Solomon Grundy Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

Solomon Grundy has often been described as DC Comics’ Hulk.

There are many similarities between the two.

Neither Hulk nor Grundy are particularly malicious, they are both frequently used by other characters, and they both have great strength which was gained after a chemical/transformation.

Solomon Grundy vs the Hulk just has to be a very close battle as they are so similar in power. However, as this long fight progresses, the Hulk will get angrier, and stronger, and will be in a superior position. This is clearly a Hulk win.

The Hulk appeared some 18 years after Grundy and was originally gray, the same as Solomon Grundy.

Look at just the build and strength and there are such great similarities that you can see why people make the comparison.

Ultimately, however, The Hulk has turned into one of the most popular characters in either DC or Marvel, and is very recognizable, Grundy has never achieved this.

Solomon Grundy Introduction

Solomon Grundy is a fictional villain who appears in DC Comics.

In his first appearance in DC he was a murder victim who had been brought back to life as a Zombie.

Later stories gave him a different backstory.

His name was from a 19th-century nursery rhyme, the words of which were first published in 1842.

Originally his role was as the enemy of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

However, since then he has reappeared as an enemy of Superman, Batman, and The Flash.

The Origins of Solomon Grundy

It was in the 1800s when Cyrus Gold, who at the time was a wealthy merchant, was murdered.

His killer thew the body into the fictional “Slaughter Swamp” located near Gotham City.

There the body lay for 50 years, absorbing the decomposing material in the swamp.

Then suddenly there is a stirring and the body comes back to life, as a giant shuffling figure with minimal awareness of his past life.

Gold murders two escaped criminals that were hiding in the swamp, and he steals their clothing.

He comes across a camp full of vagrants, where, when asked his name, he is unable to remember anything except, “he was born on a Monday.”

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The Hobos, aware of the popular poem at the time “Solomon Grundy” who was born on a Monday, nickname him Solomon Grundy, a name that Gold adopts.

With very little awareness of his life before and no connections with the present, Solomon Grundy takes to a criminal life.

Grundy comes to the attention of Alan Scott.

Alan Scott is a fictional DC Comic superhero. He was the very first “Green Lantern.”

Green Lantern first appeared in All-American Comics #16, which was published way back in 1940 and Solomon Grundy was one of his first opponents.

Since Grundy is unkillable, being already dead, he presents himself as a tough opponent for Green Lanter (aka Alan Scott).

The Green Lantern had several powers but since Grundy was now primarily composed of wood and plant matter, they were not effective on him.

Eventually, however, the Green Lantern throws Grundy under a train and there his body lies inanimate.

Needless to say, DC found a way to revive him as they were not done with the character yet.

In fact, Solomon Grundy came and went several times over the years.

As recently as 2015 he appeared in Batman takes on Solomon Grundy.

That is an amazing 81 YEARS AFTER HE FIRST APPEARED!

Obviously, with a character lasting that long, there have been many stories featuring him.

Several versions of Grundy have appeared over the years with varying strengths and powers.

Solomon Grundy has also been known as Cyrus Gold, and Butch Gilzean (in Gotham).

Keeping track of superheroes, and bringing them back when they have apparently been killed off, is a problem that has faced both DC and Marvel.

Grundy has had alternative versions of himself that originated in parallel worlds, then brought back to Earth at some stage.

This is one way that a “dead” character can be resurrected.

In certain stories of Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy, the characters have been aware of their alternative selves and even interacted with them.

Leaps like this allow DC and Marvel to try and sort out the timelines.

Solomon Grundy Strengths

Solomon Grund possessed certain powers and abilities.

These included superhuman strength (of course), enhanced stamina, the ability to self-heal, and very close to being invulnerable.

He is particularly resistant and near indestructible, and just as an added bonus, he is immortal.

The character has been destroyed more than once in the past, but always comes back to life, often with a different personality.

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These strengths have varied depending on which incarnation of the character we are considering

Solomon Grundy Weaknesses

The main weakness facing Solomon Grundy is that he is not really the sharpest tool in the box.

His mind is not as sharp as other characters.

To be blunt, he is really dumb.

Since Grundy is constantly being reborn, he is sometimes not as evil as he is in other incarnations. I

t makes him a bit unpredictable.

The Hulk Introduction

The Hulk is a fictional character from Marvel comics.

The core story is that Bruce Banner is involved in a laboratory accident, gets exposed to Gamma rays, and develops a tendency to turn into a raging green monster when he gets angry.

The Hulk has been appearing regularly in comic books and on both the large and small screen for over 50 years, and during this time various alternate storylines have been created.

The Hulk Strengths

The Hulk is incredibly strong.

His strength is fueled by anger, so theoretically is without limit.

Not only is he strong, but he is also fast, and has extreme stamina.

His body is pretty impervious to nearly everything (except Adamantium) and he is very durable. T

he Hulk, even if he does get damaged, is able to regenerate and this with his incredible stamina makes him one very difficult character to beat.

Over the years there have been Hulk Storylines taking place outside the main Marvel universe and in these stories, there have been several alternative Hulks, some even more powerful than the original.

The Hulk Weaknesses

Physiologically, the Hulk is still Human and that will always result in certain weaknesses which cannot be overcome.

One of these “Human weaknesses” is that the Hulk needs oxygen to survive, remember when he was fighting with Namor he was dragged to the bottom of the sea, where he went unconscious through lack of air.

The Hulk is very susceptible to attacks on his mind. He can easily be controlled and this can reduce his strength.

This weakness also means he can be convinced to do the biddings of villains, still facing Solomon Grundy even Hulk is going to appear mentally superior.

Magic and Sorcery is a problem for the Hulk he is not good at dealing with it, in common with many super-strong heroes.

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On an associated point, the Hulk is not much good against Gods either, although Hulk’s super-ego means he does not always realize that.

One beating that Hulk will not forget was when he was pitched against Zues and got a pretty severe beating.

Hulk Would Win The Fight With Solomon Grundy

So, we have these two characters from different comic book producers meeting for a one on one fight.

A pretty unlikely event but how would such a battle end?

As was said earlier, the two characters are very much alike, but one thing that is clear is that Hulk and Solomon Grundy have different levels of complexity.

The Hulk always has to deal with the physical and mental connections to Banner, which can on occasions cause complex distractions.

Solomon Grundy never has this sort of problem since he is very little more than an empty husk, a zombie.

It is not as if Solomon Grundy has a vast array of powers to choose from.

They are all very similar to the Hulks, based around huge strength and physical power. He has no weapons that work from a distance and fighting the Hulk is just going to be a matter of hitting each other and this will eventually favor the Hulk.

Both have the ability to heal themselves, although the regeneration process of the Hulk is slightly superior, so if both characters cause a lot of damage to each other, then this must ultimately favor the Hulk.

It is a difficult fight to call because they both have similar levels of strengths.

Something that you rarely see in print is that “Hulk is the more intelligent of the two” and this gives him a bit of an edge.

But nevertheless, it is going to be a long fight because they are so evenly matched.

This actually gives the Hulk another edge, because the longer the fight goes on, the angrier the Hulk will get, and the stronger he becomes.

So, as I said at the beginning of this article, the win has to go to the Hulk.

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest, I’m a bigger fan of Solomon Grundy than Hulk.

However, considering all strengths and weaknesses both possess, it’s clear that the victor would be the Hulk.

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