Superman Vs Apocalypse (Who Would Win A Fight)

If we talk about the toughest crossover battles between Marvel and DC characters, this one’s going to rank right up there with the best.

On one side, we have the first-ever mutant in Apocalypse, and on the other side, we’ve got the son of Krypton, Superman.

You might be thinking who would win in a battle between Superman and Apocalypse?

If a crossover between Marvel and DC leads to the Superman and Apocalypse having a battle to the end, Apocalypse will be victorious simply because of the advantage of abilities.

Superman won’t break so easily, though. This battle would surely be quite legendary.

In this article, I will talk about Superman’s strengths and abilities along with his weaknesses.

I’m also going to talk about Apocalypse’s powers and weaknesses to see the winner.

Finally, both these legendary characters will be pitted against one another in a series of battles to see the emerging victor. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Superman’s Powers and Abilities

When it comes to the strongest in the universes, Superman isn’t just at the top of the ranks in the DC comic book universe but the entire comic book industry.

He has had battles with some of the toughest opponents in the game and has come out victorious like it’s nothing.

Superman, originally named Kal-El, alias Clark Kent, was sent to Earth when his planet was destroyed. Here, he was raised by the average southern family, and he was taught morals and humanity.

Clark realized the powers he had and developed a love for the people of Earth. He has tons of amazing powers and capabilities; let’s look at some of them right now.

Super Speed – According to comic books and even in movies, Superman is almost at the same level as the Flash, the fastest speedster in the universe. This super speed gives Supes an advantage over his foes like none other.

Super Strength – Superman is a Kryptonian powered by Earth’s Yellow Sun, and that power allows him to be incredibly strong. He is known to be as strong as to be able to lift entire planets without breaking a sweat while doing it.

Flight – The flight ability might not be considered very special when it comes to superheroes, but trust me when I say this, Superman’s ability to fly paired with his other special abilities is incredible. He can give the biggest foes and mutants an adamant time.

Heat Vision – X-ray vision, more commonly known as Heat vision, is another amazing ability Superman has. He can shoot beams and projectiles of the high-powered laser through his eyes and absolutely annihilate his opponents which I believe is one of his best abilities in DC history.

Near Invulnerability – Superman is a near-immortal being. He is completely in-affected by powerful physical blows. He can withstand a lot of pain because of his amazing durability, which is why he is one of the best characters on the list of superheroes in DC and there are only a few that can surpass him in power.

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Freeze Breath – You might think that’s it when we talk about Supes’ abilities and powers, but no, here’s one thing you still need to know. Superman is known to breathe ice and freeze any of his foes whenever he wants to.

Apocalypse’s Powers and Abilities

Apocalypse was the first mutant human with the X-gene in him.

He was born in the Aqaba region of Jordan and was abandoned by his people due to his unfamiliar appearance and physical attributes.

Raised by Sand Stormers and named En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse exists to ensure the survival of the fittest in the generations of mutants and people.

He was raised with the mindset of survival of the fittest and doesn’t want to allow weaklings to taint the world’s resources.

As the first mutant and the God of the mutants, he has incredible power and abilities. Let’s look at some of the major abilities and powers he has that will come in handy in this battle with Superman.

Matter Manipulation – Matter manipulation is one of the deadliest maneuvers and abilities of Apocalypse. He can bend materials, destroy buildings, and redefine the structural integrity of elements around him according to his will. This ability is one of the most powerful in the mutant race of Marvel.

Superhuman Physical Strength – Apocalypse is one of the few Omega level mutants in the Marvel Universe. He is so physically powerful that he can even move around buildings and objects without touching them through the power of telekinesis. It truly gives an idea of how devastating of an opponent he can be for the Man of Steel.

Flight – Apocalypse doesn’t simply possess the ability to fly. He can change the effect of gravity around him to raise himself into the sky and move around without any support. Matter manipulation plays a pivotal role in his ability to fly from one place to another.

Telepathy – Like the popular telepaths in Marvel, Apocalypse is also known as an incredibly gifted telepath. He is one of the best telepaths in Marvel history and has been known to control the minds of very strong foes at times. This ability can come in very handy against Superman.

Energy Projection – One of the best abilities that Apocalypse possesses is the ability of energy projection. He can absorb the energies of things around him, utilize that energy, and shoot it in the form of blasts and projectiles at his enemies from far away, which is an unfair advantage for him.

Size Alteration – Finally, the best of all abilities is his size alteration ability. Imagine being as destructive as Apocalypse and then being completely in control of the molecular integrity of your body allowing you to gain or reduce your size according to will. This power would definitely come in handy against bigger opponents.

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Superman’s Weaknesses

Supes is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC universe, but that doesn’t make him completely invincible.

Superman has a few obvious weaknesses that can be used by smart opponents and can be taken into account if he is defeated.

Let’s take a look at some of Superman’s weaknesses.

