Martian Manhunter Vs Superman – Who Would Win The Fight

In this article, we will be taking a look at two characters and deciding who would come out on top in a one-to-one battle.

The two characters are Superman and the Martian Manhunter.

These two characters are very equally matched, Martian Manhunter has a couple more powers than Superman but in general, the powers they both possess are much stronger in Superman. The big weakness of Martian Manhunter is fire and Superman can very easily use this to defeat him. So, Martian Manhunter is going to lose to Superman, who once again wins. Superman would win the fight with Martian Manhunter.

Martian Manhunter Introduction

Jónn Jónzz was born on the planet we now refer to as Mars.

His parents were M’yrnn and Sha’sheen Jonzz. Ma’alefa’ak was his twin brother, who was a mutant (he was not able to talk through telepathy).

Jónn Jónzzbecame a police officer and eventually married a woman called M’yri’ah. Together they had a daughter called K’hym.

Ma’alefa’ak grew to despise the Martian culture and so went on to create the H’ronmeer Curse, which was designed to kill all the Martians who had telepathic abilities.

He created a virus that would make them burst into flames.

J’onn tried to stop his wife and child from getting the virus and he watched as they burned to death. This had severe effects on him.

J’onn is pulled to Earth after an experimental beam constructed by Dr. Saul Erdel.

When Dr. Erdel finds out where J’onn is from the shock kills him, leaving J’onn stranded on Earth.

While waiting for a solution to get him back to Mars he decides to resume his role as a policeman and takes on the role of John Jones, a detective in the fictional city of Middletown, USA.

It is not very clear in the beginning what his powers actually are. It is only as the plot develops that superpowers start to appear.

In this version of the story, the Martian Manhunter is not the last Martian, there are other Martians living on Mars.

In Detective Comics #236 he is even able to contact his parents on Mars.

J’onn (aka Martian Manhunter) finally announces his true identity to the world and takes up being a Superhero full-time.

This involves becoming a charter member of the Justice League.

During this period he was often used as a substitute for Superman, in the same way, that the Green Arrow was for Batman.

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Over time The Martian Manhunter was gradually edged out of the Justice League by Superman who began to play a more significant role.

The character Martian Manhunter was revised several times over the years and his backstory changed.

In what was later called, the Bronze Age of Comics (Mid 1970s to Mid 1980s) the whole story changed and Martian Manhunter decides to return to his role as a detective (explaining his 20-year disappearance).

Later on, in the subsequent eras, the character was reinvented several times.

This makes the overall timeline of the character very difficult to follow.

Martian Manhunter Powers

Let’s see what powers Martian Manhunter possesses.


Martians have a way of adjusting their mass, so they are able to fly.

They fly quite fast but are not as fast as some other superheroes.

This ability works not just on Earth but also on Mars too,


Martian Manhunter can travel very fast, but nowhere near as fast as Superman or Flash.

Super Strength

Martian Manhunter is super-strong, but if we compare him to other superheroes he is nowhere near the top of the strength charts.

Superman is well out of his league when comparing strength. Martian Manhunter just cannot compare.


The biggest threat to Martian Manhunter is fire, but even when burnt he can regenerate very fast.

Super Senses

Especially with vision, Martian Manhunter has excellent eyesight with both heat vision and microscopic vision as an added bonus.


A trick that is common among Martians is that they can turn their skin transparent and make themselves invisible.

Matter Absorption

Martian Manhunter has the ability to absorb matter, which can prove pretty useful.


Phasing – the ability to pass through solid objects is a power that Martian Manhunter has, but it is also something he can share with others if they are touching him.


Martians can communicate telepathically and can use that power to disrupt enemies.

They can also move objects with their mind.


Martian Manhunter can change shape at will.

He can, for example, change into a replica of a human being. He can also change his arms or legs into weapons.

That is quite a selection of powers that Martian Manhunter has.

However, you will notice that many are the same as other superheroes also possess, and the Martian variant is typically not as powerful.

Martian Manhunter Weaknesses

The main weakness of Martian Manhunter is fire.

