Odin Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

Odin Borsen was the former king of Asgard and protector of the nine realms.

Odin had a son, Thor, and a daughter, Hela.

He also had an adopted son named Loki. Odin’s wife was Friga.

Odin was once the greatest warrior in all the Nine realms, but as he grew older he began to appreciate peace.

Odin would win the fight with Thanos. In the Avengers: Affinity War it became clear that Thanos was one of the most fearsome warriors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He has defeated the Avengers, Asgardians, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, amongst others. Odin’s son Thor is stronger than Thanos.

When it comes to Odin, Thanos had feared Odin as he had faced some of the greatest powers in the Universe to become King of Asgardia. It was only when Odin was dead that Thanos put his final plans into action. It was Odin’s son who finally killed Thanos. In any straight battle between the two Odin would come out on top, and Thanos knew that.

Odin Introduction

Odin banished his daughter to Hel when she tried to conquer the entire Universe.

Later when Thor almost caused a new war with the forest Giants of Jotunheim, Odin removed him of his powers and banished him to Earth, resulting in Loki gaining the throne.

Around the time of the exile, Odin fell into Odinsleep (a kind of recharging of his powers where he sleeps and is vulnerable to his enemies).

Thor returns and saves the Frost Giants from Loki who had been fighting them, during which Loki appeared to have lost his life.

On Odin’s recovery, he realized that Thor had proved to be a worthy successor to take the throne of Asgard.

Loki actually survived and was captured by Thor after Loki had caused the Chitauri Invasion of Earth.

Odin’s wife Friga was killed by the leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith, and Odin vowed his revenge at any cost.

This need for revenge puts Odin and Thor in opposition to one another.

Intervention by Loki, who faked his own death, and then put a spell on Odin which banished him to New York, leaving Loki to impersonate him and rule Asgard.

Odin eventually recovered from this spell but made the decision to remain on Earth, in Norway where he eventually died, ending his long life.

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Odin makes the death journey to Valhalla but his spirit remained with Thor and all Asgardians.

So we have seen that Odin started out as the most powerful warrior of his age in Asgardia.

As Odin matured he became a peacemaker and was tricked by Loki, banished, and then instead of returning to Asgard, to fight back, chose to retire to Norway.

Clearly towards the end of his life is warrior spirit had gone.

Odin Strengths

Odin is a pretty impressive build, weighing 650 lbs and over 6’9″tall.

His hair, formerly blond is now shining white.

Seeing Odin coming towards you would be quite terrifying.

Odinpower And Enchanted Weaponry

When it comes to Asgardian Gods, Odin is the most powerful.

He is the possessor of ODINPOWER sometimes called Odinforce.

Odin has augmented physical attributes which include amazing strength (he can lift 75 tons).

He is durable and possesses regenerative powers.

ODINPOWER allows Odin to utilize cosmic energy, which he can mold into blasts of concussion-inducing force that are deadly.

He is protected by energy shields to fight off the attacks from his opponents.

Other powers include flight, the ability to heal the injuries of others, casting illusions, projecting an image of himself between dimensions so he can communicate.

He even has the power to rearrange matter at the molecular level, and increase his own physical size.

It is extremely difficult to fight someone who has all these powers.

Odin is also able to carry out interdimensional teleportation of both himself and the whole Asgardian realm.

Odin Weaknesses

Odin has such immense power that it has to undergo maintenance on occasions that leave him vulnerable.

At certain times Odin will enter ODINSLEEP which is a coma-like state, where he recharges and restates his ODINPOWER.

During these periods of coma, Odin is left vulnerable and if he is woken too early he can take a while to establish full control of his powers, leaving him groggy and at risk.

If Odin is unable to enter ODINSLEEP too long then his powers start to fail and he is forced to enter a full-scale sleep.

Odin’s powers will also wain if he is away from Asgardia too long.

So while Odin has immense power he also is restricted by them.

Thanos Introduction

Thanos was a genocidal warlord from Titan.

In some ways, he was a kind of Green Warrior seeking to resolve the massive ecological problems across the universe caused by overpopulation.

He was convinced that the overpopulation of the Universe would lead to its destruction, as it consumed all the available resources.

