Rhino Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

If you’re a comic book or movies fan, you’re probably wondering what would be a result of a fight between Rhino and Hulk.

While some matches between superheroes might be tight and it’s hard to decide who would be the winner, the winner is absolutely clear in this case.

It is clear that the victor would be the Hulk. Rhino is just not in the same league and as past results have shown, The Rhino gets hurt when he tries to take on the Hulk. Rhino just does not have the offensive ability to deal any major damage to the Hulk. Nor does Rhino have defensive capabilities to handle the attack that the Hulk is capable of mounting

Introduction To Rhino

Rhino, also known as Aleksei Sytsevich, is a character within the Marvel Universe.

He was written by Writer Stan Lee, and drawn by John Romita Snr.

The character first appeared in the Marvel comic The Amazing Spider-Man #41 which was published in October 1966.


Aleksei Sytsevich a former member of the Russian Mafia who chose to undergo a number of tests involving radiation and chemicals which were designed to provide the character with artificial skin and superhuman strength.

Once he had received the treatment Aleksei chose to betray the Russian scientists who did the experiments.

He destroyed their laboratory in the process.

Not long after, he was employed to kidnap Colonel John Jameson so that they could steal the spores that had been in contact with Jameson during his mission in space.

This is where he met Spider-Man and was defeated, being sent to prison.

After he had completed his prison sentence Aleksei was approached by the same scientists that he first experimented on him.

They wanted to augment his body further.

This time they used the same Gamma radiation that was used on Bruce Banner (The Hulk) to increase his strength even more.

He was also equipped with an acid-proof suit to increase his strength even more.

He then accepted a commission to find and kidnap Bruce Banner, who possessed data on the Gamma radiation.

Just as he had failed on his first mission after being defeated by Spider-Man, so in this second mission he also failed.

This time Hulk defeated him and put Aleksei (The Rhino) into a coma.

Months later “The Leader” commissioned Rhino to interrupt Bruce Banner’s wedding to Betty Ross, and transform Banner into his alter ego, the Hulk.

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Rhino succeeded in doing this but contrary to “The Leaders” instructions he attacks the Hulk the moment he transformed.

During this action, Rhino is once again put into a comma.

“The Leader” then leaves Rhino and Hulk on an alien world and comes back to earth which crashes.

Rhino has now attempted three tasks and not succeeded in any one of them.

Maybe he should receive an award for the most inept superhero ever.

On his escape from the alien planet, he joined up with the “Äbomination” who planned to destroy the Hulk with a Gamma bomb.

Of course, they fail, leaving Rhino with zero four out of four defeats.

The ever-optimistic “Egghead” for some reason thought that recruiting this loser for his Supervillain Team, “The Emissaries of Evil.”

He is paired with another supervillain, “Solarr” and they go on a mission to find a rare jewel.

Rhino retains his losing streak and Rhino and Solarr are defeated by The Defenders, Doctor Strange, and Doc Samson. (five out of five defeats)

Doc Samson takes Rhino to Pegasus, where he was part of a prison escape that (guess what) failed! (6 out of 6 defeats)

During the rocket crash, Rhino’s suit had become permanently fixed to him.

Rhino very much wanted this fixed so he could remove the suit at will, but Pegasus fails to achieve this and Rhino escapes, Rhino joins the “Sinister Syndicate.”

This resulted in him fighting Spider-Man on numerous occasions.

Eventually, Rhino succeeds in getting the suit fixed, so it can be removed, which allows him to continue criminal activities.

Rhino Strengths

The initial treatments of chemicals and radiation give the Rhino superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. it also made him durable.

These initial powers were added when he was subject to some Gamma Ray experiments.

He acquires very fast speed abilities, especially effective for short distances.

Rhino uses this as a method of attack, where he will charge his opponents.

This typically will cause a lot of damage,

The Rhino Suit

The Rino owns a thick polymer suit.

This suit looks very much like that of a Rhino and covers his whole body excluding his face.

The suit also has two horns.

The suit is damage resistant and can also withstand very high temperatures.

The horns are incredibly strong and enable him to pierce two-foot thick pieces of steel.

His first suit was boded to his skin following a rocket crash Thus suit was a lot less sophisticated than the later design.