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Does he have any other weaknesses?


The biggest and most obvious weakness that Martian Manhunter has is fire.

This weakness shows up in some interesting ways.

The Martians have a susceptibility to a virus that increases the body temperature of the Martian so much that they burst into flames.

This is a fear deeply ingrained in Martians, and fire will always bring back that fear.

Fire also seems to have an effect on the way the Martian Manhunter can shapeshift.

Fire seems to interfere with that process and can cause unpredictable results.

There are others who say that the fear of fire is not based on any actual physical danger, and was imposed on the Martians by the Guardians

Whatever the reason for this weakness, fire clearly seems to disrupt and put the Martian Manhunter on the defensive and that is not good if you plan to take on Superman.

Other Weaknesses

The other problem that Martian Manhunter faces is that while he shares the same powers that Superman has (many of them) he does not have the same level of power as Superman, and he would lose out on that basis.

Superman Introduction

Superman grew up on Earth after traveling here from the planet Krypton as an infant.

He was adopted by the Kent family and kept a low profile through most of his youth (as much as a superhero can).

However, on reaching maturity, Superman, posing as mild-mannered Clark Kent, moves from Smallville to Metropolis where he works as a journalist.

Clark falls for a co-worker Louis Lane but his feelings are not reciprocated because she is in love with Superman.

Louis saw Clark as a downtrodden ordinary guy whereas Superman was an aspirational figure.

Superman continued to try and maintain a low profile but in trying to save one young man he was forced to reveal himself fully.

Superman’s enemies were constantly creating emergencies to draw Superman out so he could be defeated.

After one adventure involving the collector of worlds, Superman now fully revealed to the people of Metropolis announced his existence and that he was here on their side.

Superman Strengths

Superman’s Strengths grew over the decades and with each succeeding decade, the writers added new strengths or diminished others.

It all became rather confusing.

Super Strength

Golden Age: The character was given the power to move large vehicles, including cars, trains, and ships.

Bronze/Silver Age:: Forget moving large vehicles, Superman can now move large planets.

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Post-crisis: Power reduced so he could no longer move planets


Golden Age: Superman could move faster than a fast train.

Silver Bronze Age: Can now move at speed of light

Post Crisis: Superman speed reduced to just under the speed of light


Golden Age: Immune to firearms but artillery could cause damage or even kill

Bronze/Silver Age: Can withstand an Atomic Explosion

Post-crisis: Can still survive nuclear explosion but might weaken him

Healing & Regeneration

Golden Age: No mention

Bronze/Silver Age: He could heal himself at an accelerated rate

Post-crisis: He could heal himself at an accelerated rate

Other Powers

Writers would sometimes experiment with new powers, and if they proved popular, they were added to his list of powers, if they did not, then they were taken away again after just one use.

Superman also acquired the ability to erase memories through kissing.

Useful to erase Louis Lane’s memory, not so sure it would be useful with Thanos.

With powers, many of the changes have been connected with what powers other, rival superheroes have been given.

The changes are less to do with changes in the character as an individual.

Had they left Superman with the power levels of the original comic book hero, he would be well down the league of heroes by now.

Superman Weakness

There is not much change here.

Superman has a big problem with kryptonite.

This has been fairly consistent over the years.

Superman Would With The Fight With Martian Manhunter

If we take Superman’s full powers and those of Martian Manhunter, and then compare them, It is going to be a tough call, as Martian manhunter is pretty tough.

However, Superman does tend to have more of each power than Martian Manhunter.

That together with the issue of Fire and how it affects Martian Manhunter, I think we have to award the victory to Superman.

Final Thoughts

Seeing Superman and Martian Manhunter in the fight would be amazing!

How exactly would the fight go? How exactly would Superman defeat Martian Manhunter?

There is no limit to our imagination, but let’s be honest – there is no scenario in which Martian Manhunter would beat Superman.

Yes, this would be a tough and possibly long fight with ups and downs for both of them, and an incredible battle to witness, but even the biggest fans of Martian Manhunter know that his powers are just not enough to win this battle.

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