Red Sun – Earth’s Yellow sun is what gives Superman and the rest of the Kryptonians the power they have. Under Krypton’s red sun, Clark Kent doesn’t have the superhuman strength, abilities and powers that you might see in him on Earth.

Moral Values – Superman has been raised by humans on human morals and values which means that he values life and doesn’t think about spilling innocent blood. This can be an unfair disadvantage when you’re facing an opponent who’s removing the weak people from the face of the Earth thinking twice.

Love for Earth – Clark Kent has been raised by a loving simple family who has taught him to defend the Earth and its people. Along with that, he has his only love interest in the form of Lois Lane here as well. So, these weaknesses can be exploited by a powerful enemy to weaken the son of Krypton.

Kryptonite – One of his biggest and most obvious weaknesses is Kryptonite. The Man of Steel is incapable of charging up or using his powers if he ends up coming against this mineral. It leaves him vulnerable and weak.

Apocalypse’s Weaknesses

If we’re talking about the power of Apocalypse, there is no debate he is one of the toughest foes Supes is going to face.

But if a strong enough foe ends up battling him, then some weaknesses can be found and used to weaken him. So let’s take a look at these weaknesses.

His Children – With his wife, Genesis, Apocalypse has 4 children known as the First Horsemen. Apocalypse doesn’t have many weaknesses, but he has incredible sympathy and compassion for his kin which is why an opponent can use them to bring Apocalypse to defeat. But an angry Apocalypse is not someone to be meddled with.

Magneto’s Power – If we take a look at Magneto, in the comics and the movies, he is shown to be on par with Apocalypse when it comes to being an Omega level mutant. That’s why Magneto being able to control bodies even with traces of iron in their blood is one of the toughest foes that an opponent can unleash on the first mutant.

Stronger Telepathy – Apocalypse is surely known as one of the most powerful telepaths in the universe, but he’s not the strongest. If a telepath stronger than Apocalypse ends up using his powers on him, he won’t be able to keep control of himself for a long time. So, this can be considered one of his weaknesses.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

Superman and Apocalypse are mighty and have many strengths and a few weaknesses that can be exploited.

But how exactly will they fare against each other; Let’s pit these two cosmic entities and see the different outcomes of the fight between Superman and Apocalypse.

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Scenario 1: Apocalypse’s Telepathic Abilities

Superman is very durable and can take a lot of hits without getting hurt at all, but not even Superman can stay safe for very long when it comes to the mind.

As great of a telepath Apocalypse is, he would definitely want to get into the mind of the Kryptonian and control him, and if he’s able to do that, he’s going to defeat the Man of Steel very quickly.

Winner: Apocalypse.

Scenario 2: Superman’s Physical Strength

When it comes to physical strength, Superman vastly outperforms Apocalypse in every way.

According to canon events, Superman has the power to lift a whole planet without breaking a sweat.

This means that if the battle ends up getting to a physical state between these two warriors, the Son of Krypton will end up on the victorious side for sure by defeating and outperforming Apocalypse.

Winner: Superman.

Scenario 3: Apocalypse’s Evil Nature

Superman is raised with human values and morals of never killing anyone without reason.

However, Apocalypse has deep darkness within his heart that frees him from compassion and love for anyone.

This evil nature allows him to destroy anyone who opposes him, which makes him one of the most merciless opponents Superman has ever faced.

But, if it comes down to who’d make the hard decision, Apocalypse will surely not hesitate.

Winner: Apocalypse.

Scenario 4: Superman’s Plethora of Abilities

The Son of Krypton is not only mighty, but he also has a ton of abilities and powers.

The fact that he is a master in most of his abilities can easily give him the advantage over any opponent.

However, Apocalypse is known to possess many abilities as well. Thus, in the battle of abilities, Superman would be able to overpower Apocalypse.

Winner: Superman.

Scenario 5: Apocalypse’s Energy Manipulation

Energy manipulation and projection allow Apocalypse to bend matter to his will and generate energy from around him to project it onto opponents.

This ability makes him incredibly overpowered, and add it to the size alteration ability, and you’ve got a deadly combination.

So, in the course of a long battle, Superman will not be able to withstand a lot of Apocalypse beating. Apocalypse will ultimately win this battle, not easy, though.

Winner: Apocalypse.


Whoever is familiar with the characters of the DC universe would agree that both Superman and Apocalypse are powerful and matched opponents.

Their strengths, as well as weaknesses, are somewhat similar.

Still, in a full-on war, Apocalypse edges out the man of steel and ends up taking the victory, even though Superman does his best and brings the fight to the First Mutant ever.

No matter who you’re supporting in this fantasy battle, one thing we all can agree over is that we’d love to see Superman and Apocalypse go head to head on the big screen.

Let’s hope Marvel and DC can understand what the people want and give us this amazing battle.

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