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The later suit allowed the Rhino to be protected from mist kinds of high caliber bullets, extreme temperatures, and impacts.

Rhino Weaknesses

As we saw from the biography section, Rhino is not the most successful super villain ever.

His success rate is somewhat low, which is generally put down to his lack of intelligence.

His attack strategy is very much a straightforward charge.

He is not blessed with the same agility and reaction times like some other superheroes and villains and consequently is less successful in battle.

When Rhino is using his direct attack, just running at an opponent, he just does not have the ability to switch the attack and will continue to barge towards the victim.

Where a victim has seen this attack coming they have plenty of time to counter.

Introduction to Hulk

The main Hulk character stories take place in the main Marvel Universe (Earth 616).

The character was created by Stan Lee, the same person who created Rhino, and was drawn by Jack Kirby.

The character first appeared in Issue #1 of “The Incredible Hulk” dated May 1962.

Just over four years before the Rhino first appeared.


Both the Hulk and Dr.Robert Bruce Banner, are one and the same person.

Hulk a green-skinned, muscle-bound humanoid who is incredibly strong, and Dr.Banner a mild-mannered introvert character who is physically weak.

Both incarnations of the same individual resent each other.

While saving the life of Rick Jones, during an experimental bomb blast, Dr. Banner is exposed to Gamma Rays and physically transformed into the Hulk.

When calm and placid Dr.Banner resumes his Dr.Banner appearance, but if made angry or subject to emotional stress he will take on the appearance of the Hulk.

The Hulk’s strength is normally associated with how angry he is, and technically there is no limit to how strong he can become.

Hulk Strengths

Let’s see what strengths Hulk can use against Rhino.

As Bruce Banner

He is a genius.

As the Hulk

  • Invulnerability
  • Unlimited Strength
  • Superhuman speed and durability
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Regeneration
  • The ability to turn anger into strength.

Hulk Weaknesses

Even Hulk has some weaknesses and he needs to be very careful not to expose them in the direct fight:

  1. The Hulk can be cut by Adamantium and Vibranium
  2. Hulk has a weakness to magic-based attacks
  3. The Hulk generates and emits Gamma Rays
  4. The Hulk can breathe without oxygen, but cannot withstand knockout gas
  5. The Hulk gets angry and so his strength grows, but as he becomes angry so his intelligence diminishes
  6. If opponents can manage to calm him enough, Hulk will turn back into Dr.Banner.
  7. Hulk and Banner are always fighting for control of their shared mind.
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Hulk Would Win The Fight With Rhino

Rhino and Hulk have fought on previous occasions and on both occasions the Hulk has ended up putting Rhino into a coma.

Quite frankly, the two are very different in powers and Hulk has no problem despatching Rhino.

The first six tasks that Rhino set out to do were all failures, which makes it very clear that he is easily beaten.

Rhino may be able to subdue lesser creatures who do not have the enhanced strength he possesses, but as soon as he comes across other superheroes and supervillains he begins to struggle.

He is strong, but not as strong, or anywhere near as strong, as the Hulk.

The Rhino does not have fast-moving and agile attack skills to compensate for his lack of strength and this is why he loses against the Hulk.

No matter what suit Rhino has, the most he has ever lifted was 75 tons.

This is around the starting weight that Hulk can lift before he really gets angry.

There really is no comparison in strengths between Hulk and Rhino.

Rhino is sluggish in his attacks and normally charges straight at his opponent.

That may work with lesser opponents but you run at the Hulk and you will get thrown some considerable distance or get ground into the ground.

While Rhino is durable, he cannot regenerate in the way that the Hulk can.

If you are fighting someone that is constantly regenerating then you must have the ability to deal a quick knockout blow that finishes the fight immediately.

The longer the fight goes on the angrier the Hulk will get, and all of this time he is regenerating while the Rhino is suffering damage.

How is it possible to fight someone, when every time you manage to land a blow and hurt them, they grow angrier and stronger?

By attacking the Hulk Rhino would be making him stronger and stronger.


Rhino would not stand a chance against an opponent like Hulk, and quite frankly he would not stand a chance against most of the opponents from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rhino is an interesting figure and character to explore, but his combat abilities are limited when we compare them with other superheroes.

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