual in that he is not the usual Marvel or DC character.

He is part of the smaller Sony Gods of War Franchise. However, he did very briefly appear in a DC Comics series (with acknowledgment to Sony), under the Wildstorm Imprint.

Kratos would with the fight with Thanos. Kratos is not likely to come against Thanos in any major storyline. If somehow Kratos and Thanos were to go head to head, it would be a major victory for Kratos who is much stronger than Thanos. Kratos has already killed all of the Greek Pantheon of Gods. He showed himself stronger than Atlas who was responsible for carrying the entire weight of the World. He proved faster than Hermes and is Immortal. Thanos would not stand a chance.

Thanos Introduction

Thanos is a complex character.

He started out as an introverted boy who was considered ugly/deformed by his society.

He had no real friends as he grew up, just his brother Eros and his pets.

His first steps out into Titan Society was to propose that 50% of the population should be culled to restore balance to the planet and avert the looming ecological disaster caused by burning up the resources of the planet too fast by a population which was more than the planet could manage.

He was rejected, as was his solution.

Eventually, he was proved right and Titan became a dead planet (moon).

This childhood and the rejection he felt had a big impact on Thanos who eventually becoming a pirate, siring children, and then rejecting his life as she became fascinated with Mistress Death, the human embodiment of death, which led to him killing his children and pirate captain.

Thanos – Powers

Thanos had many super-powers or abilities, some of which as a Titan Eternal were natural, others were augmented through technology and Thanos’ genius intellect.

He had three physical attributes, common to most Marvel Villains, which were Superhuman Strength, Speed of movement, and impressive maneuverability.

Thanos had unique physiology that made him very resistant to death.

This made him a difficult enemy to oppose and quite early in his career, Thanos found himself in control of a region of space.

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He had not forgotten his thoughts about the overuse of resources and had just redefined the scale of his theory.

He was now determined that half the life in the Universe should be destroyed to avoid the decline of the universe through resource depletion.

The result was Thanos beginning a campaign traveling from planet to planet, destroying 50% of the population of each.

Thanos had other powers and skills which assisted him in this. He was a master tactician (a great general), and he excelled in hand-to-hand combat.

He became well known for his control of many of the most mystical artifacts, and his immunity from psycho attacks.

This and the armies he controlled made him one of the most powerful and feared characters in the Universe.

He used his genius to create new weapons and ships and he became known for his floating chair or thrown, from which he fought.

The chair had many tactical advantages and created fear and awe amongst his enemies.

Thanos Weakness

The weaknesses that Thanos exhibits are nearly all connected with emotions and personality.

He is a complex character and a clever opponent may well be able to exploit these emotions.

At the very simplest of levels, Thanos is ruled by his ego.

In most aspects, Thanos considers himself superior to those who might oppose him, and even those that may ally with him.

Thanos is clearly immensely strong and able, his weaknesses are not weaknesses in a physical sense.

He is weak because of insecurity stemming from his youth when he was an outcast.

Even his mother had tried to kill him.

Thanos tries to hide this basic insecurity by single-mindedly pursuing his quest to rebalance the Universe.

Kratos Introduction

Kratos features in comics as part of the DC Comics “Gods of War” series, which only lasted six issues.

This series followed the story of Kratos and was closely linked to the video game series.

Kratos spent his boyhood training and serving in the Spartan Army, becoming champion of Ares, God of War.

He later became the God of War after defeating Ares.

After becoming God of War, Kratos sets out to destroy the Ambrosia of Asclepius, a magic elixir with healing properties.

He had previously used the elixir to save his daughter and in that quest had fought many senior characters of this universe.

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Now as God of ware his aim was to destroy the elixir and prevent his enemies from using it to revive Ares, the former God of War.

Many people have criticized the series for not making sense and the differences between the two stories of Kratos and the Elixir became confused.

Kratos Strengths

The signature weapon of Kratos is his double-chained blades which were forged in the depths of Hades.

They were made for Kratos by Ares.

The same Ares was later defeated by Kratos.

The blades were attached to the arms of Kratos by some form of magic.

They are a form of slashing weapon.

  • Kratos is able to manipulate the elements. He is also able to use the power of duplication and create shadowy copies of himself.
  • Atlas gave Kratos a power called Atlas Quake through which Kratos can create earthquakes that damage his enemies.
  • Photokinesis – The power to control and manipulate light
  • Umbrakinesis – The power to control and manipulate darkness.
  • Resurrection – A power Kratos possesses.
  • Omniscience – The ability to know everything around you.
  • Superhuman Agility – high jumps and long-distance leaps with little effort.
  • Superhuman Durability – immunity to attacks that can easily kill a mortal.

Kratos Weaknesses

What weaknesses did Kratos have?

  1. Kratos has a son called Atreus and Atreus is quite weak, Kratos is constantly distracted keeping an eye open to protect Atreus.
  2. Rage is one of Kratos’ greatest strengths, but it is also his greatest weakness, he can act irrationally due to rage.
  3. Kratos is very susceptible to magic and illusions, he just doe not get them as well as he should.
  4. Aphrodite’s Charm – She can seduce him
  5. Kratos can easily be undermined by mind control.

Kratos Would Win The Fight With Thanos

When describing Kratos, I have tried to confine myself to the Kratos described in the short series of six comic books called the God’s of War.

Whilst the comic has used the same name of the series of video games, the comics and games are not necessarily using exactly the same Kratos.

In the video games, Kratos is described as having powers that he clearly does not have in the comic stories.

Similarly, when considering a fight with Kratos we have to ask ourselves whether Thanos has the fully powered Gauntless or not.

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If Thanos has the Gauntlet then there is every reason to suppose that Thanos would win the fight since the powers of the Gauntless are such that they would overcome anybody with ease.

As I said at the beginning of this article, without the Gauntlet, Thanos would most certainly lose the fight, as Thanos does not have the same strength as Kratos.

It is only when you add the Infinity Gauntlet to the battle that Thanos will be able to overpower Kratos eventually.

It Is The Version Of The Characters That Will Truly Decide

Both Kratos and Thanos have had various phases in their existence where they were stronger or weaker. we are also talking about three different Universes here.

The Sony Videogames, The sony comic character, The Marvel movies, and the Marvel Comics.

The result of the Kratos Vs Thanos fight would vary depending on which of each character’s versions were in the fight.

In the main bulk of this article, I have restricted myself to matching the two characters as if they were both in the Gods of War Comics.

That is a situation where Thanos does not possess the Gauntlet

Both of these characters are skilled in hand-to-hand combat with Kratos wielding the powerful double-chained blades and both warriors having the ability to move fast and with such agility that any fight would be complex.

Final Thought

If we put aside all the various universes and just arm both opponents with the maximum weapons they held in each format, comic book, computer game, or movie, then it would be a particularly awesome battle.

Of course, with the time stone, Thanos can speed time, slow time, or even halt time for Kratos.

That is a particularly awesome power to hold. But wait, Kratos also has control of time using the Amulates of Fates.

All the stones that Thanos controls have awesome powers but in other forms, Kratos has the same powers that he has acquired from past victories.

This unlimited battle would go on for eternity since both sides have control of time.

With Kratos’ ability to travel at the speed of light and Thanos’ ability to materialize anywhere, in time Thanos may wear down Kratos and enrage him so much that he would make a mistake.

A mistake is the only way this all-out battle would end.

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