Silver Surfer Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

In this article, we will be looking at what might happen in a fight between two well know characters in the Marvel Comic and Movie Universe.

I have taken into account opinions from fans and those involved with productions, and I have also researched previous comic books and movies.

Thanos would win the fight with Silver Surfer. It would be a massive win for Thanos. This is not surprising as there have already been battles between the two and Thanos generally has come out on top. Thanos is a much more powerful character than Silver Surfer.

Silver surfer introduction

Silver Surfer is an alien with a humanoid appearance who appears in Marvel Comics, Movies, TV, and video games.

He first appeared as a character first appeared in a comic book called Fantastic 4 (Issue 48) in 1966.

Silver Surfer gets his name from his silver skin and the fact he travels on a surfboard-shaped device.

The Silver Surfer was once called Norrin Ladd, and he was born on the planet Zenn-La.

To save his homeworld from the planet devoured by taking the job of herald for Galactus, the plate devoured.

Ladd was given a new body and his surfboard-like craft so he could search the universe finding planets for Galactus to devour.

When the Silver Surfer came to Earth he met the Fantastic Four who encouraged him to stop working for Galactus and become a good-guy again.

Unfortunately, Galactus creates a force field that confined the Silver Surfer to earth.

The character was featured in the movie “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” which came out in 2007.

Following mentions in the Fantastic Four series of comic books, Silver surfer got his own comic book in 1968.

The series lasted 18 issues before it was canceled and since then the Silver Surfer has popped up in various other comics.

Silver Surfer Powers

The Silver Surfer has the “Power Cosmic” which provides him with superhuman strength and endurance.

It also allows him to absorb the ambient power from the universe.

The Surfer can travel incredibly fast through space and hyperspace and has even been able to travel through time, carrying people with him.

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The Surfer does not need to eat or drink and gets his energy from converting matter into energy.

Occasionally he needs to enter a meditative state and dream.

There is no environment in which the Silver Surfer cannot service and he will not perish in Stars, Black Holes, and Hyperspace.

Silver Surfer is able to project various types of energy as a weapon and a defense.

These may take the form of force fields, thunderbolts, and black holes.

He is able to create illusions, heal organisms, revitalize life on a planetary scale, and boost his own strength to infinite levels using the power of the universe.

However, using his powers can result in him becoming quite weak if he continues too long.

He has the ability to see through time and has telepathic powers.

He can influence human feelings and emotions.

His surfboard is almost indestructible and it has the ability to attack independently and capture beings.

Finally, he has the ability to shed his silver skin temporarily and appear, human, during which time he eats and drinks normally.

Silver Surfers Weaknesses

Despite this impressive display of powers, the Silver Surfer does have weaknesses.

These include:

  1. He is no more than average, as heroes go, in hand to hand combat
  2. He relies very much on his cosmic power
  3. He is more deadly on his surfboard than when standing on the ground
  4. Naturally, Silver Surfer is Noble, but Galactus transformed him to become unfeeling and uncaring. Thanos revealed this to him and the Surfer made Galactus reverse this change, restoring his mobility. This nobility stops him from fighting as hard as he might as he does not want to hurt people, making it a huge weakness
  5. He is very emotional, becoming angry, or despairing very easily, which can be used by his enemies to manipulate him

Thanos Introduction

Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe, and have first appeared in “The Invincible Iron Man: issue number 65 (February 1973).

He has fought many of the most famous characters in the Universe, including The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the Silver Surfer.

Thanos has appeared in several movies, most recently Avengers Endgame (2019).

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan.

His parents were Eternals A’lars and Sui-San.

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Thanos has the Deviants gene and shares the appearance of the Eternals cousin Race.

His parents became convinced that he would destroy all life in the universe and Sui-San attempts to kill him, but is stopped by A’lars.

During his childhood, Thanos is a pacifist and will only play with Eros his brother, but by the time he becomes an adolescent he has become fascinated by death.

He worships and eventually falls in love with Mistress death who is the embodiment of death.

Thanos uses his superior intellect to augment his strength.

He becomes a pirate and has lots of children, but this leaves him unimpressed and he visits Mistress Death once more, for whom he murders his pirate captain and his offspring.

In order to impress Mistress Death, he gathers an army and begins a bombardment of Titan that kills millions of his own people.

This is the beginning of a journey that takes him to Earth and gives him possession of the Infinity Gems with which he makes a weapon capable of destroying a star.

Ultimately he is beaten by the character “Warlock” who turns him to stone.

Thanos and Captain Marvel enter the realm of the Dead, but Thanos is ultimately resurrected and recovers the Infinity Gems, from which he makes the Infinity Gauntlet, makes himself omnipotent and kills half the living beings in the Universe.

This is just the beginning and Thanos takes part in many plots, battles, and wars, far too many to list here, but during this period he meets up with and battles many of the most famous heroes and villains of the Universe.

Thanos Powers

Thanos began life with substantial power, but he augmented it using intellect, bionic amplification, mysticism, and powers bestowed by Mistress Death.

  • He demonstrates superhuman speed, strength, and stamina, invulnerability, and immortality.
  • Thanos has the power to absorb and project massive surges of cosmic energy.
  • He is also in possession of telekinetic and telepathic powers.
  • He can manipulate matter and resist psychic assaults.
  • He no longer needs air, food, or water.
  • He cannot die of old age and is immune to any disease.

In addition to all of this Thanos is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, making him a major threat to anyone.

His brilliance and advanced science also provide an edge over any competition.

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One device he made was a transportation chair.

Thanos Weaknesses

Thanos has almost as many weaknesses as powers and the secret is to have the ability to exploit them.

His weaknesses include:

  • His Ego
  • His love for Mistress Death
  • God Cancer
  • Magic
  • His Reliance on the Infinity Gauntlet
  • A sense of inadequacy
  • His emotions

Why Thanos Would Win The Fight With Silver Surfer

Thanos would beat the Silver surfer in a fight because of several reasons.

First of all, he is an expert in hand-to-hand combat whereas the silver Surfer is no more than adequate.

If Thanos is in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet then there is no chance that the Surfer could win, he is simply outgunned.

Silver Surfer cannot indulge in all-out fighting because his nobility makes him aware of his opponent and his nobility holds him back from using ultimate force.

It is like fighting one hand tied behind his back. It is just too easy for Thanos to play with the emotions of the Silver surfer.

In Silver surfer Issue #34, #38, Cosmic Powers #1, and Thanos #13 to #18 – Thanos beats the Silver Surfer.

Having beaten him at least four times already it would seem pretty unlikely that on the fifth occasion that Thanos would lose.

Final Thoughts

It is the same story in many sagas, where the evil contender always seems able to beat the hero because the villain will play dirty and the hero imposes limits on himself which reduces his true ability to fight back.

The Silver Surfer’s most prominent feature is his Nobility, and this means that when fighting the villains he can never fully commit to their defeat.

There is always a concern that he will go too far and this hesitation can be exploited by the villain.

Thanos is nothing but committed and his unfeeling nature allows him to act without worrying about the consequences for others.

Once Thanos has already killed half the lifeforms in the Universe, why would he worry about relatively insignificant consequences for others.

This hesitation that exists in Silver Surfer but not with Thanos is always going to give Thanos the edge, but with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, it would be a walk-over anyway.

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