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Thanos began by traveling from planet to planet killing half the population of each, but soon realized that this could never achieve his goals so he instead began a search for all the Infinity Stones as when he had collected them all, he could instantaneously achieve his goal using their powers.

Thanos forced Eitri to construct the Infinity Gauntlet to mount the stones and to allow their use as the ultimate weapon.

During his campaign to collect the stones Thanos killed vast numbers of people, including Loki, the adopted son of Odin.

As his quest continued Thanos found himself facing many of the Universe’s greatest heroes, including the Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite the massive opposition Thanos managed to complete his quest and mount the stones in the Infinity Gauntlet, which he used to instantly destroy half the population of the Galaxy.

Thanos, in an effort to ensure his work could never be undone, chose to destroy all the Infinity Stones.

This led to the Avengers catching up with him on the planet Garden, a greenfield planet where Thanos had planned to spend his retirement following the success of his quest to depopulate the Universe.

Thanos was making a stew from his crops when Captain Marvel appeared and held Thanos in a headlock while the rest of the Avengers arrived.

Thor cut off Thanos’left arm with his enchanted ax called “Stormbreaker.”

Thor later went on to decapitate Thanos, thus ending his life.

Thanos having successfully carried out his life’s mission.

Thanos Strengths

Thanos was born an Eternal, but also had Deviant Syndrome, a mutation that changes his appearance, making him unacceptable to Eternal society.

Even though Thanos is an Eternal his mother had great difficulty accepting him and tried to kill him.

The rest of his society despised him and as a child, he mostly played by himself.

Despite this, he still had all the powers that Eternals possess:

  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Advanced Intelligence
  • The ability to generate a force field
  • He can also survive for extended periods without food or water.

He also possessed the Deviant Mutation, which made him even bigger and stronger than other Eternals.

Not satisfied with that he used artificial means to enhance his powers, and also invented a floating chair that gave him extra powers.

Another power of Thanos is the ability to absorb any energy blast that hits him and to immediately send it back to the sender.

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Following his brush with death, he came back to life with a gift from Mistress death, upgraded invulnerability.

The Affinity Gauntlet

You would have thought that Thanos’power was enough for anyone, but when he has the Affinity Gauntlet he is powerful enough to destroy the universe in multiple ways.

  • The Mind Stone – Can take control of anyone’s mind
  • The Power Stone – Can destroy a planet in an instant
  • The Space Stone – Can transport him anywhere in the Universe
  • The Time Stone – Allows time travel
  • The Soul Stone – Can bring back the lifeless
  • The Reality Stone – Can change any outcome so that Thanos always wins

Thanos Weaknesses

Two of Thanos’ biggest weaknesses are:

  • Drax the destroyer, formerly Arthur Douglas is a creature that was specifically created to kill Thanos. Artur Douglas kills his family on Earth and Kronos takes Arthur’s spirit and infuses it into a new body designed specifically to defeat Thanos, which was named Draw the destroyer.
  • Thanos has an obsession with Mistress Death. He is totally in love with her, and to please her he is constantly killing. In order to keep up with her demands, he is constantly finding new ways to kill. This places Thanos under her control.

Odin Would Win The Fight With Thanos

We now know and understand our two adversaries, Thanos, and Odin.

Now we must consider how they would do in a straight fight.

As previously said, Thanos attacked planet after planet but kept well clear of Asgard, as long as Odin was alive.

He feared him and with such a fear, Thanos would not perform so well as he should in any direct fight.

Thanos was afraid of Odin for good reason as Odin is much more durable and stronger than Thanos.

The sheer collateral damage of fighting Odin could lead to entire planets being destroyed, the power of Odin would result in massive destruction.

When Odin was fighting Seth, whole galaxies were destroyed as a side effect.

Look at the powers that Odin commands through ODINPOWER.

They are immense. Odin could dismantle Thanos at the molecular level and reassemble him at will, should he so choose.

Despite Thanos’super powers, Odin would win the battle every time they fought.

Final Thoughts

A fight between Odin and Thanos would be an ultimate battle.

A battle in which billions of innocent people and whole worlds and planets would be destroyed.

Considering the power of both fighters, there is no doubt that Odin would win this epic fight.

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